Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When competing newspapers share resources...

Former competing newspapers in several cities -- including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Dallas Morning News -- have begun sharing resources and combing bureaus. The conventional wisdom is that the new arrangements are a smart way to conserve resources and continue giving subscribers good information. But staffers at 2 newspapers in New Jersey who recently combined bureaus contacted E&P to report all is not well.
Several staffers have contacted E&P, requesting anonymity, to offer concerns that the two rival newsrooms will have difficulty working together. Others wondered how assignments would be handled and determined between the two top editors.
Jealousy, backstabbing, different company cultures, maneuvering between the top editors -- all these problems are magnified when additional layoffs are looming.
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Anonymous said...

Damn, you'd think being allowed to operate under anti-competitive practices that all would be roses.

Anonymous said...

What's the issue?

Party "A" hands DNC talking points to party "B" who in turn passes them to "C".

Then union hack "A" presses the button and its instantaneously published in all papers.

What is the problema?

Anonymous said...

More bad news for KC, now let’s get to the truth of RiseUp, and how much it cost the Red Star.
Hallmark shuts down Hallmark Magazine

The company said the magazine reached 800,000 subscribers, but was sapping resources from Hallmark’s core business.

Anonymous said...

RiseUp and the Red Star shared resources all right!

Anonymous said...

When it is good to share resources:

KC--Will Not be Televised:
Re: Red Star web hits--

...[With the exception of those people getting their daily Rhonda Lokeman fix...those stats seem to be rising; if you GOOGLE 'Rhonda Lokeman', her still published online Star page is ranked #3. In fact, there seems to be a little Rhonda "Wheelie" Lokeman cult developing. Do you suppose Zieman is counting those page hits as part of The Star's overall stats? Baaaaaad boy, Mark]

Anonymous said...

Obamaisms: I see a new leftist book in the works.
“In all 57 states”
“America invented the automobile”

And, tons more already. Do you think Obama is quite bright, really, saying these dumb things? Let’s make light of him everyday in the news, shall we? Americans have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

This marxist spent more money in one month than anyone in history, pawned it off as a stimulus with 9000 ear marks in it, and the very next week claims to be a budget hawk.

Dude, it doesn't matter what he says. His socialist press will fix it for him.

Archer05 said...

If you want to see one way journalists can continue being dynamic in the reporting field.
Look at--Heat City: Hard News In The Public Interest From Metro Phoenix. They are offering a daily journal covering the trial of an alleged serial killer.

Nick R. Martin is following this case in a journalistic style that reads like a novel. Next week the case goes to the jury. You don’t need to read a made-up novel, while a writer like this is covering a real case.

Anonymous said...

Let's share:
MNI stock = 56 pennies
-US stock rally fades as Barack
Obama speech disappoints-

“Vague and squishy...Wall Street hates vague and squishy”

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth and Dallas are running the same sports and both suck. Go to Yahoo - its free and better! Plus you don't have to deal with the Star-Telegram teasing you with a story to go look for it in another 2 page section. The Dallas paper looks like a child confused about their upcoming math test. Just no clue of whats going on.

Anonymous said...

So how does that work? They just share reporters and print the same article in each paper?

Anonymous said...

yea for sports only for right now and some concert reviews, etc. Both sport sections used to be great and they both are the same and bad.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't even make sense when they could combine their editorial boards and come out with the same exact...never mind. Aditorials are about all they have left.

Oh well. I've read the Dallas Sports sections and it has to be better than picking up a Kansas City one and having to read about how the color of a players skin determines the rotational speed of a hanging curve ball, or how the writer of the story is going to finance the coaches salary at his old school.

Our only advantage is, we only have to read it once.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

For now, we take both the Star-T and the DMN. But more and more I read the same stuff in both. Not just sports pages but theater reviews, too.

So which one should I cancel?????

Anonymous said...

Hmmm decisions, decisions... Toodles Star T!

Anonymous said...

Content Sharing? June Naylor’s Food review of Fruia’s Tre Amici ran last week (2/20) in the DMN. The same review ran in the Star-T on February 4. Unbeliveable. I thought it crossed the line when she wrote Grady Spear's book and gave him a great review, but this takes the cake. What are they thinking...Food reviews too?