Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kansas City Star goes ga-ga over Britney

The Kansas City Star is running a 46-photo retrospective of Britney Spears over the years. (Hat tip: Tony's Kansas City)

To get a look at the KC Star's hard-hitting journalism, click here.

Didn't publisher Mark Zieman recently brag the Kansas City Star is the area's "preeminent source for news"?


Anonymous said...


DNC talking points or burn out chicks.

So they market to idiots only?

Anonymous said...

'Come on, this is way more
important than the 12.8 Trillion
being stolen from us.

Bread and Circuses

Anonymous said...

Tony's KC has way better pictures, no contest there.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Rhonda has the minivan so no one could get a story. Besides, the AP got a twofer on the pics so lighten up.

John Altevogt said...

Maybe Missus Z could pick up Britney while she's in town. There's probably not a full set of wheels between the two of these honeys.

Anonymous said...

Don’t even think of the Rhobo girl being seen around KC with the Crotch Shot girl. Crude and lewd together is not the face of KC we care to advance. It’s these other end shots that worry me. With Spears it is not too bad yet, a little beaver here or there, but Lokeman, it is almost impossible to tell which end is up. Look before you shoot camera buffs, look before you shoot, that five o’clock shadow might get you into trouble with the porno police.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Missus Z could pick up Britney while she's in town.

Britney sends her regrets and while she admires the beard, she wishes it to be known that she already has a boyfriend. She would like all in KC to know that she is open minded and Rhonda is a bug eyed beauty of the first order.

Off the record, she probably would but she is worried about SRS taking the kids if seen with seedy people.

Britney's PR Gal

Anonymous said...

They do this from time to time, when a big star is in town. Garth Brooks was front page news for a couple days when his tour was here. I guess they think anyone going to the concert will be compelled to pick up the paper as well.

Pg1News said...

It's because the Sprint Center is a major advertiser. It has nothing at all to do with anything happening there being "newsworthy." I used to call it The Star "The Daily Sprint" when the place was being built.