Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Seglin: Why journalists shouldn't write for free
"Your work has value," says Jeffrey Seglin. "If you start giving it away for free, then it diminishes that value and makes it harder for others to charge for their work as well." The obvious question for Seglin: Did pay you for this essay?
@ Poynter Online

McClatchy Watch said...

Link to the Seglin article here.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Bulletin ceases publication
By Robert Moran
Inquirer Staff Writer

Posted on Tue, Jun. 2, 2009
Around 4:15 p.m., about 25 employees were called together at the newspaper’s office at 1500 Walnut St. They were told by publisher Thomas G. Rice that the paper could no longer afford to operate, employees said. Yesterday’s issue was the last.

Meredith Cunningham, 24, who laid out sports pages, said the staff had not been paid on time for several months. Employees were not paid last week, Cunningham said.

Anonymous said...

You know you're in a dying industry when all roads point to collusion and leveraged extortion.

Jeffery never even considers the thought that they might try offering quality, objective and useful information. No, no, no, you must accept our slanted, agenda driven propaganda as it is and you must be forced to pay for our work.

The Wall Street Journal is living proof that the old concept of value, integrity and absolute objectivity will pay incredible dividends.

If you write something worth reading and do it consistently, people will pay. Otherwise, they'll glance at it if they don't have anything else to do and then allow the puppy to shit on it.

Anonymous said...

NYT Admits Errors in Its
A1 Gitmo 'Recidivism' Story

The New York Times has published an Editors' Note that in essence says its front-page story on Guantanamo recidivism written by Elisabeth Bumiller was not accurate in saying that one of seven Gitmo detainees who have been releases have returned to terrorist activities.

Times Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet told TPMmuckraker that it wouldn't have been a Page 1 story if the paper realized the errors that it contained. "It's something that we thought we needed to explain to readers to amplify the story and to correct something we got wrong," Baquet told the website. Given the factual errors, "I'm not sure it would have led the paper" but still believes that the piece was "a legitimate news story.
Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anonymous said...

///you must accept our slanted, agenda driven propaganda ///

That's your opinion, which doesn't mean that it's based on objective facts.

Anonymous said...

That's your opinion, which doesn't mean that it's based on objective facts.

No, it's his money and he does not have to spend it on what, in his opinion, is biased and slanted news.

Big difference, but not being able to see the difference is why the newspapers are doing the full buggy whip in four four time.

John Altevogt said...

10:29 Funny and ever so accurate. Post of the day, hands down.

Anonymous said...

10:29 AM Thank you, I couldn't have said it better. I am off now to download the latest Wall Street Journal broadcasts to my IPOD. What a surprise to find that they have that added value!

Anonymous said...

Observations from a first year journalist: “Learning so many lessons and becoming jaded at the same time.”

“Creeping toward my first full year at my first “real” job and I’ve never been so incredibly unhappy. I came here as a hard worker, willing to put in the hours to get a good story and get it done well. I feel as though my soul has been sucked out of me thanks to my fellow co-workers. The level of laziness around here is amazing, and now it’s gotten into my system.

Motivation is difficult when I don’t get the support concerning certain story ideas. Learning so many lessons and becoming jaded at the same time.”

Anonymous said...

On Ace of Spades Friday, a story by the LA Times about a new term "funemployment" was commented on. The story was about the young newly jobless in no hurry to get back to work.

"Oh. My. God: LAT Times Finds the Fun in Unemployment, Coining the Term (and I'm Not Kidding) "Funemployment"

"The Rhetorican wonders what's next-- funflation?"

AoS's Gabriel had this priceless comment about the article;

"Really, LAT. You've broken the axle, now you're just grinding steel."

Anonymous said...

PS - the link to AoS post about the bizarre LA Times "Funemployment" story

Anonymous said...

Obama Uses Food Taster in Paris!