Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kansas City Star columnist: don't be too quick to dismiss the Tea Party movement (updated)

KC Star editorial page columnist E. Thomas McClanahan has a warning for skeptics eager to dismiss the Tea Party movement. Click here for the story.

UPDATE: In what may be a case of the MSM getting it right and bloggers looking like idiots, one prominent Kansas City blogger said people who go to the Tea Parties are racists. Another Kansas City blogger covering the local event dropped F bombs and chortled about the similarity of the name "tea parties" to an obscure homosexual sexual practice. Jeez.


Anonymous said...

Why would MNI allow one of their American reporters off the reservation like that?

Anonymous said...

Tony is probably the most unabashed racist in Kansas City, but he isn't stupid. I am sure he had great fun throwing a little gas on the fire.

Anonymous said...

it was little anderson "right up the pooper" cooper who said they were all teabagging.

he should go to iran and come out of the closet

Anonymous said...

Our dictator doesn't have a mustache. Is that what they mean by 'Change'?

John Altevogt said...

Tom Mcclanahan is a decent human being whose main skill is writing about conservative issues that won't get him fired. Working at The Star, his stuff is generally pretty sterile. He is the only conservative voice of the editorial writers at The Star.

Yael Abouhalkah writes some fairly rational stuff about city issues, but lately he's been so busy kissing Miriam Pepper's racist left wing buttocks with his constant hate Palin blog posts and other attacks on the right like yesterday's demeaning column on the tea parties.

Anyway, McClanahan is the token conservative on The Star's editorial page.

Anonymous said...

Looney Carter in the house.

McW., have to agree with you this time around. I read (for the first time) these bloggers and they commit the same crimes I accuse your commentors of -- making broad, vague statements without giving reference to ANYTHING that even resembles a good/solid/reliable source of facts/statistics.

Which leads me to the same conclusion: What has come of all this empty trash talk? Do these people who claim to love America actually think something productive will come of this? Is there any solid counter to this argument: "Your blog -- and your statements -- may be a complete waste of time"?

Anyway, here's to your restraint, McClatchy Watch... and here's to these guys getting a lesson in the same.

I did NOT attend a Tea Party. But it's everybody's right to speak out and say what's bothering them. Further, they could be right (although today's economic news about housing starts hitting a 50-year low would not support this) that we're blowing the budget. We'll see. But name-calling ("teabaggers") and profanity doesn't help me learn anything, nor help me choose how to vote in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:05 Thanks for clarifying!

Steven W said...

Tony thinks you are racist if you put your pants on right leg first.

Anonymous said... doesn't tend to get caught up in the reacist shit Tony deals. the site is still after Zieman though - there's a new post up asking for people to throw their Stars in Zieman/RHonda's lawn...funny stuff. probably won't get much movement though

Anonymous said...

KC Star info: DeAnn Smith -
John Mark Eberhart - Ann Spivak
Star to Society: See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

Like a thief in the night…
That pretty much describes how the Kansas City Star quietly bailed from the biz of covering charitable events and high society on a weekly basis.
While most local bloggers were playing pocket pool, recounting the demise of the more obvious, usual suspects -
City Hall reporter [DeAnn Smith,] books editor [John Mark Eberhart,] etc., Star society or people editor [Ann Spivak] was quietly taking a behind-the-scenes bullet.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know, or have a good guess, as to the cost of the columns written by Rhonda Lokeman? We were told that the circulation number determined the price, which would validate the reason she needed Mark’s nepotism. I have been curious about the money lining the Zeiman/Lokeman pockets due to their devious dealings.

Anonymous said...

Foxnews ratings serge on tea party news coverage!!!
The world is watching, and the leftist corrupt media pans the peoples’ protest, but covered the loony Cindy Sheehan’s bowel movements. That tells you how Barry was elected, yet again!

Anonymous said...

The corrupt media found their hidden agendas in the tea party protests but showed no "concern for motives and hidden agendas the same programs lacked when championing the 2006 pro-illegal immigrant marches." Like that is a surprise to anyone.
ABC, CBS and NBC Try to
Discredit 'Tea Party' Protests
Newsbusters, by Brent Baker

The broadcast network evening newscasts on Wednesday provided prominent coverage of the ''Tea Party'' rallies across the nation with time for the views of participants, but they tried to discredit the protests as a front for ''corporate interests'' or a ''fistful of rightward leaning Web sites'' -- [a concern for motives and hidden agendas the same programs lacked when championing the 2006 pro-illegal immigrant marches.]