Friday, July 10, 2009

New Hampshire newspaper abruptly folds

I think stories like this are going to accelerate.

The publisher of the The Eagle Times, a 6 day a week newspaper in New Hampshire, told employees in a Thursday memo the paper would close its doors Friday.

"We did our best to continue the operations, but the economy and the changes in the newspaper industry have made it impossible to continue this business," the memo reads. He thanked the workers for their support over the years.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, another Melanie "It's that darn economy" excuses eh!

Another lib paper down the toilet. So, so sad, (sarc. off)

Anonymous said...

I can’t believe the treatment of these employees. One day’s notice of closing is inhumane. There must have been more communication than this article indicates. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the end, liquidation, no hope? In comments, there is a post by the Operations Director for the Eagle Times. It is touching if you have the time.

And, this was cool, blaming the community, “…the only time you really read it [The Eagle Times] was when nothing else was within reach of the toilet.”

Anonymous said...

If you read the comments, it sounds as if the employees were taken by surprise. It is difficult to believe that, really it is.