Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kansas City Star demotes Lewis Diuguid from VP position

Controversial columnist Lewis Diuguid has been demoted from his Vice President position at the Kansas City Star, and has also been hit with a big pay cut.
Diuguid, a lightning rod for criticism by conservatives for his often inflammatory views on race relations, is said to be losing his Vice President of Community Resources title along with a pay cut to now be a writer.

During the Obama presidential campaign he drew national attention for a column saying anyone who said Obama was a socialist was a racist. His "socialist is racist code language for black" comments were blasted by Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators as an example of some journalists who were making everything racial during the campaign.
Diuguid will reportedly work as a writer under Miriam Pepper, V-P of the Editorial Page. It's a hit for Lewis Diuguid but he got better treatment than these people.


Anonymous said...

Truthfully, now that many months have passed, how did the MNI trinket sale go?

McClatchy Watch said...

6:58 Lots of unanswered questions about MNI's trinket sale.

Since the company hasn't released any info I'm betting it was a bust.

Anonymous said...

Well you have to admit, selling "Obama soap on a rope" isn't really going to bring home the bacon when your targeted customers (democrats) compromise over 90% of the US Prison population. There's probably not a lot of good memories tied to their dealings with soap.

Anonymous said...

How could an embarrassment like Diuguid have lasted this long? What a freakin' nightmare of incompetance.

Anonymous said...

This loser is the poster boy for why quota diversity has been an abyssmal failure.

Anonymous said...

They're taking him off the radar so he can spout his filth without a byline. He's still there, still promoting his racist agenda without a title. Same crap, just repackaged a little bit.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing Diuguid is still writing for The Star when so many excellent journalists have been kicked out the door. He can barely write a cohesive sentence and his position as liaison to the black community was a make-work position designed to try to drum up business in minority communities while promoting him out of the way of real journalists on the editorial page. Of course, as liaison to people who don't buy your product, Diuguid got a big salary for doing nothing except being a friend of former publisher Art Brisbane. Unfortunately, Diuguid has no discernable skill at anything other than whining that he is a victim of discrimination because he's black. In the current economy, such positions are not merely a luxury. They show the incredibly misplaced priorities of the newspaper's management. Even General Motors reacted to troubles by making better cars. The Star just keeps protecting incompetence and laying off people who actually produce a product that readers want to see.

John Altevogt said...

Diuguid's job is safe because of reverse discrimination. If The Star was operating on meritocracy Diuguid would be gone. His one and only talent is that he is not frightening either intellectually, or physically, to white liberals. In Joe Biden's terminology Lewis is the kind of "clean" black man welcome amongst white liberals.

It's a shame that Rhonda is married to Zieman, because she can write rings around Lewis, drunk or sober, 3 wheels, or 4.

Bete said...

I canceled my KC Star subscription after 6 years. Diuguid was the primary reason.

When the Star's telemarketers call me each month to offer me a renewal "deal", I tell them that I will renew at full price after the entire editorial board is fired.