Monday, March 9, 2009

Rock Hill announcement expected shortly

From comments:
Announcements planned today in Rock Hill, S.C.



Anonymous said...

The rock hill paper is now being printed at the charlotte obs,
only 3 of there pressmen were transfered to the charlotte pressroom,
Our pressmen are just waiting for the ax to fall in our shop,

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is doing all Rock Hill production. We took on 4 Rock hill mailroom employees we are waiting for our cuts, probably 10-12 people from the mailroom.

Anonymous said...

Production left at the end of the month and the presses are silent. Half the building is deserted.

The remaining departments had a meeting with the publisher at 10:30. Anyone know what happened?

Anonymous said...

When did the production switch to Charlotte: End of Feb.? Or was that just announced today? Also, by production, you don't mean newsroom page design, do you? You mean prepress, press and postpress?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Just prepress, composing and press left. March 1 was their last paper.

Today is a different round of layoffs for other departments.