Monday, May 4, 2009

Layoff chatter

A reader wonders what people are hearing about possible layoffs:
I am curious if anyone has heard any chatter on possible layoffs given MNI first qtr was bad and the comments about April not being good leads me to believe that plans will soon be in motion to find additional expense cuts over the next few weeks.



Anonymous said...


Robert Gibbs: No bailout for newspapers

Asked in his Monday briefing if the White House would consider bailing out the newspaper business, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters the government may not have the power to reverse the industry’s decline.

“I don’t know what, in all honesty, government can do about it,” Gibbs said in response to a question about the Boston Globe’s financial struggles.

Noting that it's a "bit of a tricky area to get into," given the relationship between the White House and the media, Gibbs said President Barack Obama “believes there has to be a strong free press" and expressed "concern and sadness" over the state of the industry.

But Gibbs wasn’t just sympathetic —he also twisted the knife a little,

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine waiting a whole day to read propaganda slanted “history” in a greasy paper that turns your fingers black and smells like petroleum.

Truly, newspapers are a huge cost to the environment and should be banned. Think of the CO2 we could prevent from the logging, trucking, VOC emmissions from printing, reporters driving all over the place to slander conservatives, etc...

Anonymous said...

This site really opened my eyes to the political views of a lot of poeope. Really the nasty side of folks and the ignorance of the masses.

I wanted to thank McClatchy Watch for being informative about a lot of the goings on in the newspaper business. I have decided however to stop comming here. i have never met anyone that talks like the folks that post here in person. Why is that?

If any of you newspaper employees know of another blog that is less political in nature and is focused on the newspaper business please post a link.

The personal agenda of this site is cleare and transparent. I could care less about the far right or left and just want to discuss the newspaper business.

Anonymous said...

Well those first 2 posts are the typical rantings and immature rantings this this site is becoming so accustomed so keeping in accordance with what this moderator requested of me last week, here is a real answer.

Here at the FWST I'm hearing that the first week of June will be another cut. The publisher sent out a blanket E-mail to the staff asking for ideas as to how we can further reduce expenses.

Now Mr. Moderator, is that a better response as opposed to me villifying those ranting on like little children who offer no real substance? I only strive to meet your high requirements of what you expect your minions to type.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one other thing, i normally here about layoffs before it is posted here, i have heard nothing on my end.

I would like to share a link for those on here whom really love posting on politics. These post are almost a mirror of some of the post i have read on this other site.

you may need a comcast account to post.

have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm also hearing about June layoffs, probably companywide.

Anonymous said...

11:55 good bye for, what is this now, the 6th time today?

Anonymous said...

I really have to wonder if these lefties LEAVING AGAIN can read? Once again, the opening paragraph describes what this blog is about:
McClatchy Watch
“This blog is mainly about the spectacular train wreck at The Sacramento Bee and its parent company, the McClatchy Company. But I also [post about current events,] [the Iraq war,] [politics,] and [anything else that interests me.] Take a look around this blog, I hope you enjoy it.”
Now what part of that is not understandable? To come here and demand just what you want, is childish. Most of us were here before you found us, and will be here until Gary Pruitt bites the dust, or when McC W decides to stop. The part about posters talking ugly, you don’t see the trolls that are weasels, as liberals? Who do you think slimes our host? Get real! Geeez!

Anonymous said...

-Baltimore Sun fires reporters during baseball game-
"Tough times in the newspaper biz,” wrote the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett as an aside during his inning-by-inning update from the game. “Two writers for the Baltimore Sun in the press box here got the news - by phone, during the game - that they had been laid off in the latest round of cost-cutting. Stay classy, Baltimore Sun management.”

Plunkett subsequently updated his comments, adding that another reporter and a photographer had also been axed in the same way."
What possible reason could there be do fire these reporters in this manner?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:55 says: "i have never met anyone that talks like the folks that post here in person. Why is that?"
Answer: Because you'd get fired or demoted at a McClatchy paper. It's intolerant of moderate and conservative views. Many of us think this way. That should answer your question.

McClatchy Watch said...

Every few months a couple of trolls prance around in the comments section, say they have had it with this blog after months of reading it, and announce they are leaving for good.

Then a few weeks later somebody posts almost-identical remarks, pointing out this blog used to have so much better information but has turned into nothing but political ranting, blah blah blah.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Nick said...

The KC Star will do one last round of firings/layoffs sometime in June.

After that, word is they will go completely digital by physical year end.

Anonymous said...

so now McClatchy watch is mentioning layoffs to get some folks to come back so you can rack up hits eh?

Prety sad, but expected from the low life Right Wingers that come here.

If i were you (employees) i would question anything that comes from this site. The folks here hate you and will not listen to reason nor listen at all. They are only interested in sending a message. They do care if you lose your job, they want it, want you to suffer.

Anonymous said...

12:56 PM Are you a shut in or a bored prison inmate?

Anonymous said...


New York Times set to increase price (from $1.50 to $2.00 and $5 to $6 Sundays)

The New York Times is expected to announce a newsstand price increase for its flagship newspaper early next week as it races to shore up liquidity amid industry-wide falls in advertising revenues and circulation.


Wholesalers expect the New York Times to increase its price from $1.50 to $2.00 for Monday to Saturday editions and from $5 to $6on Sundays. A spokeswoman declined to comment.

