Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Anonymous said...


Does a Leftist’s Lies Matter? Pelosi-nocchio Says no Way!
Canada Free Press

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has made of herself only one of two things over the “torture” issue, and neither of those things is good. She is either a liar, or an utterly disgraceful incompetent of no principles whatever.

As report after report is revealed of what and when the Speaker of the House knew about the so-called torture of prisoners held by the Bush administration, at least one fact is becoming crystal clear. She and other members of Congress did, indeed, know of what was going on when it was going on.

Paul Kane of the Washington Post is only the latest to show that Congress was made well aware of the treatment that Bush officials had directed to be carried out on terroist prisoners. In his May 9 report, Kane tells us that Michael Sheehy, Pelosi’s top aid, had attended a 2003 White House briefing where the waterboarding of al Qaeda suspects was discussed. Also in that meeting was the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee Representative, Jane Harmon (R, CA), who afterward sent a letter of protest to the Bush administration over the situation. Pelosi has admitted that she was aware of that letter.

Yet, all this time, as she has ginned up the country to attack President Bush over “harsh interrogations” and his supposed criminal “secrecy,” Pelosi has claimed she was never told that these techniques were in use.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Left always so adamant about the separation between government and religion, yet fears no such separation between government and the media?

Anonymous said...

Saudi judge says slapping wife for overspending is ok AFP via

A SAUDI judge has told a seminar on domestic violence that it is okay for a man to slap his wife for lavish spending, a local newspaper has reported.

Jeddah judge Hamad al-Razine gave the example of overspending to buy a high-end abaya, the head-to toe black shroud Saudi women have to wear in public, as justifying a smack for one's wife, Arab News said.

”If a person gives 1,200 riyals ($423.50) to his wife and she spends 900 riyals ($317.65) to purchase an abaya from a brand shop, and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment,” he said.

John Altevogt said...

8:10 If that's supposed to be an example of the dread decisions that will occur if we actually return to the original intent of the Constitution in this country, it falls flat.

We could sit here an list idiotic decision after idiotic decision that have been handed down by left wing judges in this country than have cost far more damage than your silly example from Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country.

One thinks, for instance, of the decisions in Kansas City that destroyed the school system, drove hordes of residents to the suburbs, lowering the quality of life for all citizens. Ironically, the only journalist I know of stupid enough to support the court's decisions was Art Brisbane former KC Star publisher and River Club restroom attendant.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia a hoax? A manipulated information source?

@Poynter Online
Hoax Leads to Questions about Journalists' Use of Wikipedia

A 22-year-old student in Dublin, Ireland, recently set up a Wikipedia hoax that led several major United Kingdom news outlets to publish a fake quote after they used the socially-curated encyclopedia site to get information about French composer Maurice Jarre, who died in March. The hoax was left unnoticed for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Old media associations decline as Online news association posts 30% growth.
“Journalism Associations Forced to Re-examine Role as Membership Declines…

Membership has dropped by as much as 20 percent,…

The only organization that reported an increase is the Online News Association (ONA), which has seen membership grow by a third in the last year and has sold out its last two conventions.”