Tuesday, April 21, 2009

John Kerry says he will hold hearings on the plight of newspapers

Looks like the Democrats are setting the table for a federal bailout. Click here for the story.

This hearing should be entertaining. I hope the committee calls Acquisition Specialist Gary Pruitt as a witness.


Anonymous said...

Un-American elitist, commie, socialist, holds teabagging hearings for fellow elitists, commie, socialist, Un-American media brethren.

Anonymous said...

PERFECT PLATFORM FOR HEARINGS. MNI employees to move and work to China

China Launches New English-Language Newspaper

A new English-language paper published by China's Communist Party hit newsstands on Monday — part of Beijing's efforts to raise its profile on the global stage and find an international audience for the party line.

John Altevogt said...

And the Chinese paper will be different from the NYT how?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same John Kerry that threw his phony medals over the fence. I don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

Don't see any point in bailing out newspapers; simple fact is, they no longer have anything to offer. You might as well bail out makers of 8-track tapes. Soon as casettes came along (which are now also obsolete) they were doomed. It took much longer for newspapers to become outdated, but that time has arrived.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I voted for Bush over Kerry. I don't think Kerry would have had the ability, talent or skill to lead us to the edge of the second Great Depression.

Thanks to all who voted for Bush! Considering what he did for the country, you really do hate America.

Anonymous said...

There are dozens of photos of ‘Kerry and Lurch, separated at birth’ jokes.
Damned if he doesn’t look like Lurch. Lurch may have had a tinge of green in his makeup, while Kerry looks remarkably pink to me.

Anonymous said...

Re: “Thanks to all who voted for Bush! Considering what he did for the country, you really do hate America.”
The Democrats took over the congress in 2006. You might want to review when the bad stuff started happening. Of course, if you have relied on the corrupt MSM for your information, you are ignorant of the true situation. Voting for a teleprompter must seem foolish to you already.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bush (both of them) and Reagan use telepromters?

Anonymous said...

No politician has ever been as scripted as Barry Soetoro. Oh wait, you don’t have that information do you? Barry off TOTUS stammers and stutters like an amateur, and that is why he chooses, and sets out the questions to White House reporters, so he can have stock statements on his teleprompter. No one told you about the White House setup? How does it feel to be so ignorant of what is actually going on with the media’s selected president? Who is ever going to tell you the truth? There is one Washington reporter that is critical of the Messiah, but I heard his press credentials are being limited. That ought to scare anyone that is a true journalist, but the liberal blind will think that is great.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:04 My Hero!

Anonymous said...

sooo... If Dubya had used a teleprompter, he would have been able to speak normally?

Anonymous said...

Amen 3:04pm

Obama is such a babbling fool without his trusty teleprompter.

His "success" as Harvard was probably due to affirmative action.

Then again, the MSM getting Obama elected first as a senator and then as a president is the ultimate case of affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

Get your "Chairman Maobama" shirts here!


Anonymous said...

President Bush never said anything as stupid as Obama saying there are 57 states. It is just the liberal media drumbeat and echoed the words of P. Bush, and never even mentioned the gaffes of Obama. That is such a lame argument, just because you have been deprived of honest journalism, don’t think everyone settles for liberal lies without question. Witness where journalism is now, and deservedly so.

Anonymous said...

"Decider" "strategeries" and "automatical" are all more stupid than Obama saying there are 57 states.

I've heard Obama saying over and over again that there are 57 states. Obviously, he believes it.

Anonymous said...


Obama may be lining up to prosecute Bush adm. officials including Donald Rummsfeld based on information from Chavez:


Anybody just a little bit worried that these two socialists are trying to kill our freedom?

It is time for action.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the July 4th tea party. Huge numbers will wake up the so-called elite congress! And, that means both political parties!

Anonymous said...

John Kerry is a perfect example of a gigolo. I doubt he has ever done an honest days work in his entire life. How could he represent anyone normal? What state is he from? The state of confusion?

Term Limits!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the MSM had been doing their job for the last 60+- years, this kind of mess wouldn't be here.

