Monday, April 13, 2009

Some people don't get the Tea Party movement

If the Tea Party movement is acknowledged in the MSM at all, the movement is usually portrayed as (a) organized by the GOP (or FOX News) or (b) an opportunity for racists to vent. Glenn Reynolds gets to the reality:
Around America, taxpayers have had enough. Fed up with excessive spending, planned tax increases and a federal government that first caused the financial bubble through misregulation, and then grabbed power in order to "fix" it, they're hitting the streets to protest.
The chart gives you a visual of what Obama/Reid/Pelosi have done to the nation's debt since Obama took office. I caught some of Obama's press conference on TV today and heard him say he is "cutting the debt in half." This is a claim Obama has made before and it is preposterous. The federal government is spending and spending and nobody in the MSM media is calling Obama/Reid/Pelosi on it.

If the media won't lead, the people will.


Anonymous said...

“Change you can believe in" - Yessiree Barry, yessiree.

Environmentally-friendly restaurant delivers pizza 800 miles for ‘green’ president

Anonymous said...

Want to talk debt? Look up "Reagan." Where you will also find "secret arms sales to a nation that supports terrorism." Iran.

There are MILLIONS of people who are fed up with all the money we're having to spend (and tax the rich for) to save the economy. But each one should remember, there are millions more who outnumber them... going by the election, it's about 9.5 million, a landslide we haven't seen the likes of since... well, Reagan. If only we could get back the billions he drove us into debt, and the billions -- possibly trillions -- we've spent servicing that debt since the '80s. It's still there, by the way, and we're still paying for it.

Happy teabagging.

Anonymous said...

3:28 PM
I think you forgot to mention the silly old bugger Jimmah Carter, that preceded President Reagan. He may have had something to do with the situation you selected to revise. There are already comparisons of Carter and Obama. One is that Obama is the new Carter with an uglier wife. Now, that was plain mean, you would think the media that rage at Gov. Palin said a thing like that, wouldn’t you?

Anonymous said...

I bet the libersl media will cover the Tea Party events as much as they did Cindy Sheehan.

LOL. Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

ACORN is said to be making plans to infiltrate the tea parties to disrupt the protest, and snag media coverage as if the crowd was engaged in ugly activities. Someone asked, how will we know who is from ACORN?

Anonymous said...

US national debt, 1976: 620 billion;
1981: 997 billion.

And in 1989?


Reagan continued overspending on defense and cutting taxes for the wealthy long after the economic crisis was over. By 1984 GDP growth had hit 6 percent, which is very strong. However, he continued blowing out the debt.

But all that defense spending was worth it. Reagan's policies of "glasnost" and "perestroika" eventually brought down the Soviet Union. It was definitely worth the billions -- possibly trillions -- we, and our grandkids, are/will be paying in interest on it.

Carter is the only president in the last 60 years who said "I will not lie to you" and then followed up on it.

And when conservatives can claim to have even ONE Nobel prize winner, let me know. My bad: that's just some furren commie award. It doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

I know I"M going to infiltrate a tea party. And... uh... don't know what I'll do after that.

Signed, an unreal American.

Anonymous said...

Geraldo Rivera said he didn’t see blacks or Hispanics joining the tea parties. The show host asked him how many tea parties he has witnessed, and he said he had only seen scant news reports, and had not attended any. Is he a moron? That stock minority statement is getting real old already.

Anonymous said...

Considering Cindy Sheehan stepped up at a time when people who disagreed with Bush's idiotic war were openly being called "traitors" -- and considering the violence-prone nature of conservatives -- Timothy McVeigh, Florida abortion doctors, etc. -- she is an American hero.

Look, why don't you keep track of Tea Party coverage, and compare it to coverage Sheehan received? The librul media is ALREADY talking about/covering tea parties. You'll probably be disappointed to find the coverage will be about equal.

Anonymous said...

Loony Carter: “ONE Nobel prize winner”

Surely you jest? You must be one of the few people on the planet that believes that prize meant anything except liberal CYA propaganda. He can’t be propped up no matter how many history revisions the liberals try. Carter is a traitor in many people’s eyes. Get real, that Carter’s Nobel prize is as phony as Kerry’s medals. The Nobel prize is a joke, just like the Pulitzer garbage is ridiculous. Only the hopeless haven’t seen through the organized program to renew the Carter image. Brother Billy would have been a better choice, at least his beer is now a collector‘s item.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The conservitive base is losing because they do not know anything about the younger generation...or finance... or how to lead the world by example.

Dont believe me? look who is sitting in the whitehouse, and no it was not the far left idiots that put him there. It was the poor job of Bush that put him there. Dont forget that.

McClatchy Watch said...

5:07 comment deleted for profanity

Anonymous said...

