Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reporter/photographer wanted at community newspaper in Missouri

The Belton Star-Herald, a weekly community paper in Missouri, is looking for a reporter/photographer.

The Star-Herald, an award-winning weekly community newspaper in Belton, MO, has an immediate opening for a general assignment reporter/photographer.

We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking persons interested in gaining valuable experience in the community newspaper field. Duties include covering city and county government meetings along with a wide variety of general news and photo assignments as well as layout and design.


> Journalism degree or equivalent education/experience required, and

> must be familiar with layout and design using InDesign.

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Anonymous said...

Excactly how could experience in the entry level journalism field be valuable any more?
There are so many reporters ahead of you that are going to be working long after you are laid off. It's like getting a skill as a second assistant buggy whip manuracturer.
The only thing more dishonest is recruiting these kids into "Journalism School".

Anonymous said...

" It's like getting a skill as a second assistant buggy whip manuracturer." LMAO! Very funny