Monday, April 13, 2009

KC Star weekend glitch

Kansas City Star readers who submitted email letters to the editor over the weekend have to resend their emails. Here is the message from the Star:

Attention Letter Writers: Please resend weekend letters

By Julie Rehm, Star Letters Editor

Because of a technical error, letters submitted by e-mail over the weekend (from Friday evening to early Monday morning) were inadvertently and irretrievably deleted from the system. If you submitted a letter during that period, please resend it to



Anonymous said...

There are numerous freeware programs that can retrieve "irretrievably" deleted e-mails.

Anonymous said...

Not a KC Star, "irretrievably deleted" email. They work long and hard to make sure their critics are never heard. We're talking Military wipe here. Delete/overwrite with 0's/ then do it again with 1's.

Anonymous said...

No, we're talking KC Star here. That would be too much work. "irretrievably deleted" is, if the editor has to see one of those then their job will be deleted as well.

John Altevogt said...

This must have been the batch where the readers asked why Barb Shelly's attack on one of the local reform candidates matched those of a mailer out out by a non-existent organization with a non-existent treasurer.

Derek Donovan also used to have this problem with his blog where entry after entry calling Donovan on his lies disappeared.

Talk about silencing truth to power.