No, Cindy Sheehan's son is American hero.

Cindy Sheehan is a far-left loon that the liberal media exploited to ratchet up their anti-American/anti-Iraq War propoganda.

The liberal media focusd on her crazy antics moreso than the Tea Party protests because it doesn't fit their far left agenda of supporting that moron Obama.

Anonymous said...

A completely corrupt media elected Obama. That is one very big reason they are going down the tubes. It just remains to be seen if losing so many media jobs was worth it to the new poor.

I am glad to see the Navy Obama inherited from President Bush did a job on the pirates.

Anonymous said...

The MSM has better things to do than covering protests of that fascist Obama.

Like writing stories about Obama's new dog. Hopefully, he won't eat the dog as he did in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

What part of the billions Bush wasted on an unnecessary war in Iraq don't you guys remember?

Want to talk debt? Look up Bush, the guy whose eight years were so horrific that we now have Obama in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Hello angry (and I hope young) white men,

Loony Carter here. 5:05, the punishment for treason is execution. Do you think Jimmy Carter should be executed? (be careful, as your answer may disclose who the true loon is...)

Cindy Sheehan AND her son are American heroes. Sorry if what she said rubbed you the wrong way; but sacrificing your son to a war you never agreed with entitles you, I think, to pursue a redress of grievances that includes peaceful protest and speaking out against anyone who started the war based on a lie.

Nobel is liberal CYA propaganda: OK. Why? Or should I just take your word for it? Do you know what you're talking about?

To all you guys: you should probably look up "fascism," as talk radio has been misusing it. Never mind, here: "A totalitarian government system led by a dictator and emphasizing nationalism, militarism and often racism."

Nationalism, militarism and often racism: Hey, three calling cards of CONSERVATIVE thought, ha ha ha. Just look over these blog posts. Or, recall the guy who was using the word "Obamababoon" a couple of weeks ago...

Anonymous said...

Guys, morning after morning after morning in 1979 and 80, CBS Morning News -- a proud member of the corrupt liberal media -- had the number of days the hostages had been held in Iran in HUGE numbers that crossed the screen. As in, "April 5, 1980. DAY 144 of hostages being held in Iran." Er, tell me how this helped superliberal president Jimmy Carter?

I mean, heck shoot, if Carter had just acted like Reagan and secretly sold missiles (and other weapons) to the Iranians, them hostages could have been home the day after they were taken.

And spending us deeply into debt could have helped him get us out of the economic slump. He could have used the CETA program to just hand out millions of dollars to everyone who fell below the poverty line (not a great concern to his successor.) When the economy took off but we were suddenly drowned in debt he could have just said, "It's magic!"

Anonymous said...

Obamababoon is funny. However, you seem to forget the all the mentions of Bush looking like a chimp at DailyKos, the Democratic Underground or any political blof where the Left spews their daily hate.

Cindy Sheehan maybe a heroine to some, such as the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, pro-Al-Queda wing of the Political Left., however, that is not the point of the contention:

The liberal media exploited her looney rants to promote their radical Leftist agenda; meanwhile, they have ignored the Tea Party protests because they go against Obama and his fascist -- and yes, they're fascist -- ideas.

Was Stalin not a fascist, or does the Insane Left now proclaim him as a conservative?

Perhaps the Moonbat Drivel Left ought to look more at Obama's radical and corrupt ideas rather than fall in love with his dark skin.

Anonymous said...

To the poster whose comments had to be removed because of profanity: Dude, talk to somebody BEFORE you decide to blow up a federal building.

Anonymous said...

Dude, talk to somebody BEFORE you decide to blow up a federal building.Yeah, like William Ayers. He and Obama could give him some advice.

Anonymous said...

"Obamababoon" compares a black man to a baboon. This is racist.

Comparing a white man to a chimpanzee is not. Know much about American history? Blacks were persecuted, tortured and killed in America based on nothing more than their skin. Uh, since you may not have heard, these crimes were committed in America by whites, who never suffered the same troubles.

Part of the racist message compared blacks to monkeys, apes, and ... baboons. Based on these beliefs, crimes were committed against blacks. Again, whites, no.

Maybe you should dust off your library card. Or are libraries full of liberal lies, too?

I pointed out in my post right above yours that the media frequently does not have a liberal bias. Please address this. Or if you can't, I understand...

If the liberal media has so much power over Americans' thinking (except for you guys, of course) how do you explain the election of 2004? or 1994, for that matter?

McClatchy Watch said...

7:04 "Want to talk debt? Look up Bush..."

Before you embarass yourself any further, look at the chart at the top of this post. Bush spent billions on the Iraq War and security improvements after 9/11 -- but his overspending (and yes, he overspent) pales in comparison to what Obama/Reid/Pelosi have done in just 100 days.

