Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reorganization in Charlotte

A tipster tells me Charlotte Observer president and publisher Ann Caulkins has begun reorganizing the Observer newsroom. Changes include merging some functions, but details are sketchy. There are also rumors of new management appointments.

If you have more info, leave it in comments.



Anonymous said...

Isn't "reorganization" a synonym for "rearranging"? As in, "We are rearranging deck chairs?"

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Lawd, tell me there is not going to be another boss. They have a boss for every three people now. They sit on their duffs all day, coming in late and leaving early. If their boss is off, they work about 2 hours and leave.

If the big boss is on vacation, no telling when you going to see them.

It is time to fire half of them.

Berry Berry Bad Situation!

Anonymous said...

Probably to better accommodate online operations. Get ready to work those midnight to 8 a.m. online shifts. They call it the 24-hour news desk and if it's going to work you have to have people around the clock.

Anonymous said...

OMG, totally correct 2:11, we are SOOOOO top heavy on management right now it's terrible!!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible. Goodbye quality coworkers, hello more managers.

Anonymous said...

Ann Caulkins needs to reorg herself right out the door. That woman has done more harm to this newspaper than just about anyone. She would rather rub shoulders with UPtown players than pay attention to the company she is supposed to be running.

Her position as publisher was merely a social appointment for her. It gets her invited to parties. Running the business is secondary on her priority list.

She is the biggest flake I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

1 Big Boss=3 medium Bosses, (brown nosers and Bull Hitters)=2 little bosses (AXKissers of the highest order)=4 workers. Is something wrong with this equation?

I wish Albert Einstein was still alive so he could go over this equation. I sure he would find a few flaws in it.

Bosses don't know how to do the work the workers do.

I thought Bosses would have to know how to do the job before they wus bosses. That way they could help the peoples when they ask a question.

Anonymous said...

Reorganize implies there was organization in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Reorganization in Charlotte? How about admitting the same, stale idiotic middle managers playing a big game of musical chairs to avoid being laid off? That's who should go.

Cheryl Carpenter? A complete joke.
Rick Thames? Doesn't know his ass from the sky.

AND WTF is McClatchy doing while all this happens? Sitting back and counting how much money it's saving around the country?

I've lived in Charlotte more than 20 years and the paper becomes a bigger joke by the day.

JAT said...

Yes, some deadwood got cleared out, but I'm more interested in the creative, productive people who looked around and tapped out.

I'm talking some top producers who filed solid stories day after day and even one of the online movers whose creations Publisher Ann could not shut up about for a time.

Hope they tell their stories not in a back-biting way, but so everyone can learn what went wrong and why.

Oh, and I second the left-right dogma truce mentioned in other threads. Ideology is maybe 10% of this story, simple hubris explains much, much more.

Anonymous said...

...and tomorrow we all meet in the auditorium....some big deal is coming in to talk to everyone...will it be to thank Ann for her heroic efforts to axe folks...and to tell the rest of us, great job, carry on....blah blah blah....