Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's the real story about the Kansas City Star's new magazine for moms?

Hearne Christopher says the Kansas City Star has launched a new magazine for moms, called "M".

Hearne got word that some folks at the Star weren't happy that the Star hired an outside editor.

"But a lot of us are a little bit upset because we cut so many jobs in editorial, but we hired outside for an editor for that," Hearne quotes one staffer as saying.

But a little Google search shows there is a magazine for moms called "M" in the San Francisco bay area. It's for moms. Click here for the web site.

From their web site, here is what is the bay area "M" is all about:

M is smart and practical with information and expert advice on family and relationships, health & fitness, and childhood education and development. M is sassy and edgy with stories, opinions, and perspectives from every mom’s point of view. M is stylish and sophisticated with tips on beauty, fashion, food, and entertaining. M is all about you.

Maybe it's just a coincidence. But on the other hand, maybe the reason the Star is using an outside editor is because there is already an editor in the bay area. Would the Star piggy back off another "M" magazine for moms? We'll find out the real story soon enough; Hearne says he'll have more later.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a combo of that failed McClatchy magazine with the article of journalistic excellence, "Who'd you like to EFF, and the TV series Desperate House Wives.

Also, what better place than the bay area for McClatchy to emulate family values.

SOunds like a real McClatchy investigative reporting winner!

Anonymous said...

Motherhood, San Francisco style. Ewwwww

Anonymous said...

I heard that they have either hired, or re-purposed someone to be the in-house editor for this.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco Moms?

Pg1News said...

It's 99% advertorial. I received a free issue in the mail. It was a thin, glossy rag that screamed "niche me, please!"

Anonymous said...

-But on the other hand, maybe the reason the Star is using an outside editor is because there is already an editor in the bay area-

There is a bay in Kansas City?

Anyway, there has been bad blood between Targeted Publications and the newsroom since the dawn of time.

Anonymous said...

Just what KC needs, a seventh local publication for moms......get a clue McClatchy

Anonymous said...

Just picked up my free copy at the local gymnastics place. Must say I was highly disappointed. Same old information, just put on glossy paper. Nothing new, nothing different. I was hoping it was going to be an awesome source for me...but just the same recirculated stuff I've seen a hundred times in other free pubs. Bummer...I was hoping I'd love it.