Thursday, June 11, 2009

Report: some newspaper salaries went up in 2009

Newspaper wages increased an average 2.1% from 2008 to 2009, according to a survey by the Inland Press Association. Click here for the story.

Some highlights:
  • Interactive producers had a 13% increase
  • Positions focused on new and alternative business development saw a 5% increase
  • Beginning reporters and editorial page editors had no increase
The lesson: go interactive, young man!


Anonymous said...

Even a bigger and more important lesson, don't follow this path at all.

Anonymous said...

I hope Anchorage Daily News VP Pat Daugherty was one of those who got a raise.
It's not easy handing out notices to underlings informing them their pay has been cut.
Or calling people at home on a Sunday to tell them to attend an important meeting in the office Monday, where you tell them they've been laid off.
Anyone man enough to do such a dirty job deserves more money.
It's only a shame he won't get to keep the fancy upstairs office when the building is sold.
The guy has given his all to Alaska journalism since way back when he was called an "editor."

Anonymous said...

Better get the Pay Czar on this one.

God I never thought the US would sink to this level.

Anonymous said...

I know a manager in advertising at the Tri-City Herald that made 86K last year. WOW. No wonder they are losing money.