Recent sales figures suggest the price rises could generate an incremental $40m a year, according to one industry source, although price increases have dented circulation at some newspapers.

The New York Times has strengthened its balance sheet by taking a high interest loan from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who was the subject of a glowing tribute in the latest edition of Time magazine by Arthur Sulzberger Jr, the New York Times’ chairman and publisher.

The latest test of newspapers’ pricing power comes after steep falls in circulation for the leading US news titles during the six-months to March. The New York Times’ weekday circulation fell 3.6per cent, beating a sector-wide 7.1 per cent slump, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It was not clear if price increases would be implemented for subscribers.

The New York Times raised the cover price of its Monday to Saturday editions by 25 cents to $1.50 last year, and its strategy reflects similar moves by other newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, owned by News Corp, and the Financial Times, owned by Pearson.

Anonymous said...

1:02 PM You have to love these leftist propaganda sheets. Every time they raise their prices they justify it by noting that a real newspaper like the WSJ did it.

Anonymous said...

I love it, $20 bucks a week for at best, day old news.

Did Pulitzer Prize winning economist Paul Krugman come up with this idea?

$6 for getting a very pricey crossword puzzle. But speaking of, what’s a four letter word starting with “D” and ending with “D” meaning “ceasing to exist”?

Pg1News said...

I heard the same KC Star rumor as Nick ... layoffs in June, 100% digital by Dec. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rumor/update!

100% digital by Dec. 2009. = Irrelevancy. AMEN!

Think Again said...

12:56 PM

I do question EVERY site I go to. But so far the layoffs that have been predicted here (as well as the 5% paycut nicks and 401(k) dematching status) have proven to be right on the mark.

John Altevogt said...

From what I'm hearing, newspapers that go digital become just another website. The actual print edition is the legitimizing factor that sets them apart from being just another blog.

Anonymous said...


Again, thank you for your insight.

"From what I'm hearing, newspapers that go digital become just another website."

With led me to my new MNI catch phrase of...

MNI 100% digital 12/2009.= Irrelevancy

Anonymous said...

Whackjob says, “This site really opened my eyes to the political views of a lot of poeope. Really the nasty side of folks and the ignorance of the masses.”
Amazing, this one site opened your eyes, when years of biased, mean reporting did not, amazing! I guess you missed all the sweet things the press said about Gov. Palin? Hypocrite, take yourself to The Daily Kos, the sweetness there will amaze you anew. Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

A few people will be trickling out over the next couple of months (and some may coincidentally be in JUNE) but they have already been counted as part of prior reduction plans. No new layoffs in the planning stages as of now.

True a lot of papers missed their numbers in April and everyone has been looking for additional savings/revenue but they are trying to find that without cutting any more people.

Of course they might push the panic button later but no one knows what the hell is left to cut?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I still enjoy your site. Part of the reason? You attract some serious whacked-out, right-wing psycho, nut jobs. I think their comments are funny to read. They're so pathetic it makes the troubles some of us left in the newspaper business face seem quite trivial. So keep up the good work and you freaky rwwopnj's keep those comments comin', you're killing me. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The leftists that keep saying they are leaving, remind me of a kid that threatens to run away from home. “I’m leaving, I’m going out the door, I’m on the porch, I’m down the sidewalk,….. I’m back, I think I’ll run away from home tomorrow.
Spare us, and get the hell on out the door, and don’t let it slam you in the ass on your way out.

Anonymous said...

These same liberal trolls think Obama is God and think Michelle Obama is pretty.


Anonymous said...

Brooks Brothers left this site and never came back... can't imagine why.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing June for the last two months...

Anonymous said...

Pathetic soul says, “i have never met anyone that talks like the folks that post here in person. Why is that?”
Man, your upcoming tour in the real world is going to be a jolt! Unless you are 12 years old, you are lying. Besides, I would be hard pressed to judge the different opinions voiced at this blog as belonging to any one group. I enjoy the back and forth comments. Not everyone has to be a debater to express their opinions. Get off your high horse, I like the rough and tumble a lot better than your phony lies.

Anonymous said...

To those who are tired of the "noise"... stick around. Do what I do, ignore them. Scan the site for useful, funny anti Bee insider info and gossip.

Much of the lay offs at the Sacramento Bee have been staggered to make sure that no department gets hit too hard. Basically they needed to keep some folks around to train those left behind.

Most all who work in Circulation at the Sac Bee are out on June 1st as the Centers go to Distribitorships.

Anonymous said...

Leftie trolls prancing! What a great image. It's made even funnier knowing that they are rapidly losing their monopoly on the news.

Anonymous said...

KC Star rumor about going 100% digital makes no sense because digital MAKES NO MONEY! Pathetic as you may think it is, the print newspaper is the revenue engine -- probably about 75% of what is coming in including adv and circ revenue.

Anonymous said...

I know, digital means irrelevancy.

That's why I am so, so EXCITED

Anonymous said...

***Leftie trolls prancing! What a great image. It's made even funnier knowing that they are rapidly losing their monopoly on the news.***

Huh? Faux News and AM talk radio are "leftie"?

Anonymous said...

No, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, McClatchy, Lee, Belo, Gannett, Al-Jazeera etc. are the liberal media.