Saturday, March 21, 2009

Centre Daily Times says it will lay off 3 employees

The Centre Daily Times announced it will lay off 3 employees and reduce wages for remaining workers.

A newspaper in central Pennsylvania cites the recession in eliminating three positions, including one in the newsroom.

The Centre Daily Times, based in State College, is also reducing wages for employees that make more than $25,000 a year. Those workers will have their wages cut from between 2.5 and 5 percent.

Publisher Susan Leath says the paper had to make difficult decisions in light of unprecedented economic challenges.

The cuts are part of restructuring by parent company, McClatchy Co., which announced earlier this month it was slashing its total work force by 1,600, or 15 percent.

The three positions being eliminated at the newspaper represent about 2 percent of its work force.

Other changes are planned including reducing the width of pages by an inch.

The only papers who haven't announced layoffs are The Charlotte Observer, El Nuevo Herald, and, the Lexington Herald-Leader. Plus corporate and the DC bureau.
This announcement brings the total number of layoffs announced by McClatchy to 1,140, far short of the 1,600 the company said it would lay off. Photo credit: McClatchy


Anonymous said...

“The only papers who haven't announced layoffs are [snip]. Plus corporate and the DC bureau.”

How does the DC bureau not get downsized? No thinking person believes a word they write. McClatchy is too far gone to recover, and now even their future online success is doubtful. A shipload of fools, with Pruitt at the tiller!

Anonymous said...

How does the DC bureau not get downsized?

They have to keep the DC bureau. How else could they funnel the money they collect from foreign governments, hamas and other terrorist organizations that they support. Lets not forget having someone close to the party leadership to give guidance on what they will be reporting.

That is the only purpose that bunch serves. Otherwise they are completely redundant.

JAT said...

This # of layoffs toward the 1600 figure is not some esoteric or gotcha thing.

FTEs do not carry the same benefit expense of actual full-time employees, so this goes to understanding your cost centers and potential for savings, ie, the basic competence of your executive team.

Anonymous said...

To 7:40:

While I agree corporate and the bureau should not be immune to cutbacks, I have to say this:

Junk like what you've just posted illustrates exactly why society will suffer if newspapers die. Journalists seek truth (whether it suits your ideology or not). Bloggers and their ilk can and do seek and post BS.

Anonymous said...

7:21 am The Lexington paper has not made a final announcement yet of total layoffs. The only known layoffs are the guild (14).

People across the country are suffering while McClatchy continues to spout that the newspaper is still making money. I think corporate people making and approving the decisions should take a long hard look at themselves and take the cuts before devastating everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Some liberal says,
“Journalists seek truth”…

Your teleprompter has the same stupid speech on it, reset it to more recent bullshit at least, please.

Anonymous said...

Journalists seek truth (whether it suits your ideology or not).

Uh Huh...Then why did John Walcott himself inform those in attendance for his concocted award that his key to success was to side with the enemy in the Iraq conflict?

Sure you seek truth. Tell me another one.