Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday April 30 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Anchorage Daily News is moving all employees to the first floor of their building and has a renter for the second floor. Wonder how many employees they have left.

Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Sun lays off 61 employees (AP)25% of EDITORIAL STAFF (Palpable Start)

The Baltimore Sun has laid off 61 people in its newsroom, about a quarter of its editorial staff, including veteran editors and managers, columnists, photographers and designers.

Maryland's largest newspaper laid off managerial employees at the end of the day Tuesday, and notified union-represented employees Wednesday afternoon...

Tribune is operating under bankruptcy protection. Real estate mogul Sam Zell took on a $13 billion debt load when he purchased the company in 2007

Anonymous said...

“The Baltimore Sun has laid off 61 people...” ...all of whom voted for Hopey-Changey.

Well, they certainly are getting the, “Changey part” as they look for a new job.

Any university that takes a student’s money for a worthless Journalism degree should be sued for fraud.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39

Does ADN have a basement in their building?

That way, like all their laid off Palin hating workers living in their parents basement, they too can move to the basement when things get worse.

Kind of a symbolic move, don’t cha know.

Anonymous said...

You know, since most papers simply publish the same Hopey-Changey, Global Warming, USA-Sucks message anyway, the libs could save a lot of trees by simply agreeing to print just one national newspaper.

Anonymous said...


Paper Cuts: 'New York Times' Union Agrees

In another sign of the dire situation facing American newspapers, the Newspaper Guild in New York City agreed to a 5% cut in salary for members at The New York Times, clearing the way for reductions that will affect newsroom staff and a number of other salaried professionals.

The pay cut is meant to be temporary -- ending Dec. 3 -- but given current revenue trends, may become permanent.

The union faced a choice between the pay cut and the loss of 80 jobs in the newsroom and elsewhere -- an increasingly common dilemma as newspaper executives force hard choices on unions around the country.

Anonymous said...


Time Warner: Mag Group May Dive 30%, TV Dips

Time Warner is anticipating that ad dollars at its Turner networks will fall in a mid-single-digit percentage range for the current April-June period, a top company executive said Wednesday.

At the Time Inc. magazine group, a decline in the 30% range is possible.

Anonymous said...


Denver Post to suspend weekday sales throughout much of Colorado

The Denver Post announced Thursday that it will stop delivering print copies to the Western Slope, including Grand Junction and farther reaches of Colorado ...

Print subscribers will be switched to online subscriptions.

(Do they really think that people will PAY for on-line subscriptions)

Anonymous said...

FSWT is suffering cuts but we tredge on. Ad revenues up. $5K bonuses handed out to 2 employees for exceptional work at last staff meeting. Whiney ex-journalists lementing in their own low self worth continue to blame the libs.

Anonymous said...

Denver Post is delusional to think that plan will work.

Anonymous said...


Herald raising price to $1

The price of the daily Boston Herald is going up 25 cents to $1 effective May 11.

The new price for the daily Herald will be $1 within 30 miles of Boston. Outside that area, the price will remain unchanged at $1.

The price of the Sunday Herald will remain unchanged. Home delivery will not be affected.
“The Herald is subject to the same economic pressures affecting the rest of the newspaper industry, and like the Globe, we’re forced to increase the cover price of our paper,” said Herald owner and publisher Patrick J. Purcell in a statement.

The last price increase for the Herald within 30 miles of Boston was June 30, 2008.

Beginning Monday, The Boston Globe plans to increase the price of the daily newsstand paper by 25 cents to $1 in the Boston metro area and by 50 cents to $1.50 outside the city.

The price of the Sunday Globe will jump from $2.50 to $3.50 in the city and $4 outside Boston on May 10.

Anonymous said...


Baltimore Sun journalists laid off while covering baseball game

Four journalists from US newspaper the Baltimore Sun discovered they were being laid off last night – in the middle of covering a baseball game.

The group, consisting of three writers and a photographer, were told the news as they reported back from a game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Angels in a move that was documented by a fellow reporter online.

Anonymous said...

8:51, do you just spew nonsense because you have nothing else in life to do? Or do you actually have some concrete examples that don't just reflect your disagreement with anything that doesn't reflect your political idealogy?

Anonymous said...

This is all Hilary's fault.

John Altevogt said...

9:54 Dear troll if what you've seen and read on here hasn't provided you with enough examples already, nothing will convince you and no one on here owes you anything.

These trolls are the perfect example of the left in this country. They have no arguments of their own and so they just pretend that the information in front of them showing the utter failure of liberalism doesn't exist. And so it's just an endless parade of requests for information that's already in front of them.

Anonymous said...

9:54 AM He is correct. Example, any two front pages of any major newspaper in the entire country will have that very same AP bullshit pasted all over it. The only difference is the hed.

He has a point. You don't.

Anonymous said...

