Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

"Furlough"...It's Just Another Word For "Pay Cut"

The Business Insider

Another reason the "jobs" numbers aren't telling the whole story about our deteriorating labor market. Read » At first, the idea of a "furlough" strikes many employees as cool. Instead of getting fired, they get...three-day weekends! The reality, however, is that many furloughed employees feel like they should spend the whole day (or days) working--because their employers are so stretched that there's just no other way to get the work done. So they work as much as they used to, and they get paid less to do it. As furloughs become a more popular way for employers to cut costs,...

Anonymous said...

New Obama trinket for sale:
Bumper sticker:

Obama Lied the Economy Died

Perhaps a new Herr Trinket ‘shot in the arm’ for sales?.

Anonymous said...

Furlough's just another word for nothing left to loose

Nothing, and that's all that Obama left me, yeah
But feeling good was easy Lord when he sang about the hope

Hey feeling good was good enough for me, hmm-mm
Good enough for me and every other dope.

Anonymous said...

Star-Ledger editor: Downturn "came with a ferocity and speed we did not see coming"

Jim Willse told a Princeton audience that the Star-Ledger lost half its ad revenue in the past two years. "There is not a business on the face of the earth that can survive that kind of hit," he said, adding that he believes his paper will emerge from the painful cutbacks.
@ Romenesko

Anonymous said...

-"WP on its worst days remains better than most metro papers on their best days"-

Washington Post

That's what Post ombud Andrew Alexander writes. He surveyed the paper's staff and "the feedback I received suggests that staff morale is low but that commitment remains high. There's anxiety, but immense pride. Most view the changes as painful but necessary. Some say they're overdue. I agree."

Anonymous said...

I heard from a reliable source that the Modesto Bee building sale is being postponed perhaps until the end of the year. The Modesto Jr. College is supposed to buy it and lease back office space to MoBee. So now what are they gonna do? 'Cmon Eric think fast.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sales, what is the deadline on the Parking Lot sale in Miami? Wasn't it June 15th?

Anonymous said...

Dear Journalism Students: Do You See Something the Journalism Industry Doesn’t?
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So this begs a few questions from me to students:
1) Do you believe successful careers in journalism are still possible?
2) Do you have plans for supporting yourself on the salary of a journalist?
3) Are you ignoring the lack of money in the journalism industry? Do you care?
4) Why are you going into journalism?


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Anonymous said...

Re: Parking Lot sale in Miami

Perhaps McClatchy is trying to hide a dead deal for as long as they can?