Monday, July 13, 2009

Be like

Should newspaper web sites be like

Chas Hartman at Scooping the News thinks so. (How can you argue with the success of the most-visited news site on the Internet?)

Looking at the site, it's obvious they've decided to keep Rachel Maddow on the TV side -- which might the explain high readership at the Internet news site.

By the way, Chas Hartman says the Lexington Herald-Leader needs a major Web site redesign.


Anonymous said...


Since Fox (Faux news to others)beats them all hands down), I guess the message is, come join us "teabaggers", global warming phonies, bizzare bias American hating news, and create an ideal world of socialism that tries to rewrite American history every day?

Oh, and we just love Castro,
N Korea and Che too. So join us won't you?

McClatchy already has...and how's that working out for you? .40 cent stock price?

Anonymous said...

I have bad news. We at MSNBC patterned ourselves after print media websites. How are you going to be more like us?