Thursday, June 11, 2009

Publication that owes the Kansas City Star $2.2 million files for bankruptcy

Looks like The Kansas City Star is going to have a tough time collecting on the $2.2 million it is owed by RiseUp.

RiseUp Publications LLC, which had a short-lived attempt to publish a magazine on race relations, has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

The magazine was created by Janice S. and E. Frank Ellis to be an insert in major daily newspapers, including The Kansas City Star.

The Kansas City Star previously sued RiseUp, claiming it was owed $2.2 million for printing the magazine, which appeared for only six weeks last year.

The RiseUp bankruptcy petition, filed Wednesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Missouri, lists liabilities between $1 million and $10 million and assets of less than $50,000.

The filing said there are fewer than 50 creditors and that the debtor estimates there will be no funds available for unsecured creditors.

Photo credit: AP/Day Life

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John Altevogt said...

Yet another gift to The Star from Zieman/Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Rise Up was formed to make white people feel guilty if they didn’t vote for the half white/half black teleprompter man. The whole idea of a magazine on race relations prior to an election involving a mixed race candidate was very transparent. That is why the Scar was so easily taken in. They wanted to continue the perverse biasness of their journalists in another forum. So, the last laugh is on Zieman, he helped Obama, but being in-the-tank for Obama will cost him his job. There is something poetic about that.

Anonymous said...

Obama choosing in which state to be white, and which state to be black was hilarious. Odd he stayed only black in the media reporting. Odder still, is that the blacks refuse to admit he is half-white. Of course, as he goes down the tubes, I won’t admit he is half-white either. Fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

Lokeman probably talked Zieman into trusting Ellis for the money. Somehow she fooled him into fronting for her bogus column all those years. However, 2.2 million must have been a lot of missed payments. I would like to know how that steep of a debt was accumulated. That sort of poor money management seems reason enough to fire somebody. Zieman is a whackjob, a pure and simple whackjob, and just the sort of person McClatchy seems to attract.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Hope and Change is doing wonders for the ethnic media. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised Soros and the DNC didn't pay their bills. Ellis isn't smart enough to think of this election propaganda on her own. The KC Scar is left holding the bag, so sad. NOT!

Anonymous said...

"The Kansas City Star is going to have a tough time collecting on the"

Maybe, maybe not-

"According to The Star’s counterclaim, The Star and RiseUp signed the printing agreement on May 12, 2009, and the distribution agreement on June 19. Before that, both Ellises had signed agreements personally guaranteeing payment to The Star, the counterclaim states.