Friday, July 17, 2009

Anchorage Daily News links to left-wing Huffington Post for "news" item on Sarah Palin

Anybody want to claim the Anchorage Daily News is an objective news source? Joseph Russo has the latest:

Just when you thought the ADN couldn't get any worse in their coverage of Governor Palin, they link to the Huffington Post.

What will the ADN do when the lower 48 stops following them on a daily basis?



Anonymous said...

That lays to rest for even the most ardent leftist that the pretense of objectivity is dead at McClatchy. Not that it wasn't already, but there won't be anyone pretending anymore.

I wonder if the Huffington Post is paying them a distribution fee?

Anonymous said...

Your Blog has now desensitized me to almost any and all McClatchy/ DNC daisy chains.

I now fully expect no less from any McClatchy paper, but specifically from Alaska.

Had Alaska linked to a conservative paper, I would be shocked and think of it as a one time event to perhaps gain some market share from the right.