Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wichita Eagle eliminates 14 jobs, implements wage cuts

The Wichita Eagle said today it will lay off 14 employees.

The Wichita Eagle reports it will lay off 14 workers as its share of the 1,600 layoffs its parent company is making nationwide.

The paper reported Tuesday that the cuts amount to 5 percent of the Eagle's work force. That's far below the 15 percent employment cuts that parent firm The McClatchy Co. is making companywide.

Eagle Publisher Pam Siddall says the Eagle was able to minimize cutbacks because of its financial performance. She says the Eagle is one of McClatchy's top financial performers.

The Eagle also reduced hours for several employees and cut wages for most remaining workers.

For a list of other McClatchy layoffs, click here..


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Anonymous said...

You know the walls are closing in when the beagle is your cash cow. I wonder if they bothered to even print this little gem in that hood rat tabloid.