Anonymous said...

Loony Carter here:

By the way, in my previous posts I have made point after point after point about why conservative thought has harmed the U.S. All I've gotten in response is name-calling. Anyone want to take on ANY of these points?

Anonymous said...

“Considering Cindy Sheehan stepped up”

If a raging moonbat impresses you, then you must really enjoy the crazies in the congress.

2010 Save the USA

Anonymous said...

Heya McClatchy, this is LC.

Not really. Deficit for 2008, which of course includes the TARP bailout, comes to 1.3 tril. Even going by the CBO estimate, Obama is only going to spend 1.8 tril in the new budget. And this is to rescue the country from the greatest economic peril it has seen since the Great Depression. So that spending is justified, unfortunately, and I think McCain would have eventually had to do something similar. Is it more on a year-by-year basis? Sure.

But look at the national debt since the Clinton surplus: 2001: 5.8 trillion. 2008, and I think this is projected, is 10 TRILLION. The guy doubled it, just like Reagan did. And so now, China owns us.

If you don't have an Almanac handy (figures from the Treasury Dept. -- another liberal group?) the debt in 1993 4.4 trillion, 2000, 5.6 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan acts insane. The Democrats dumped her when she became just too loony. Her son did not have to join the military. Cindy never seem to address that fact. Her own family said she was making a spectacle of herself for her 10 minutes of fame. It was shameless the way the media pimped her. Taking advantage of the mentally unstable is bottom feeding, but normal, for a corrupt media while it serves their unsavory reporting.

Anonymous said...

Heya, 8:11. This is LC. The Weathermen killed ONE person in their attacks, and that was by accident.

Timothy McVeigh visited the Murrah building, cased it, and decided to park his truck right in front of the day care center. Intentionally. Because black U.N. helicopters, any day, were going to swoop down and take him away. 168 killed, and I forget how many injured.

Given these points, uh, I'll go with Ayers any day...

Anonymous said...

Re: Jimmy Carter and treason.

Just Google:‘Jimmy Carter, treason’ and you can read about 160,000 articles about his actions around the world. Even the liberal press cannot cover for him any longer. He is an embarrassment to the USA. Nobel prize winner? Now everyone knows how useless that award is. Sort of like the Academy Awards. No one really cares who wins a trumped up political award.

Anonymous said...

Whites have also been persecuted, tortured and killed in America based on nothing more than their skin. Oh, that's right, whites can't be targets of racial bigotry because they're white. So I guess it's ok to call whites honkies, crackas and rape white women (Sarah Palin for example) because of a few instances of racial bigotry toward blacks in American history.

Oh, and in case you forgot, the liberal media was full in force in 2004. Perhaps you have forgotten Mary Mapes/Dan Rather and CBS' role in trying to help Ho Chi Kerry win the election?

Anonymous said...

"Cindy Sheehan acts insane."

uh, how, exactly?

Yep I know her son volunteered. And she lost him. In a war where there were never weapons of mass destruction. If she decides she wants to speak out against that, sorry dude but that's her right. Colin Powell basically did the same thing when he resigned and endorsed Obama. And there are veterans' groups out there that are against the war.

Since its now coming to light that Bush may have avoided pursuing bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan because it was just too difficult, Sheehan is more in the right than ever. By the way: What ever happened to "You're with us... or with the terrorists"? Looks like Pakistan clearly told Bush, "We're with the terrorists." And, in typical fashion, he did nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:43, this is LC.

160,000 articles. OK, just give me ONE example, please, since you already googled it. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

That's a clear example of the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.

Conservatives condemned the OKC bombings and the WTC attacks.

The Left condemned the OKC attacks, but applauded the 9/11 attacks to a point where they espouse viewpoints that the US government/Israel were behind them

Anonymous said...

8:46 this is LC.

uh... woah, dude.

OK... uh... when were whites persecuted in america again? Like, when the entire society approved of it? I must've missed something.

And tell me more about this interesting crime against Sarah Palin...

Anonymous said...

8:48, NO ONE has "applauded" the 9/11 attacks, in any fashion. And yes, you can take my word on that one.

Yours, Looney Carter.

Anonymous said...

Tell me when the entire white race approved of persecuting blacks. Please tell all of us.

Did you happen to read that information from a library owned by Obamababoon's (heh, it is funny) favorite pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

Anonymous said...

The really frightening thing is that schools are probably rewriting history about Carter to make him appear like less of a failure. It took all the year since the last depression to know the truth about FDR. He made the depression worse with his huge government programs. Go Bam, repeat history. The drooling fools are lapping it up for now. However, his poll numbers are dropping like a stone, and that’s with the media still lying.

Anonymous said...

