Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Luis Obispo Tribune to lay off 7, outsource several functions to the Fresno Bee

The San Luis Obispo Tribune announced it will eliminate 7 positions.

The Tribune will lay off three employees in advertising, production and IT at the end of March, Publisher Bruce Ray announced today. And it will eliminate about four additional jobs in the next few months when it outsources several financial functions to the Fresno Bee, its sister newspaper.

The cuts represent 4 percent of The Tribune's 170 employees, down from about 197 employees a year ago.

In announcing the layoffs, Ray cited continuing declines in advertising revenue since mid-2006, particularly in real estate advertising, which has suffered from the overall real estate slump.

The Tribune also announced an across-the-board wage reduction, mirroring pay cuts occurring at other newspapers owned by the Sacramento-based McClatchy Co. Monday's announcement came as part of deep cost-cutting being undertaken by McClatchy, which owns 30 daily newspapers nationwide, including The Sacramento Bee, The Miami Herald and The Kansas City Star.

“Certainly we’re not alone in having to make these painful and difficult cuts,’’ Ray said, “but we will remain true to our mission, which is to provide quality news and information locally. We still have the largest news-gathering staff in the county and the largest, most desirable audience of all local news media. And our entire staff remains focused on serving our readers and advertisers.’’

To see the latest info on McClatchy's layoffs, click here.

UPDATE: Typo fixed, thanks to readers who pointed it out.



Anonymous said...

At least spell the name of the city right. It's San Luis OBISPO not Obispos. Sheesh. They're not outsourcing several functions to Fresno, only finance. Read more carefully please.

Anonymous said...

Reprinting a story wholesale is a copyright violation. Can't you respect the law and intellectual property rights? Surely a libertarian leaning conservative would appreciate property rights.