“Denver Compost" is an extremely liberal bird cage liner.

They can’t even report a house fire without getting political.”

This being one of the most basic tests for when a fishwrap has become totally infected with the left wing swine flu.

Any story about anything will blame Republicans, or conservatives and praise 0b0z0 and other libs.

Anonymous said...

"Lie to Me" Tops Obama News Conference

FOX, the only one of the Big Four networks that did not carry Pres. Obama's news conference last night, finished first in the 8pmET hour with a new episode of "Lie to Me." The drama averaged 7.9 million Total Viewers, according to Nielsen overnights.

NBC's coverage of the Obama newser came in second with 6.7 million Total Viewers.

Overall, Obama's news conference was seen by nearly 19 million viewers across NBC, ABC, CBS according to the early numbers.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was either watch the TV show 'Lie to Me' or Obama's version of "Lie to Me."

Anonymous said...

Well, it was a matter of lie to me the drama or lie to me in real life. Since Comrade Zero has been doing that daily for the past 2 years plus 101 days, the choice was simple.

All Hail Commrade 0 and a happy Allahu Ackbar to all.

Anonymous said...

9:54 AM
Why don’t you just worry about your own opinions instead of snarking about others. You add nothing but proof that liberals have no original thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you should just give posters their own space. That is what blogs are all about, but I don’t think old media people will ever get that. Liberal media no longer rules the roost, and biased reporting is a one of the reasons, fewer people want your tainted product. Barry-O would not be president if the media had done their job.

John Altevogt said...

9:54 is not an old media person. 9:54 is not a young media person. 9:54 like all trolls, is a mentally adolescent ignoramus incapable of formulating an argument, or refuting a point, but apparently needing the attention mommy failed to give them. Sadly we're stuck babysitting for them. Yet another welfare program inflicted on us.

Anonymous said...

I guess the best thing about being the moderator of this forum is that you can take the holier than thou attitude and tell everyone that you are the know it all while we employed people still making money are trolls.

Keep up the good work sir, your posts make my day knowing that there are people like you hating us working stiffs.

Please reply to this in your usual Thesaurus type wording since we trolls obviously have no idea what it means.

But we're learning

Anonymous said...


Obama scores 100 in TV press conference, The Baltimore Sun

The The economy is still a nightmare. The military situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan are perilous -- and getting worse. But for all the troubles swirling around the nation these days, America has rarely seemed to be in such steady and capable hands.

Anonymous said...


Iraq - Saddam Wins 100 Percent in Referendum with 100 Percent Turnout - 11,454,638 say yes, 0 say no, Reuters

Saddam Wins 100 Percent in Referendum

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein won 100 percent of votes in a referendum for a new term in office, official results showed on Wednesday.

Saddam's top deputy Izzat Ibrahim, reading official results at a news conference in Baghdad, said turnout was also 100 percent in Tuesday's referendum.

Nearly 12 million Iraqis were eligible to answer a simple "Yes" or "No" for another seven-year term for Saddam, who has ruled Iraq for 23 years through the tight grip of the military and police.

The authorities had urged voters to turn out in force to show massive support for Saddam in the face of U.S. threats of military action and President Bush's declared desire to remove him from power.


The United States has dismissed the vote and said it lacked any credibility.

Anonymous said...

♫ Dumb Enchanted Evening ♫
Obama’s boring teleprompter speech tune.

Anonymous said...

“Anchorage Daily News is moving all employees…”
There is a rumor they are cleaning out the dumpsters they used to inhabit for news gathering. Taking measurements, and offering corner space to the experienced dumpster divers by seniority. No mention of how many dumpsters will be needed, but even one is too many for the lamest journalists on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Illegal Aliens: Do NOT Let Swine Flu Ruin Your Cinco de Mayo! (satire)

MAY 5th enjoys a special place in the hearts of Mexican illegal aliens in America. From taking over the streets of major cities to demand "rights" to which they are not entitled, to unruly brawls, Cinco de Mayo captures the true spirit of Mexico and the invading Mexican.

Anonymous said...

-Journalism in the dumps?-
"How do you progress in an industry that has no clear path to anywhere?" asked Glynnis MacNicol, a media analyst and editor of FishbowlNY. "Right now, the definition of success in the media is not to be unemployed."

Anonymous said...

12:22, John's response to anyone who says anything he disagrees with or doesn't approve of is to call names. He should take your advice: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

Anonymous said...

3:03 PM That is untrue and in this case he is completely correct. Now, back to that 2K commission we're working on...slacker!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43, I wish I could shake your hand.

Anonymous said...


There is a rumor they are cleaning out the dumpsters they used to inhabit for news gathering.

Taking measurements, and offering corner space to the experienced dumpster divers by seniority.

No mention of how many dumpsters will be needed, but even one is too many for the lamest journalists on the planet.

"Saluting screen" You ROCK Dude!