And: 8:48 and 8:46... please read back your comments here carefully and slowly. This is some pretty serious talk, and unfortunately I don't see much that is based on facts.

See now why liberals are a little scared of you guys? You sound ready to take action... and I don't mean of the legal kind.

Possibly not-so-looney Carter.

Anonymous said...

8:54: You seriously don't understand why that's racist?

Anonymous said...

8:54, here you go:

Whites have never faced similar, society-wide, persecution. You may want to look up Emmett Till when you finish with this. A little knowledge can go a loooong way.

Anonymous said...

Have to go for about half an hour. Have fun amongst yourselves, my little hornet's nest.

yes we can, Looney Carter.

Anonymous said...

See now why liberals are a little scared of you guys? You sound ready to take action... and I don't mean of the legal kind.I reckon I'm more afraid of the Moonbat left taking violent actions. 1999 Seattle, 2004 NYC, etc.

Mindless violence.

9:01AM - Yes, I find Jeremiah Wright racist. It's too bad Obamababoon didn't see how racist he is for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea every black (isn't it African American ) was lynched. I had no idea every white did a lynching.

Thanks for informing us Mr. Farrakhan.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, L.C., there's no point in wasting pixels on these small, sad people. They're fading away on their own.

By the way, googling Rush Limbaugh and hydrocodone brings back 93,700 hits. Rush Limbaugh and meat 371,000.

Strangely, Rush Limbaugh and corpulent is only 5,100, compared with 21,100 for Rush Limbaugh and elves.

Draw whatever conclusions you wish.

Anonymous said...

Fading away? The liberal media (especially McClatchy) needs these people to stay in business. Good grief.

Oh, and Obama/Osama generates about 400,000 hits on Google.

Obamababoon/Osama about 500,000 hits.

Anonymous said...

Okay, folks, one last post from Looney Carter, then I gotta go.

Yes, 9:13, all blacks were lynched by whites, all of whom participated in a lynching. this is why, today, there are no blacks in America.

Might want to check that link I gave you again. And check out "Emmett Till" for another fine example of what conservatism has accomplished in U.S. history.

I invite any of you well-informed fellows to visit a black bar this weekend, getcha a beer, and start using "Obamababoon" in any context you choose. Other than, "I heard this really offensive word in a blog post the other day." Consider the responses you get from fellow patrons to be my response, too. I'm sure they'll laugh, like you guys do. Cause guys, it's funny, it ain't racist at all.

In exchange, I'll go to any bar you guys pick and repeat ANYTHING I've written in any of my posts. Sweet deal, huh?

9:36, it's interesting, and awesome to think it, but: yes, this could be the end of conservatism. I know, I know, that's a big, speculative statement to make. But considering we have people on that side who use terms like "Obamababoon," who clearly do NOT vote based on logic, and we can see the last 100 years of conservative failure after conservative failure in America ... sorry guys, but this really might be it for you. I realize and appreciate that what you want is for good things to happen for the U.S., but at this point we have two presidents -- Reagan and W. -- whose policies have been negative for us. And just looking at these blog posts... you guys have become fairly radicalized, too. Don't know. It'll be interesting to see what the next two elections bring. (2010, 2012.) Guess we'll find out.

Oh well. Y'all do some reading and I'll try to drop in here and stir you up again in a few nights. Remember: You have the whole traditional/family values thing going for you. Maybe that could work... Otherwise, yeah, better get used to being in the minority, no matter how many people show up for the Tea Parties.

BTW, I listen to Limbaugh, Hannity and some local righties, so I'm sure I'll get a fair and balanced report on the Tea Parties. (Also, I heard Palin speak during the campaigns. No, it was not for work.) Maybe y'all should start reading Newsweek, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Why are you arguing with these Right Wing guys? Let them spout out all the crap they want, they are just talking to themselves and being that they are in the minority, let them at least have that.

Anonymous said...

When confronted by any raving moron, I find it helpful to remember that these poor souls suffer from a very serious malady: FLS*. It seems to be endemic in conservative movements with some victims’ cases so severe that it renders them incapable to have a rational dialogue. FLS is really a very tragic disease.

*Freaking Loon Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Tired Looney Carter here:


Chill, daddy-o. Just study up on your facts and tell it to conservatives straight. let THEM do the name-calling. Note there were precious few responses to my recital of what happened during the last 3-4 administrations. Just these guys calling me names.

And even my off-the-wall suggestion to them to visit a black club and start using the word "Obamababoon" will probably not get any responses that can be taken seriously. This, frankly, is a good thing. Let's keep them losing. 'Cause if they win again, I don't know if the U.S. will survive it...

Anonymous said...

This is why they hate newspapers so much. Their jive doesn't stand up to examination, and examination is what newspapers do.