Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 23 - Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

-“Kerry hearings on failing newspapers”-
Jeff Jarvis @ Buzz Machine
Jarvis is off the reservation again, saying things that were supposed to be squelched.
Howard Weaver will be wet-hen livid again.
-My testimony to Sen. Kerry-
“Not that I’ve been invited or will be, but if I were, here’s what I would say in testimony to Sen. John Kerry’s hearings on failing newspapers. (What the hell, after writing a fake speech for the Newspaper Association of America, I might as well make this an oeuvre.)”
“Direct subsidy should be seen as a direct conflict of interest. Legislation to allow newspapers to collude? Beware that precedent. How about the suggestion that newspapers be enabled, even encouraged to shift to not-for-profit status?”

Anonymous said...

Charles Fishman, former N&O Deputy ME made an interesting comment rebutting Howard Weaver’s blog, posted on yesterdays thread at
5:27PM. I almost missed reading it.
SEE: Did the Duke rape accuser join the Duke lacrosse team?? (updated)-
N&O employees might be able to shed more light on the two opposite opinions.

Anonymous said...

Jarvis says, ““Direct subsidy should be seen as a direct conflict of interest. Legislation to allow newspapers to collude? Beware that precedent.”
“Legislation to allow newspapers to collude?”
That is the most laughable comment, like in the good ol’ US of A newspapers would conspire to elect an unqualified president?

Anonymous said...

Loss of $.28 a share

Anonymous said...

Absolutely horrendous Q1 report. Analysts expected an 11 percent drop, and got a 45 percent drop. What happened? It's clear MNI didn't make its revenue projections. It pulled in $356 million in sales, while analysts expected $391 million. That's 35 million, or 10 percent less sales than expected. Horrible. Result of all the layoffs and cutbacks.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can take the champagne out of the fridge?

Well at least with these losses, I can, no dat fo shoe lokeman 8nt cumin bak.

Anonymous said...

The analysts projected an 11 cent drop, we were 28 cents. A lot of that could likely be due to the huge severance buyout for the layoffs.

As I have stated, I have heard from numerous sources that the company based the cuts on losing 30% each month Y/Y.

We came in at 25% last quarter, so it is a "positive" gain of 5%.

Again though, if you look at Y/Y stuff it didn't start getting to double digit % losses until beginning/middle of 3rd quarter.

So we could likely see the same 25-30% loss until 3rd quarter and then the losses should stabilize and be much less (even though cuts were made to cover for a 30% loss).

Anonymous said...

-Janet Napolitano screws up again-
Gaffestastic Janet Napolitano is at it again — this time earning the partially justified derision of Canadians after suggesting that 9/11 terrorists entered the U.S. through the northern border:
After insulting our military veterans, the totally leftist Napol steps on her organ again, and insults Canada. She fought every border control in AZ, and the legislature had to write new laws forcing her to comply with even the old laws. She is the perfect cabinet member to promote amnesty and thwart current US immigration laws. What is Barry smoking these days? ISB (Industrial Strength Blow)

Anonymous said...

Homeland Security Department drops some newspaper, mag subscriptions

Associated Press
The agency has told its employees to cancel subscriptions to general interest papers such as [the New York Times] and Washington Post and to magazines such as Newsweek and Time by April 27. Future subscriptions will have to be approved in advance.
It's a start man, it's a start. Whiners say, "But, but, but, Barry, this is not the 'Change' we wanted."

Anonymous said...

MSNBC: Maddow Show Ratings Tumble

Apparently viewers are getting tired of the cutsey, smugness that is Rachel Maddow, and not just a few of them either. Ratings for the already low rated Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC have shown a steep decline recently, falling from a high of 1.9 million viewers to "slightly over 1.1 million."

Naturally, MSNBC President Phil Grifin is putting on the brave face calling Maddow a "rock star" and that Maddow is a "great success." He told the L. A. Times, "We've never had success anywhere near that in our 12-year history at 9 p.m. right out of the gate."

