Saturday, April 18, 2009

McClatchy: Obama and Hugo Chavez "shared a friendly handshake"

It doesn't say anything good about Obama's judgment or character that he could have a friendly handshake with a socialist thug.

Why in the world would the American president demean himself and the office he holds by embracing Hugo Chavez? The McClatchy account shows the contact was deliberate -- Obama initiated the contact by walking across the room to Chavez. And true to form, Chavez used the photo and meeting for propaganda purposes by quickly posting a photo on a government web site and adding a statement about their pledge to cooperate.

Fausta is trying to put her finger on Obama's deficit: "Ignorance, or indifference?"

And, showing how little we've come to expect from Obama on overseas trips, Michelle Malkin says, "At least he didn't bow."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sharing a handshake with Chavez who said the US deserved 9/11 (a la Rev. Wright), bowing to the Saudi King and . . .

refusing to bow to the Queen of England.

William Ayers is so proud of his boy.

Anonymous said...

Obama Kills Teenage Pirates

The corrupt MSM was having a difficult time spinning the pirate hijacking story. They didn’t want to discuss the hijackers being Muslim, black, or teenagers. After much ass scratching and dithering, they decided to call them, Somalia’s voluntary Coast Guard.

Of course, after three Muslim, black, teenage pirates were shot in the head, they didn’t want the Muslim world angry at The Bam, so they referred to the pirates as:
Somalia’s voluntary Coast Guard, Retired.

Anonymous said...

"Wasssupp my bruthhhar!"

MNI Marxists must feel all warm and fuzzy right about now

Anonymous said...

The reason the media has not brought up the race of these fine young maritime wealth redistributionists is because "black" is not politically correct. Calling them African-American Africans is awkward for even the most politically correct and sensitive reporter.

I think we are going to have to get a ruling on this from Jesse or Al.

Anonymous said...

To think I thought they elected Carter Lite. Instead we got a double shot of Neville Chamberlain with a dash of Paris of Troy.

Anonymous said...

kevin, you should change the name of this site to "Racists Unite"

Anonymous said...

8:26 AM You should really get a new whine. If you haven't noticed, you've worn it out.

John from Minneapolis said...

Ummm -- take a look at these photos.

For those who don't bother to click through, they are:

1. Nixon shaking hands and smiling with Mao
2. Ford shaking hands and smiling with Brezhnev
3. Reagan shaking hands and smiling with Gorbachev
4. Rumsfeld shaking hands and smiling with Saddam
5. W shaking hands and smiling with Putin

Go ahead and criticize Obama, but not for shaking hands and smiling with Chavez. It just makes you look stupid.