Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday April 10 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

-LAT boss defends running ad that looks like a news story-
Los Angeles Times

Publisher Eddy Hartenstein said he decided to run the front page cop show ad despite newsroom objections because he's trying to keep the paper alive. "We have to look at all sorts of different -- and some would say innovative -- new solutions for our advertising clients." Poynter and DePauw ethicist Bob Steele says "it's unwise and [ethically problematic to have advertising morph into news content and style."]
**Journalists strenuously object**
LATers' petition protests front page ad for cop show
The petition, reportedly signed by 100 staffers so far, says in part that ["the journalists of the newsroom strenuously object to the decision to sell an ad, in the form of a phony news story,] on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. The NBC ad may have provided some quick cash, but it has caused incalculable damage to this institution."

McClatchy Watch said...

Publisher defends putting ads on front page that look like news articles.

Anonymous said...

“And they wonder why the Grand old man is sinking?” The KC Star described as the Grand old man? 'Lame old bugger' would be better IMO.
The Henry Wiggen Blog
Masters of the local universe: The Star reborn?
By John Lofflin

Definitions matter and you have to wonder if the first two days indicate how Star editors define “local.” The first day after the newspaper's big pronouncement about how folding the Metro section into the A section would increase the emphasis on local coverage…

Now you know how the Star defines local… so far. Major league franchises, Washington D.C., and -- count 'em -- three “localized” stories, two reported yesterday in other newspapers.
[And they wonder why the Grand old man is sinking?]

Anonymous said...

"But you offend half your potential audience with your bias?"

"We’re not bias, and were selling fun and excitement."


Anonymous said...

Let me just say that the "journalists" who objected to the ad deserve to feel the effects of the recession. Bravo to Hartenstein for actually thinking like a business and not a public service.

Anonymous said...

Media Insiders Say Internet Hurts Journalism
by Cyra Master

In a poll of prominent members of the national news media, nearly two-thirds say the Internet is hurting journalism more than it is helping. The poll, conducted by The Atlantic and National Journal, asked 43 media insiders whether, on balance, journalism has been helped more or hurt more by the rise of news consumption online. Sixty-five percent said journalism has been hurt more, while 34 percent said it has been helped more.

Anonymous said...

8:02 AM I say it is people like you and Hartenstein that have gotten you into the position that you are in. Your problems were not caused by the recession. They were there and you were free falling long before, due in large part by this very sort of thing.

I am actually stunned that LA Times journalists actually stepped up and said this is wrong. After all it was just a couple of years ago that they were in a competition to see who could publish the most outrageous, dishonest and fraudulent content that they could.

You and those like you who gleefully trample over ethical standards in journalism are the people who deserve to feel the recession on an intimate and personal level. Given enough time I am sure you will and true justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

“whore out the front page” - More about the front-page ad from Reuters.
L.A. Times staffers fume over front-page ad

The decision by the Los Angeles Times to run a front-page ad that looks like a news story has raised eyebrows in media circles. LAT staffers, meanwhile, are raising their pitchforks.

“This place already had horrible morale problems with decimating layoffs, but now to have our publisher [whore out the front page] is more than we can stand,” one editorial staff member told Reuters. “It blurs the line between paid content and content that our reporters are producing.”

Anonymous said...

Gay White house Easter Egg Hunt.
So which way is this country going? C'mon Barry...Mixed messages can't please everyone! ...but being a mugwump!?! ...Have you found a church yet?

Gay White house Easter Egg Hunt:


With Easter four days away, the Great Church Search is on for the Obamas, who are seeking a presidential place of worship in Washington nearly a year after a divisive break from their Chicago church and the incendiary sermons of its controversial pastor. ..."symbolic freight" is attached to Mr. Obama's decision.

Anonymous said...

See who Obama "Barry" REALLY
works for.

I dare you.

Anonymous said...

LA TIMES? Hey 8:02

What ever happened to the black man loves palestinian terrorist video the times sat on?

Oh, and the Edwards love child story they refused to publish?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The CEO has been heard from, and he is the stupid cousin Warren Buffet warned about. Here is a link to the full text of Pruitt's remarkes:

Like many CEOs who don't understand their business, he masters the jargon, but none of the substance. Frankly, the we'll make it through and come out just fine line does not cut it with me as an investor and I doubt it cuts it with those here who are employees or former employees of MNI. So far I have seen no plan from this man for making the transition to the digital future. I see plans for continued print. But, nothing to justify that. I see words that praise the internet. Yet no plan to profit from it. According to Pruitt, MNI had $200 million in internet revenues last year. Great. That is 10.5% of all revenues. What he fails to recognize or address is the canibalization of MNI's print service by offering the same thing for free online. He gives the customer no reason to buy the print version. That indicates a total lack of understanding of his business.

Why, Mr. Pruitt, should a customer buy the print edition of your paper when he can get the electronic edition for free? (And apparently wade through fewer ads?) Until someone can answer that simple question, your revenue struggles will continue. Advertisers know they can reach the target audience online. Readers, the target audience, are online. Your product is being left behind. Fix that problem and you will not be the stupid cousin. But right now, you sir are the stupid cousin and you are running the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

We should all just be quiet and allow time for for the policies of Mr. Pruitt to work. That is what we are told by these same people regarding President Goodwrench's policies. I think they are correct. It will just take time. You all need to back off Mr. Pruitt. Allow him to continue as he is doing. I think the CORRECT results will show in time. So BACK OFF!!

Anonymous said...

-Contract ended at Times Union-

Management cancels collective bargaining agreement with union

COLONIE Management at the Times Union on Thursday canceled its collective bargaining agreement with a union representing about 240of the newspaper's 450 employees.

Tim O'Brien, president of the Newspaper Guild, said the contract cancellation means the union "will have to start picketing; we will have to start boycotts, and we will have to start mobilization."

O'Brien said the union has tried to be flexible as it negotiates, adding that he sees the decision to terminate the contract as an assault on the union.

Cancellation of the contract removes mandatory arbitration in disputes, the requirement that the company deduct union dues from employees' paychecks, and a no-strike, no-lockout clause.

Anonymous said...


April 10, 2009 1:45 PM

Andy (the board) gave Gary "Fife" Pruitt the bullet and let him put it in his gun...

Anonymous said...

Talent and Capital go where they are best rewarded. You cannot tax your way to prosperity. Period.

Tea party anybody?

Pg1News said...

I was having a lonely copy editor day until I wandered over here. The right-wingers really know how to make me laugh. Thanks for the pick-me-up!

McClatchy Watch said...

Pg1News -- you're welcome any time.

Anonymous said...

2:54 ... You're joking, right?

Anonymous said...

10:03 PM You'd think so, but, don't forget. We're talking about truly dedicated moonbats here.

You can train those bastards to say anything if you tell them that there is a handout in it for them.