Monday, August 10, 2009

Revealed!... Republicans are paying health care protesters...

Just kidding: the GOP isn't paying protesters. But left-wing Democrat activists are paying "health care activists" to lobby and agitate for Obama Care legislation.

Two examples:

  • Sacramento activist jobs ($325 - $550 a week) here
  • New York activist jobs ($11 - $16 an hour) here

Of course, the citizens showing up to protest Obama Care aren't getting paid by anybody, but the mainstream media is trashing them.

Hat tip: Newsbusters


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Princess Kathleen Sebelius praises SEIU thugs who beat man and woman at Death Care Rally. Tells thugs who paid her 100k to, "Keep doing what you are doing"

Anonymous said...

Sappy Sebelius thinks Americans are too stupid to buy their own health insurance. That sort of thinking will sink the Democrats, and their socialist agenda.
Obama Administration: Home of the Whopper

The American Thinker
Bryan Riley

A recent Washington Post op-ed by Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius suggests a new motto for the Obama Administration: "Home of the Whopper." The Sebelius piece contains no fewer than 10 health care whoppers, including:
* Whopper Number 1: Americans are too stupid to buy their own health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Kansas taxpayers are just glad Sebelius is out of their state. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer for the bad voting judgment of the people of Kansas. You have to laugh when ‘Sebe’ tells angry townhall protesters she is not a Washington insider. Good Grief, a clone is a clone, Toto. Think the corrupt MSM help elect the ultraliberal Sebelius? No need to ask, the phony media elections can be traced to nearly every Democrat elected, IMO.

Anonymous said...

After seeing one of these "rallies" I can safely say without any hesitation most of the people at the rally were misinformed and just plain not very smart. Then of course there was the real reason, which is the bottom line in all of this, they were racists who can't stand we have a mixed race president. just like most of the knuckledraggers here on MW. News tip of the day: Get over the loss of the election. Everyone is tired of your crying and whining. Man up.

John Altevogt said...

The left has always been good at looting any institution, charity, etc they got hold of for their personal gain. Think college speakers bureaus, foundations, charities, all being looted by leftists.

Newspapers and the media itself are being looted by these parasites. There's no way printing a constant barrage of left wing propaganda is good for business, but they don't care.

John Altevogt said...

Also, regarding Sebeljevich the corrupt, the avid researcher will go to the lawrence Journal World's website and do a search on Sebelius KU Med Center.

The essence is that Sebeljevich and the Kansas Democrats got a ton of money from the folks in KCMO and the payoff was that Sebeljevich sold out KU Med Center by trying to help the KCMO establishment loot its profit centers while leaving the economically subsidized programs behind.

Look particularly for Dolph Simons (the publisher) editorials on the topic to see what a newspaper should look like. Simons was able to thwart much of the damage, but Sebeljevich drove off Irene Cummings, KU's CEO who brought it back from disaster, in the process.

The opposition to Sebeljevich shouldn't have focused on abortion, it should have focused on corruption. As one wag put it, "our Kansas Governor is a Missouri whore". Another lefty apparently tied to the MEd Center referred to her as "Governor Roundheels".

Despite an entire series of editorials and news articles denouncing Sebeljevich from one of the state's premier newspapers (in the state's bastion of liberalism) the establishment press managed to completely ignore it when her confirmation came up.

John Altevogt said...

PS, The Star, of course is a handmaiden to the corrupt KCMO establishment, first and foremost, it is only secondarily a leftist rag.

Anonymous said...

After seeing one of these "rallies" I can safely say without any hesitation most of the people at the rally were misinformed and just plain not very smart.

Funny, that is what we say after every one of your pointless little trolling rants.

Anonymous said...

Townhallers are a smarter lot than those imbeciles ACORN registered to vote and then hauled to the polls to "make their mark." Only a small percentage of Dems are educated, the rest are illegals, ignorant ghetto-busters or union thugs working on their GEDs.

Anonymous said...

We can't seem to find the buses that the Republicans are using, could this be them?

Oops! Disregard!

Anonymous said...

Check out the Tsonga townhall video on this site and you'll see SEIU goons in their purple T-shirts performing their on-site union intimidation and goonery.

Anonymous said...

6:40 is our magic liberal who can tell by just by looking who is smart and who is racist. Isn't that amazing? What is even more amazing is that his magic insights always conform to the liberal line of the moment.
Now in past, less enlightened ages we would have said that making judgments about other people based solely on appearance was the mark of a bigot and that accusing others of racism without facts was race baiting.
Now of course he is positioned squarely with the speaker of he house and other liberal luminaries who are, of course, bigots and race baiters.

Anonymous said...

Sebelius has committed political suicide. Her national ambitions are swirling around the Obamacare toilet bowl.

Riva said...

This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under Obama family health care plan?