Friday, April 10, 2009

Hearne Christopher asks a question about the KC Star charging 25 cents for TV entertainment insert

Last month the Kansas City Star announced it would charge subscribers an extra 25 cents a week if they want to continue getting the Star TV entertainment magazine. Former Star columnist Hearne Christopher asks a good question:
Since when does a single canned story, a jumble and a teensy-weensy crossword puzzle an entertainment magazine make?
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Anonymous said...

Star facing another round of cuts? Also by Hearne
Where to begin, when it comes to reading between the lines at 18th & Grand…
How about with the prevailing mood, according to insiders at the mammoth media mischance? In a word, glum.

Following last month’s release of the Hit List of staffers given walking papers and/or the option of taking 25 or 33 percent salary hits and loss of benefits, a collective sigh of relief was breathed.

Didn’t last long…
The prevailing thinking going into the recent cuts was there would be another round come summer, maybe sooner, maybe later - but nonetheless on the way. That despite an apparent signal to the contrary given by a certain Fearless Leader.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the leper colony does now?

Sorry. The elitist, exclusive, leper colony.

Anonymous said...

Has to be one of the single dumbest ideas ever. 25 cents?

Anonymous said...

Don't stop with KC. The Miami Herald is also going to charge $.25 for a supposedly "enhanced" T.V. section. One must wonder how many people in both cities will cancel their subscriptions just on the principle of this surcharge

Anonymous said...

If this isn't proof of absolute desperation to those who remain then nothing ever will be.

Of course the affirmative action types that do remain are also the kind who need an admission of guilt for a serial killer and even then they would find mitigating circumstances.

Anonymous said...
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McClatchy Watch said...

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