Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Who wants yesterday's papers?..."

From comments:

The McClatchy/Titanic ship is sinking fast. The lifeboats are all spoken for already. Pruitt first, Yes-Men second, BOD third, and the other employees are free to find jetsam and flotsam to try and hold their heads above water.

Cue: The Rolling Stones music


Who wants yesterday's papers
Who wants yesterday's girl
Who wants yesterday's papers
Nobody in the world

Well it took a long time to know what I learned
I caused so much pain and so much hurt
After all this what have I achieved
I've realized it's time to leave

From 1966, here are the Stones:



Anonymous said...

Someone has way too much time their hands.

Anonymous said...

What a great and deep analysis. Full of good research. Keep up the good work - it seems the best what you can do with such a low IQ.

Anonymous said...

I see our little troll is alive and well. I worry about him. Sooner or later he is going to slip up and pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the viciousness of the truly tolerant and progressive liberals among us.

Anonymous said...

///Sweetheart/// where are your slants, I hardly knew ya?

Anonymous said...

Trust the leftist weasels that post here not to enjoy the perfect song for the failed McClatchy CEO who loves the Stones. No wonder everyone accuses the MSM of not being able to connect the dots about the fraud Obama.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that lefties can’t laugh at simple good humor? What a sour and dour bunch. Life must be so bleak for them, and deservedly so, it seems. The comments they make are getting weaker and weaker by the day as Obooma falls to the bottom, seeking his own level, one could say.

Anonymous said...

Re: “it seems the best what you can do with such a low IQ.”

Clearly you would be the best example of what you can do with a low IQ. Getting those first troll remarks on a blog still rates high with you I see.
Try this Rick Nelson song:
-Poor Little Fool-

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that lefties can’t laugh at simple good humor?"

Oh we can. All we have to do is watch your "Boys Gone Wild on Viagra"comedy. The govs of SC and Nevada and the Senator from Nevada are really following you Republicans "family" values. What a joke. I'm seriously ROTFLMAO.
The far right of the Republican party has become nothing but a joke. You guys are the ones who should worry, or maybe not since most of you hide in a dark room type typing away.....

Anonymous said...

1996? Brian still looks good nearly 30 years after drowning in that pool.

Kevin Gregory said...

7:41 -- typo fixed!

Anonymous said...

I hardly think it's fair to lump the Stones in with Pruitt's fiasco. Look at that band's track record. When their tours come to town, they immediately become the largest economy in any given state.

Just because Gary likes the band doesn't mean they like him.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to have fun at someone else's expense, at least make it funny.