Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Feb. 28 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

Your site is a delicate and wonderful balance of many complex issues.

Like MNI’s failed and haggard persona of non-bias news, their paper, in the same vein, never openly address their own disastrous financial condition.

Because of their gross failings in self disclosure with finances, sites like yours pop up and take up the much needed slack.

The bias issue merely becomes a bonus, as people on both sides of the fence chime in like never before.

The king has no clothes conversation about financial disclosures and bias for MNI, shedding light on their well soiled nest, must be particularly devastating for them.

Perhaps this is why MNI trolls appear, trying in vein to direct the attention elsewhere.

Ironically, as this country's new government steam rolls it’s way to socialism, that Pravda (MNI) can not control any of this, and in fact weakens more by the minute is testament to their abject failure.

Anonymous said...

Oh-Oh! This is not good, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is anorexic.

“The edition itself, has all the usual features you expect but a lot thinner – not the models, the magazine – it has about one-third less advertising pages than last year.”

Anonymous said...


Obama's Phony Pullout
"More waffles than the International House of Pancakes"
Liberals, how are all the Barry Soetoro Iraq pullout lies working for you?

McClatchy Watch said...

7:28 -- You're on to something. The fact that MNI hardly covers its own problems opens the door wide for people like me.

Anonymous said...

"Hearst said, "but it's a reality of the times."
"We're in uncharted territory," he added.
-Times Union says it will cut staff size-
Reductions are part of effort to trim operating costs by 20 percent

By CHRIS CHURCHILL, Business writer
Saturday, February 28, 2009

"will need to reorganize our employee base in all divisions," he said, requiring "staff reductions from both unionized and non-union employees."

Anonymous said...

-Newly Unemployed Celebrate With Pink Slip Parties-
Paul Burton BOSTON (WBZ) ―

Pink Slip Parties are becoming popular in Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. Losing a job is not usually a reason to celebrate. But many people are using the excuse of getting a pink slip to party with others who are suddenly out of work. A pink slip party offs job seekers a chance to network, and offer each other support.

Anonymous said...

NYT to launch two citizen journalism websites
Editor & Publisher

The sites will focus on three New Jersey communities and two Brooklyn neighborhoods, with most contributions coming from local residents. A Times staffer will oversee each site; they debut Monday. "It is a grassroots effort, to see if there is a new kind of journalism we can be part of," says editor/digital initiatives Jim Schachter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01 Great call. Like you, I would have discovered what you did,
but only by looking for more babes.

Anon 9:24 Nice find. interestingly it’s web based, not paper based. Does this mean the slimes have thrown in the towel and surrendered on paper?

Riddle me this: Could the above information be gleaned by calling or wrting to ANY MNI paper or web site?

Assuming the answer is no, then there must be merit to this entire thread's writings so far.

Anonymous said...

Liberals, how are all the Barry Soetoro Iraq pullout lies working for you?


Personally I am kind of partial to Chairman 0's speech about how congress gave him a bill with NO EARMARKS in it....then it turned out there were over 9000 of them, one of which bore his own name, dozens with Joe Biden's and numerous ones from people that were no longer even elected officials!

I call it, "The Audacity of Audacity"

Anonymous said...

Did the Guild have more people join after employees realized the downturn in the newspaper business was this serious?

Anonymous said...

Without integrity, the print media servers no purpose. Without purpose, it becomes redundant. Odd no one explained that to these elite thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Where is our poet? I’ll have to stand in until the Bard is found.
Pru, Pru, What ya gonna do?
Your mojo left ya in the poo!

Now your folks all be needy,
Cause you got so damn greedy.

Sitting by yerself in a leaky boat,
Hand on the tiller barely afloat.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with some of the posters on this site but being a mcclatchy employee (for now) I have to AGREE with that the whole...'we're not going to cover this" attitude of ALL mcclatchy properties is rather sickening. I mean for god's sake if any other business in our coverage area were tanking like we are we would be all over it. interviewing employees who were laied off, talking to the managers about the decisions, checking into the the bonuses of the big wigs and digging to find out just how the regular joe is being screwed over by the corporation....but NO we will have none of that. Makes me wanna puke. Keep at it kevin!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it means you are beginning to see the truth. Sometimes it is hard to see what you really don't want to see, when you are up close and in the middle of a situation.

I think if you re-examine the overall operation, you will find that those you disagree with are closer to the truth than not. You already know that they willingly sacrifice ethical journalism in this case. It would be hard to believe that the same ethical lapses occur on a regular basis in many other areas.

Anonymous said...

would = wouldn't

Anonymous said...

anon 11:27 SWEET

Anonymous said...

"Barack Obama is now denying that he is email pals with the beautiful actress, Scarlett Johansson. Remember that story? They were saying that Scarlett Johansson and Barack Obama were emailing each other. He says no, it's not true. In fact his exact words were 'I did not have textual relations with that woman.'"
Jay Leno

Anonymous said...

Open frustration @

“Recently, the weekly newspaper where I work laid off two people and cut the rest of the staff’s pay by 10 percent. Our modest base pay was always augmented by performance and profit-sharing bonuses - no more. There’s more work, less money and great stress about if we’ll even have jobs for the rest of the year. Somehow, though, we’re supposed to continue to be creative, and be “thankful” we have a job. How?”

Anonymous said...

Did we have our Rhonda fix from ‘Will Not Be Televised’ yesterday?
"7:46 AM Update: Day 62 of the Oppressive Etherealness of Rhonda breaks clear and cold, though with scattered Z-man hissy fits throughout the morning. This will be followed by lowering skies and a drop in barometric pressure indicating a coming storm…"

Anonymous said...

Rhonda Lokeman is so arrogant, she views everyone as a lesser being.
The thought of anyone being less than that DUI lush. Who the hell could be lesser than the She-beast? Really!

Anonymous said...

The Z-creep is still giving his little wifey free advertising on the Scar site. How does he have the nerve to continue with an act of nepotism that should have had him removed from his job? It must be a thing with MNI, Pruitt is still there as a shining example of something or the other.