Bilderberg? Our 2 party system is meant to divide us. There is NO pResident. Only a puppet to do the bidding of the elite.

wake up already.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry has announced he will hold the newspaper hearings in Cambodia on Christmas. You can bet your hat on it.

Anonymous said...


The invasion of Iraq. The disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina. Or if you prefer post-2006, the Republican-led decision to let Lehman Bros. fail.

Is it any wonder the Republican party's only future is as a display in museums?

Anonymous said...


Understanding this concept
explains EVERY thing.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

The invasion of Iraq. The disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina. Or if you prefer post-2006, the Republican-led decision to let Lehman Bros. fail.Let's see:

The Surge in Iraq Won't Work. Louisiana Democrats voted out of power by Louisiana voters due to their inept response. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd promoting sub-prime loans to collapse the economy.

Truths you will never read or see by the liberal media.

Anonymous said...

Invasion of Iraq based on a lie. Brownie you're doing a heckuva job. Frank and Dodd voted against letting Lehman fail.

Blanco was going to leave Louisiana anyway. No real Dem. loses, considering its a red state.

The Dem. landslide of '08 addresses where the real ineptitude was.

Anonymous said...


Barney Frank did not promote subprime lending. In fact, he tried to regulate it:


If that quote is from the "liberal media" and is not true, someone should bring a lawsuit. It would do wonders for the credibility of media critics.

I won't hold my breath on that happening.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm a political moderate and I know Barney Frank is responsible for the sub-prime mess. Oh, but when he gets the rightful blame he cries racism and homophobia.


Anonymous said...

Invasion of Iraq based on a lie. Brownie you're doing a heckuva job. Frank and Dodd voted against letting Lehman fail.Based on a lie? Tell the Kurds that. Oh, and Bill Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998 on the verge of his impeachment based on those "lies."

And Katrina was Blanco's and Nagin's mess while Dodd and Barney Fag allowed the subprime crisis to burst and collapse the economy. Thanks Democrars.

And for the assertion that Blanco was going to leave her state, do you get your lies from PSMNBC? She was going for re-election in 2007.

And Louisiana was a Blue state on the local level before Katrina. Republicans only won when the state blamed Blanco for the mess there. It's too bad the national liberal media never focused on that.

Anonymous said...

Iraq may have had weapons of mass destruction in 1998. But by 2003, they didn't, and Bush was told this:


Re Frank: do I trush the NYT or a blogger in a "cave"? Hmmm. who has more to lose in the event of a lawsuit?

Blanco resigned in 2007. Bush did nothing in N.O. until Nagin called him out on the radio.

Bush has taken us into the greatest economic crisis we've seen since the Great Depression. Judging by what Clinton did, Gore probably wouldn't have driven the economy into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Fox News and AM radio broadcast "the truth" 24 hours a day.

Washington Times and other papers/magazines print "the truth" every day/week/month.

Why do you suppose Americans ignore it?

Anonymous said...

Blanco resigned in 2007. Bush did nothing in N.O. until Nagin called him out on the radio.

Dumbass please. Nagin was directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of people when he refused to allow the buses to be used.

An Blanco said in her own statement that she failed to request federal aid because she didn't want Republicans to take over her turf.

You're not re-writing this history and getting away with it.

Now, back to your Rev Wright tapes with you.

Anonymous said...


Nagin was happy to use the buses. There was no one to drive them. They had been evacuated, because Blanco ordered a state of emergency on Aug. 26.

And yes, Nagin called Bush out on the radio four days into the crisis. And *then* Bush took action.

No need to rewrite history.

I'll refrain from calling you a "dumb---", but will say it doesn't sound like you lived in that area during the disaster.

Some of us did.

With Fox News, AM radio and multiple right-wing publications constantly getting out "the truth," people took a look at what happened -- evaluated it -- and you know how they voted in 2006.

ex-Democrat said...

The truth sells. What else do you need to know about the implosion of the MSM?

btw, did you know that Jhon Fraud Kerry served in Vietnam?

Yes, truly.