Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Retired" Kansas City Star columnist still listed on KC Star web site

Kansas City Star readers representative Derek Donovan says Rhonda Lokeman retired as a columnist after her last column was published 12/28 -- just days before her DUI arrest. There was no announcement by the Star that she had retired, which seems odd for a long-term columnist. Also odd: as of this morning, Lokeman is still listed as a columnist on the Star's web site --5 weeks after she supposedly retired.


Anonymous said...

More Smoke and Mirrors, just like the guy whose trinkets they hawk, and helped get elected.

Lokeman, Zero, affirmative action, hate America. But trust us to report the facts and buy our paper.

It does get kind of old doesn’t it? MNI just fold up already.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:42,

Kind of makes you wonder about all the times Cronkite told us, "And that's the way it is...", doesn't it?

What if it really wasn't that way and we didn't know any better because there were no citizen journalist to keep watch?

Walter Abbott

Anonymous said...

The KC Star is strictly an amateur operation. No only do they retain Lokeman, but Duiguid is still listed as a columnist, along with Laurn Chapin who just happens to be dead.

Derreck Donovan can bullshit all he likes but his excuses don't fly when you consider that Laura Scott's name was removed, post haste.

That is the problem with being a professional liar. You can spout your nonsense all day long but you cannot fill all the wholes in your story. It is all good when your reputation lends one the benefit of the doubt, but in the Star's case they knowingly squandered that good will.