Monday, June 15, 2009

Legal defense fund for Sarah Palin

A reader tipped me off that a legal defense fund has been set up to help Sarah Palin retire the $500,000 debt incurred for defending a slew of bogus ethics complaints filed against Palin by a handful of Palin-haters in Alaska. Conservatives4Palin, supporters of the Governor but not affiliated with the Governor, are conducting a webathon to raise money to help retire the debt.

The Alaska Fund Trust is the official Palin legal defense fund. Click here for more info or to donate.

More info at Conservatives4Palin. It's a worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Most of the trumped-up ethics complaints were from the same crazy with hatred, liberal Democrat. This is simple harassment for political gain, and of course the feeble ADN was happy to trumpet the complaints.

Actually, an ethics complaint is to remain private until it becomes something more than a election ploy. The deranged Democrat leaked the complaint to the paper, and then cried ignorance of the law. The unhinged Democrat leaking the complaint was one thing, but a newspaper not complying with a known law is quite another.

After the complaints were dismissed, if these insane misfits had to foot the legal bills, this sort of political underhandedness would cease. It is ridiculous that a sicko could cost Gov. Palin and the citizens of Alaska so much money.

The corrupt media is a willing partner in destroying anyone that threatens their chosen candidates. If nothing else, watching the ADN destroy itself, is a form of frontier justice.

Anonymous said...

Good deal. Now I have a good reason to sell the remaining shares of MNI that I keep on hand for gloating purposes.

I will donate that and re designate a couple of Journalism contributions to make up for what this industry has become.

Anonymous said...

The ADN should have been rummaging through the dumpster of the unhinged Democrat that brought the charges. Their biased reporting and zeal to elect the Fraud King were unparalleled in election politics, to my knowledge. Lock the door on these maggots, but keep them inside away from normal people, if you don’t mind.

Anonymous said...

Letterman, the dirt bag, says he is sorry he was misunderstood? Will air tonight.

Letterman re-addresses Palin: 'I had no idea [Willow] was there'
David Letterman re-addressed the controversy surrounding his jokes about Sarah Palin's family during the taping of CBS' "Late Show" on Monday.

Read his ridiculous comments @

Anonymous said...

Palin lovers unite! I would give money to a defense fund to keep Palin and her slut daughter from exposing their tawdry, inane selves to the American public. God save America from pigs with lipstick.

Anonymous said...

5:55 PM

And I would give money to find out exactly who you are so you and your tawdry family can can experience the same treatment.

Jennyinoz said...

Anon at 5.55pm What a surprise!

Seems David Lettermen is not the scummiest of scumbags after all. At least he puts his name to the sexists drivel that he spews. Cowards one and all!!

Anonymous said...

Letterman lost sponsors because of his stupidity. Those e-mails did work. That is why he is apologizing, and anyone that thinks he had some second thoughts about demeaning young girls is a hopeless liberal. Letterman is a sexist scumbag, or worse!

Anonymous said...

Giving yourself an anonyms moniker is not exactly putting your name on a post. It is more like a lame excuse for remaining anonyms while you can cast aspersions on others that simply choose Anonymous, and that in reality they are one and the same. Give me a freakin break.

Signed: Jilbil, no wait, Shoptalk, no wait, Bill S, no wait, John Doe, no wait, Colby B., no wait, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

There is a post that one of the Letterman sponsors sent replies to every email. They assured everyone that they did not condone attacks on young woman, and the Governor of any state. Letterman is permanently wounded as an entertainer. He has become a sour old man, and dementia seems to be overtaking him. It makes me wonder who finds this sort of sexist comedy entertaining? It says a lot about where some people are headed.

Anonymous said...

Idiots one and all.
Letterman is still going to be rich. He will take his money to the bank.
And truth be known, he could give a rat's a$# about you four.
Or for that matter the Palin "clan", who keep growing by the minute. They will fade into oblivion and be a minor footnote of the 21st century...kind of a "freak show" thing.

John Altevogt said...

Uh 6:56 they got the last laugh on you. Letterman weanied out and apologized without condition to the entire Palin clan. These 4 and many more like them writing to cBS brought Mr. Rich Guy to his senses.

Just like these same 4 guys and millions more like them have abandoned reading those antiquated things called newspapers. So laugh about that while you're applying for your next gig as a bank clerk, or taxi driver.

Anonymous said...

......or a washed up, bitter realtor, who had dreams of internet grandeur, kinda like you Johnnie boy. I dare say instead of dissing bank clerk's and taxi driver's you should look back at your own sad life as a purveyor of racist, homophobic rants.

Anonymous said...

Willow may not be a slut now but just wait a few years.