Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sacramento Bee trying to improve comments section

Personal attacks, vulgarities, rudeness and just plain boorish behavior in the Bee's comments section. The Bee is figuring out what to do about it.

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Anonymous said...

So what’s their brilliant idea? Let me guess. Close down the site, let only liberals post, or go bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

We should let whiners post like they do on here. Or at least the first post on this subject.

John Altevogt said...

Uh, get rid of the liberals? That would pretty well do it here.

Anonymous said...

I have see some pretty disgusting comments from just about every political point of view on newspaper comment sections.

However I have never seen one that hurt me in any way. They might have pissed me off but, when I checked, I still had two arms and two legs and no great physical injuries.

Just remember these are your neighbors, your co-workers and the reason we celebrate revolting Americans on July 4th.

Anonymous said...

Viewers Doing A 180 On anderson cooper's '360'

Kay Jones, a producer on CNN's Anderson Cooper's "AC360," recently blogged on the show's website that she "deserve[s] the month of May off." Well, she might as well take it because Cooper's fan base is doing just that already.

Cooper's ratings have been in a sharp decline all year, and so far the month of May is no exception. According to Nielsen, the audience for the 10-11 p.m. hour of his show so far this month is 933,000 viewers.

This is the first time he's fallen below the one-million mark since the dog days of last August.

Anderson is losing almost 20% of his lead-in from Larry King and is in danger of being passed in the ratings by MSNBC's 10 p.m. repeat of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."

Since the start of 2009, Cooper has lost one-third of his audience.

CNN has invested heavily into marketing Cooper as the face of the network. The hype has never really translated into commercial success, and now that MSNBC is suddenly competitive, CNN finds itself being flanked on the right and the left.

Anonymous said...

He looks gay.

Pale and gay.

Nice fellow though. A little sniffy, a bit disdainful and contemptuous of everyone who isn’t Cooper. But why should that be a problem? Certainly not in his world.

OK, he’s obnoxious. but with very elegant manners. That HAS TO count for something.

Anonymous said...

Easy Solution....charge everyone who comments 25 cents. Problem solved!!

Anonymous said...

The liberal nutjobs at the Bee idea of "improving" the comments section is removing any conservative and anti-Obama, anti-Democrat comments.

Anonymous said...

Censorship seems to be the driving force. They don't want to hear anything anti illegals, gays, progressives, etc. If you've read these forums the comments are the best thing on the site! Another Bee attempt to shoot itself in the foot.

From the Right Coast said...

From the East coast, and another failing McClatchy paper, the Beaufort Gazette made a similar run at reader censorship. At one time they had an open policy on readers' comments, until they decided they really didn't like what readers were saying. Especially during an election when their favored candidates were being tagged. The heavy hand of censorship came down and shut down the entire comment section. Under the guise of being fair, the comment section was later opened back up - after the election. The editorial staff was known to remove any comments that they did not like while leaving other vulgar, racist, and offensive comments up. And now they wonder why they are following other McClatchy papers down the crapper ...
The tactic worked as most people stopped leaving comments knowing that they would pass through the censorship gestapo of the editorial staff.

Anonymous said...

Another bumbling idea by the Bee to drop its daily traffic on the Web. These guys are laughable.