Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At least they're not hawking Obama merchandise...

Jeff Taylor notices tee-shirt company Snorg Tees, which sells some shirts with messages that might push the limits with some subscribers, is advertising in the Charlotte Observer.

Nothing wildly offensive, but more than a few notions that might conflict with the do-good values of the Dilworth liberal set the paper normally tries to please....

... I am curious how this call to alcohol use and abuse squares with the paper’s Mission Possible effort, as every study of social dysfunction and need for the past 40 years has identified alcohol abuse as prime component of family breakdown and social decay.

Click here for details.

If you ask me, the Observer is better off advertising Snorg Tees than Obama photos, Obama mouse pads, Obama mugs, and Obama tee-shirts.




Anonymous said...

It's called remnant advertising, dumbass. The Snorg Tees ads run on thousands of sites.

I can't believe this is an issue, even for a retard like you.

Anonymous said...

Please delete the 9:05 comment, it is an abusive attack without merit. An opinion can be made without the troll-speak. I feel sorry for these whackjob posters.

Kevin Gregory said...

10:37 -- I saw the comment earlier and decided to leave it up.

The comment is a good exhibit on what the disruptive trolls are all about.

Anonymous said...

It IS remnant advertising. Why is the comment from 9:05 "abusive"?I generally enjoy this website but there have been some ridiculously stupid comments lately....

Obviously this is a national ad campaign... check all of the OTHER McClatchy websites and you will see this ad (and others) running there too.

Anonymous said...

Funny that 905 gets called to be taken down when this comment made a few days ago stays up with no complaints. A good exhibit of the thinking on this blog.

It doesn't. It automatically follows that someone who makes phony accusations, constantly whines and cries about being a victim of racism, bigotry, sexism or prejudice while practicing the very same behavior is automatically a liberal.

It is the essence of your existence, your weapon of choice, and tool of last resort when someone doesn't agree with your ideology or twisted sense of superior intellect while sporting an inferior position.

Then again, it's better than just saying, "Wah, my p(**y hurts."



JAT said...

Anon -- Not sure how this being a national, remnant campaign gets any of the geniuses at MNI corp or down on Tryon St. off the hook.

IF you fire or run-off via insane work policies implemented by a publisher who is certain she is an ad wiz, all of your local ad talent and move to the syndicate model corp pushes (and which you dimly understand), how do you guard against these kinds of clashes with you avowed editorial stances?

If you lived in CLT -- do you live in CLT? -- you'd immediately grasp just what a mismatch Snorg Tees is for TCO.

Now, end of the world? No. dogs and cats lving together? Doubful.

More proof that MNI does not have a clue what it is doing? You bet, bub.

Rizzo said...

Did you say Obama?