Friday, May 22, 2009

Headline of the day

McClatchy Report on Cheney Speech Sounds Like DNC Talking Points Memo


Anonymous said...

Cheney without a teleprompter is winning the security debate? Even liberals are starting to sense the danger Zero is bringing to the USA.
CBS’s Schieffer Admits Cheney
‘Winning’ Security Debate

NewsBusters, by Kyle Drennen

While discussing Thursday’s opposing national security speeches by President Obama and former Vice President Cheney, on Friday’s CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer acknowledged: "...(Snip) on points, I give it to -- to the Vice President on this...Right now I think the Vice President has made his case. And at this point I'd have to say he's winning."

McClatchy Watch said...

The 10 punches Dick Cheney landed on Barack Obama's jaw

Anonymous said...

It would be fitting if the liberal press that has demonized Cheney for years, had to eat their anti-Cheney, fabricated, crap sandwich with both hands. I do believe people are waking up to the fact that they were hoodwinked by the media for eight years.