Apparently after barreling out of that "gate," Maddow took a harsh fall as her ratings took a dive.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the newspapers and mags to be dropped at HSD are all leftist rags? Why are nonpartisan, government workers even reading these propaganda filled sources in the first place? And, on our dime! With a corrupt government, president, and media, I am feeling fear for my country. My father’s firm is leaving the USA after thirty years in a profitable business. Higher taxes, and the EPA stocking all big buildings just to torture Wal-Mart stores did it. Make no mistake about it.

Anonymous said...

-MSNBC cuts mikes at GE shareholders meeting.-
Bill O’Reilly has been the point man on exposing GE and NBC news. I am not a big fan of O’Reilly, but I give him props for his work. No one else would buck the liberals at GE/NBS.
MSNBC should have fired Chris Matthews after saying he felt leg tingles. I mean, if teleprompter speeches gives him leg tingles, he must be unhinged. Keith Olbermann is so far left he is not credible. BTW, he has ruined NBC's
pre-game football coverage. I never turn NBC on until I am sure the game is in progress, and change stations at halftime. He is a fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday, suckas!

WASHINGTON – For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public's mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future.

John Altevogt said...

Let me introduce to you the concept of the Reverse Nuremburg. The essence of the concept is that in the "news" business no one gives any orders.

Hence when confronted about PMSNBC Jeff Immelt GE's CEO and Board Chair

"told the assembled he takes a hands-off approach to what is reported on the company's news networks"

Or, as another example, when Derek Donovan made a foul mouthed-phone call to me demanding that I either take down yet another tirade he'd left on my voice-mail from the Internet lest he publicly malign me on his blog, and then followed up on his threat with a maliciously libelous blog entry, his editor, Mike Fannin had this to say when I wrote him to complain. Said Fannin:

"You will need to continue working through Derek on this. He is the reader rep, not me. I do respect that boundary we've necessarily created and also the work that he does."

The importance of understanding the Reverse Nuremburg is that once fully grasped, you realize that there are no adults in charge anywhere in the news business. Everyone is just doing their own thing. Maybe if someone, somewhere just took responsibility for the mess, maybe that would be step one in correcting the problem.

John Altevogt said...

Nice review of how GE is running CNBC and PMSNBC into the ground and why.

Anonymous said...

Bill O’Reilly was on his soapbox because William Arkin of the Washington Post said some dastardly things about our military.
“.... folks who fight solely for money, have no patriotic intent at all.”

“…they should be grateful that people aren't spitting on them.”
Someone has to stand up against GE, NBC, MSNBC. Go Bill! I think I may start watching O’Reilly again.

Anonymous said...

Barry-O’s poll numbers are dropping. Even the in-the-tank media can’t hide these numbers forever.
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Thursday, April 23, 2009
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll

-How Barack Obama is performing his role as President.-

37% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that 31% Strongly Disapprove.

Only thirty-seven percent (37%) believe the nation is heading in the right direction.

Most Americans believe that tax increases are bad for the economy, but only 19% of the Political Class agrees.

Most Americans also believe that tax cuts are good for the economy, a view shared by just 33% in the Political Class

Most voters continue to believe that the financial and auto bailouts were a bad idea, but the Political Class disagrees.

Sixty percent (60%) now believe the federal government has too much power and too much money.

On the Generic Congressional Ballot, it’s all tied—
39% for the Democrats,
39% for the Republicans.

45% View Homeland Security’s Napolitano, Unfavorably.


John Altevogt said...

"45% View Homeland Security’s Napolitano, Unfavorably."

55% haven't heard of her yet.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Happy Thursday, suckas!"
Put down your Kool-aid buddy. Barry is rope-a-doping already.

37% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve
31% Strongly Disapprove

The corrupt media says that more people approve of Obama, but not that the number in the 37th percentile, nor how his numbers are dropping like a rock. Leftist pollsters ask 100 Democrats how Obama is doing for their polls, and everyone surely knows that by now. Just like they did before the election. Who in hell believes these polls in the first place?

