Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin resigns

I don't understand why Palin would resign before her term is up. Once she announces her future plans, maybe it will make sense. Read her press release here.

Accompanying the above AP photo is this caption:
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down from her position as Governor in Wasilla, Alaska on Friday July 3, 2009. The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the surprise announcement, saying she would step down July 26 but didn't announce her plans.

The incessant carping on Palin's family by the MSM and lefties must have been wearying. Friday afternoon she Twittered this: family's happy.


Anonymous said...

Spending 500k dollars of my own money defending myself from a crank who can spend 2 million dollars on phony ethics complaints for things such as holding a fish in a picture, or wearing a logo on my shirt would be reason enough for me. Never mind what I would do to a certain Newspaper editor for his part in the attacks on my children and family. That is just too ugly for words.

Hopefully, once she is no longer Governor, she can start suing these leftist scum for all they have.

Anonymous said...

It's a tragedy she and McCain lost the presidency. Once you get into the White House, no one ever makes personal attacks on you or your family. I'm pretty sure she was tough enough to lead America into victory against Iraq, Iran and China were she our commander in chief, but no one should ever be expected to withstand attacks against his/her children and wardrobe. That's just going too far.

T. D. said...

The Anchorage Daily News is really going to take a hit on this. Their website traffic was way up because of Palin. They even had a special link to click on for news about her. Imagine any other newspaper having a special link for news about their state's governor. It wouldn't even rise to the point of bringing a yawn in my state. But, Palin draws that kind of attention and will continue to do so. But, alas, not for ADN to cash in on.

And what will poor Sean Cockerham do now? Back to covering regular Alaska politicians who no one else in the country cares about. All that snide prose going to waste. What a come down.

Anonymous said...

Will this be another nail in the McClatchy coffin? Does this affect the paper much? If it does, then good bye and good riddance if the readership is strung along on the tid bits of Palin propaganda espoused by the "unbiased" tabloid known as the ADN.
Maybe Sara Palin is going to have an affair with Brad Pitt and then Jen will walk in on them...

Anonymous said...

Date Approval Disapproval
Nov, 2007 83% 11%
April 10, 2008 83% 7%
May 17, 2008 69% 9%
August 29,2008 64% 14%
October 7,2008 63% 37%
March 24, 2009 59.4 34.9%
May 5, 2009 54% 41.6%

Her approval ratings in Alaska show why she quit. Another four years in office and she would be under 50 per cent approval ratings. The people of Alaska were on to her game.

John Altevogt said...

Sorry, we've seen that before when the establishment media launches a hate campaign against some one. That her ratings are that high after the litany of hateful pieces written about her and her family, including suggesting that her 14 year old daughter be raped, it's a miracle she's still standing.

I have long been a student of the Holocaust and wondered how that could have happened in any country. However, the past few decades in this country have proven that it can happen anywhere.

Anonymous said...

So the treatment of Sarah Palin compares to the Holocaust?

You guys really do have an overdeveloped sense of victimization.

And I bet Chelsea Clinton (or Bush sisters for that matter)would laugh at your contention that the President's family gets left alone.

If Palin can't hack the nasty political environment out there (one that conservatives like Rush helped usher in), she's not presidential timber.

All this latest move showed is that when the going gets tough, Palin drops out and looks for something more interesting to do.

Anonymous said...

The woman is incompetent, quits and you wingnuts blabber on about a conspiracy and "poor little palin". give me a break. as someone commented on another site this morning the only person pulling for her to be president os georgie W. because if she won HE wouldn't o down as the dumbest commander in chief in the history of this great country. happy independence day!!!

H. Michael Sarkisian said...

Would one really want to compare the treatment of Chelsea Clinton to that of the Palin family? What a load of crap! Ms. Clinton was treated as a diva.

The attacks on Governor Palin were politically inspired and aided by a press that has double standards for Republicans and Democrats.

I suspect a reason for her resignation is to enable her to accept the book deal and paid speaking engagements to retire her legal bills.

It is certain that ADN and others would file some ethics charges for signing a book deal.

Anonymous said...

***Ms. Clinton was treated as a diva***

You certainly have a selective memory. What kind of people would insult a pre-teen girl's appearance?

H. Michael Sarkisian said...

Don't you just love the Anonymous posters who resort to name calling! I can't blame them for their posts reveal a lack of call and an inability to use their brains.

H. Michael Sarkisian said...

What MSM did that? One person, who immediately apologized for doing so, but news organiztions? Name one!

Anonymous said...

...That her ratings are that high after the litany of hateful pieces written about her and her family, including suggesting that her 14 year old daughter be raped,...

Who suggested that?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's straight talk:

Anonymous said...

Sarah's straight talk:

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that Palin has had her share of bad press. But com'n. Her share has not been any worse than anybody else who the leftist press dislikes.Palin is going back home to do what she does best....being a Mom. Anybody who votes for this woman again obviously lacks education and intelligence.Palin is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I hope the Republicans dump her once and for all.