Monday, August 31, 2009

McClatchy on the verge of announcing new publishers at 3 newspapers?

McClatchy should be ready to announce at least one new publisher at its chain of newspapers very soon, and if rumors I'm hearing hold true, the announcement could involve three publishers.

The publisher position at the Bellingham Herald has been vacant since Glen Nardi left to become publisher at the Sun Herald several weeks ago.

I am hearing a publisher at a McClatchy paper on the east coast is about to leave -- and rumor has it Pam Siddall from the Wichita Eagle will move to that paper.

If that rumor holds true, that will create an opening at Wichita.

Conceivably, we could be on the verge of a 3-way deal involving Bellingham, Wichita, and a paper on the east coast.

Sound crazy?

Sure, but it happened 2 years ago at McClatchy. And ironically, Pam Siddall was involved.

In November, 2007, McClatchy named three new publishers at its newspapers in Wichita, Columbus, and Rock Hill. Siddall went from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer to Wichita, Valerie Canepa replaced Siddall as publisher of the Ledger-Enquirer, and Debbie Abels moved to the The Herald in Rock Hill to replace Canepa.



Anonymous said...

Rumors around the Wichita Eagle is that Siddall will move to the Miami Herald and that Eagle editor Sherry Chisenhall will become publisher.

Anonymous said...

Any rumors concerning the current Miami Herald publisher if 10:42's rumor comes true?

John Altevogt said...

They drastically need a new (and honest) publisher in Kansas City. I'd even settle for a lib if he knew how to run a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

You need to get a dictionary. That is not irony. That is a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

The Hatchet lady already did her damage in Myrtle Beach and Macon. I guess she might be movin west.

Please leave before more of us get canned.

Anonymous said...

And Abels has done so well in Rock Hill. Moving down from Charlotte to Rock Hill really helped the attitude and overall mental well-being of the Herald. On top of that, someone needs to cut the strings on the puppet editor. If some other newspaper wants them both, they can have them. The newsroom would be a much happier place.

Anonymous said...

You can shift these clueless corporate clowns around but it won't make a damn bit of difference. They are just message boys and message girls pretending to be publishers and taking their cost-cutting orders from the same corporate cesspool known as headquarters in Sacramento. They even issue the same press releases with a few words changed here and there when announcing wage, benefit and job cuts.

Anonymous said...

10:20 PM You are correct

The long time publishers were never axe men or hatchet women.
I am surprised when I year about an axe man firing everybody, that was one of the best publishers we ever had.

They are hanging by a thread themselves and if they didn't do what boy blunder wants they would be next to go.

Anonymous said...

They even issue the same press releases with a few words changed here and there...


I do not agree with much that corporate does, but it's not fair to condemn local newspaper management for the similarity in news releases. These announcements are major corporate activities and it's necessary to have a UNIFIED MESSAGE for legal reasons. If some of the local publishers are as awful as MW says, I shudder to think of what would get said publicly if they wrote their own scripts.

Business 101 again, so often needed on this site.

Anonymous said...

If they really want to make a difference for the better, they'd hire publishers who will clean house on executive and managing editors who have presided over the deterioration of the product. But first, these new publishers would have to possess the smarts to know a bad newsroom boss and have the balls to blow most of these clowns out the door.

Anonymous said...

How do you know a bad publisher from a good one? The bad ones come in and rely on the advice of the current ad and news bosses. Then they keep these losers on the payroll once they promise loyalty. That's the recipe for rot from the inside.

Anonymous said...

I just heard a rumor that Pat Doyle publisher of Anchorage Daily News may be looking for a change?
Rumors are just that though.

Anonymous said...

Re: Business 101:

Intro to common sense: Each news paper market is unique. Some papers still making profits, others are losing a ton of money. So why would you want to kill the golden goose papers that are still highly profitable by hacking away at them by the same amount as the money losers. Short-term profits over long-term health of the company. Ex. GM in bankruptcy while Toyota becomes industry leader.

Anonymous said...

Intro to Business 101:

At least be honest about press releases. Have then come out of Boy Blunder Pru's office instead of having some nitwit "publisher" signing his name to them. THAT INSULTS the intelligence of the employees and is very condescending.