Monday, May 11, 2009

Kansas City's glass mausoleum

Q: What do Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Ho Chi Minh have in common with The Kansas City Star?

A: They have all been lovingly preserved long after death in glass caskets for their adoring throngs to see.

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Anonymous said...

I understand the inspiration for that building came from an Architect who was eating a bowl of chili.

He initially attempted to sell the design to Nabisco for clear saltine cracker boxes so their customers could see if the contents were broken.

Nabisco didn't want it but McClatchy did. They figured that since their content was broken before it left the press, no one could tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

Your understanding would be wrong as that was built prior to McClatchy (might have been finished just after, but started well before).

However, on a more serious note, I think that they should just sell it to the city and turn it into the Aquarium that everyone seems to think we need.

Anonymous said...

Why buy something you can get for pennies on the dollar later on. No one is picking up the tab for what they owe on that albatross.

Like the city would even consider it after what they have done to the mayor. HA!

Anonymous said...

Has MNI apologized for your country again today?

Welcome to the brave new post-American America, where our prosperity is a sin that must be atoned for, our military strength is a threat to be contained, and our values are a symbol of ignorance and intolerance.

If, as a conservative, you are feeling discouraged by the thought of more than 1,350 or even 2,700 days of an Obama presidency and Reid-Pelosi Congress, it’s certainly understandable.

But in fact, it’s the progressives that are facing ruin. The intellectual foundation that supports their agenda is collapsing in full view of the world. That foundation is collectivism.

Anonymous said...

All libs and socialists love to build their mausoleums. Just look at Pinchy’s new building

But since liberals hate to be called "liberals," I suppose Socialists hate to be called "Socialists" as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the media continues to salivate, slobber, and drool all over Hussien and Michelle.

Think for a moment if Nancy Reagan had shown up in $500+ shoes. The marxist media would have crucified her for weeks without letup.

Yet not a peep on Michelle. Just Marxist admiration at her fashion sense.

Meanwhile the newspapers continue to drop like rancid, putrid dead flies, and I look forward to the day when all big city papers are gone for good.

Anonymous said...

Paraphrasing Arthur Koestler, who knew a lot about communism and totalitarianism,

“The ‘oppressed’ long for nothing more than to slip into the $540 shoes of their ‘oppressors’.

Anonymous said...


Like Teenage Girls At A Bay City Rollers Concert’

On Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough nailed the Washington press corps for its sycophantish performance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner this past Saturday night: “like a bunch of teenage girls waiting for a Bay City Rollers concert, waiting to scream at the top of their [lungs].”

Mika Brzezinski, agreeing with Joe, lifted the veil on the goings-on behind the scenes, describing an enraptured TV production crew scrambling to get the most flattering shots of the prez and First Lady.

Anonymous said...

If you want less biased news, start going to the UK papers online.

The standard of prose and fact-checking is vastly superior to begin with, but sadly they are already experiencing the end days of happy-face statism.

Unfortunately we are 15 years behind them with Obama playing the role of Blair but we are destined for the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the enraptured state of the MSM will have a life about as long as the Bay City Rollers career.

Maybe at least a few will recover from their stupor, but that's nothing to count on because that giddy emotional state is what so many in the MSM naturally seek, and mistake for progress and improvement.

Anonymous said...

Liberals in general think and behave like teenage girls, especially the ‘men’.

It’s almost impossible to reason with them.

Anonymous said...

This is a worthless site.
Juvenile at best. The current post is a prime example.

Anonymous said...

6:58 AM Why do you stay?

Anonymous said...

6:58 AM Why do you stay?

I'm not 6:58AM but I'll answer for me.

An interesting Thread about a MNI disaster of a building and how Management build a trophy building not seeing the impending doom turned into an..... Obama, Reid, Pelosi, liberal socialist Hussein, Michelle, bias news, blah, blah...

Same old boring BS.

I'm wondering if those that post such drivel are not MNI plants trying to kill the blog.

John Altevogt said...

I understand that The Star's mausoleum has difficulties with vandalism. Supposedly, it's a favorite target for inner city kids with BB guns. Don't know that for a fact though. They should love The Star what with Lewis and Mary and Miriam and R_R_Rhonda.

Let me reinforce what I've said many times on this blog, I value the journalists who try against all odds to commit acts of journalism inside The Star. I know they're there, and I've written about them when they were fired.

I would also urge all of the conservatives on here to not treat every journalist as if they're part of some monolith. They're not.

Unfortunately, when your business is run largely by Stalinists using a socialist realism model of journalism, few make it anywhere where they will have much influence.

But I will tell you that every time the rumors of firings start up about The Star I start praying for the increasingly shorter list of friends I have there. So please don't confuse our anger with the end product for a general anger and insensitivity to those who are losing their jobs (OK so I wasn't sorry to see Laura Scott go).

Anonymous said...

****Q: What do Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Ho Chi Minh have in common with The Kansas City Star?****

They share the same political ideology.

That's not a joke, but the truth.

Anonymous said...

you can still buy that building for just $65 mil.

of course, Kansas City can't afford that. they're $80 mil in the hole this year, they can't finance lions at their own zoo...

Anonymous said...

I like to call the building the Green Monster. If I remember correctly it cost 199 million to build. I am sure this an albatross around the Star's neck that they would love to part with if they could.

Patrick Tuohey said...

Thanks to McClathy Watch for linking to our site, and thanks to everyone for leaving a comment here. I am reading them all.

Anonymous said...

10:01 AM Nice looking site you have. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly it cost 199 million to build.

It was a whole lot more than that in the end. Just think, in just a few short months you'll be able to get it and the Star for 10 or 15 million.

Anonymous said...

A couple of quick corrections here. The building was built and opened while the Star was still owned by Knight Ridder. If you think they only print the Star there, think again. From what I hear, they have a fair bit of outside print jobs going now.

As for the target practice on the building, that settled down after the building began operation. Sadly, the few instances of windows being popped out that I heard about were definitely not bb guns, nor was it "kids" doing it.

Anonymous said...

4:09--It really doesn't matter whether the building was built under Knight-Ridder or McClatchy. The most important part is the debt associated with the building that neither the Star or McClatchy can afford and that is why they are selling it for $65 million (Paid $200 million for it). I doubt they are printing enough in that building to cost justify the expense. Look at the "Rise Up" example. They printed it and now are owed $2 million for the printing services. That brought in a lot revenue didn't it?

Anonymous said...

6:43 wrote-

"Think for a moment if Nancy Reagan had shown up in $500+ shoes"

Here is a bit about the former first lady. This came on the heels of a bad recession-

Nancy's wardrobe engendered further criticism. Designers donated their fashions to Nancy in exchange for the exposure she afforded them, but the public balked. The Reagans were accused of not caring that America was having trouble making ends meet, while they lived and entertained lavishly, surrounded by well-heeled friends.

There is more to this and the info can be found easy with a seach online. Nacy contributed a lot to this great country. My point is our current first lady is no different from former first ladies. She may go on to do great things.

Sadly i can get more facts from a video game forum.. from kids than i can from this blog.

Anonymous said...

The building was built and opened while the Star was still owned by Knight Ridder.

Not true. The building was completed and opened under McClatchy. Not that it matters one way or another because McClatchy could have sold it when they divested after the deal.