Anonymous said...

John, You will enjoy this quote. I forgot about the former Janet.
“On a side note...Napolitano ain’t the brightest bulb in the pack, is she? She doesn’t seem to be able to string more than three words together without eating her feet. I really don’t think she should ever have been in this job in the first place. What is it with Democrat presidents and department heads named Janet, anyway?”

John Altevogt said...

Wait until Ms. Sebeljevich comes to town......talking bottom of the barrel here.

Never mind abortion, take a look at Dolph Simons' editorials @ regarding KU Hospital. This is the essence of what she's being hired to do, and he does not blush at using the words illegal and corruption, and this from the publisher of the newspaper in one of the strongholds of Democrat power in Kansas.

Or look up the Pitch article criticizing her for her stance in *favor* of the coal plants. That was before she went to DC and they told her she might be on track for national exposure if she cleaned up her act and became a little more green.

This is a woman who had had two minority candidates running on the statewide ballot with her and made sure they got nothing from the party to campaign with. This is also the same woman whose campaign commercials featured an all white school bus.

Then there's her appointments to the judiciary - and you thought Blago was bad? Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

-Why Does the Obamassiah Smile at Dictators?-
Foreign Affairs magazine says that Hugo Ch├ívez is a power-hungry dictator with autocratic and megalomaniacal tendencies whose authoritarian vision and policies are a serious threat to his people. Liberals love the Obamassiah’s one-on-one bootlicking with such despots. However, the Jerusalem Post questions his foreign bootlicks:
The Jerusalem Post - No Holds Barred:

Anonymous said...

I am warning everyone, don’t say anything in Kansas that indicates you want Sebelius back in the state. They count her appointment as a stoke of good luck.
My airhead friend said it was an honor to have our governor picked for the Obama cabinet, and we had to leave the bar. It was far more forceful than boos, of course as I think back, that was me booing as well. I got nothing, man, nothing!

Anonymous said...

G.D. Gearino takes off on Howard Weaver’s splat on the N&O front-page mockup fun. He tells old Howie to ‘Bugger off.” You have to love G.D., and his comment section is good also. Choice stuff this-

He also offers a link from the former owner: -Frank Daniels Jr. says Howard Weaver “mistaken” on N&O-

Anonymous said...

So how about another poll...Which is the worst McClatchy paper?

Anonymous said...

These guys did this project just in time!

Way things are going it could take a year or so to collect enough newsprint to do this in the future!

Anonymous said...

One of the commenters at Gearino's blog calls Pruitt ‘Gary Glitter’
I must say I like that.

Anonymous said...

“So how about another poll...Which is the worst McClatchy paper?”
Even though I despise the KC Scar for allowing Lokeman and the other bigots to constantly spew their garbage, my vote goes to the Anchorage Daily News. Printing absolute rumors and demanding the Governor answer their garbage rumors is something I cannot believe yet. They should have been crying foul when hundreds of attorneys were scouring the territory for damning news of their governor. Of course, the Scar didn’t report lawyers intimidating people in MO either.

I hope they all go down the tube, and we can start again, with honest journalism models that work.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....RASMUSSEN says Obama's numbers are down. No bias there.

Think I'll stick with the corrupt mainstream media... who called it right back in November.

Anonymous said...

8:46 GfK poll (PR firm)

ahhahhahahhaaha Nice try.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is still paying attention to MNI news and not wallowing in anti-liberal B.S. rhetoric, read 6:36 a.m. again.

This is a person who has some good inside information. McClatchy cut more than they ever admitted to publicly and have an ace up their sleeve.

I would dump out the ice biucket for now.

Anonymous said...

Oops, 6:17 here, sorry for the typo, that's "bucket" -- I don't want an errant keystroke to give people a footing to negate the comment.