Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful!... journalist to be given award named for Soviet agent and far-left journalist I. F. Stone

The Nieman Foundation has announced Jon Alpert will receive the I.F. Stone Medal in a ceremony at American University in Washington, D.C. on October 1, 2009. Alpert has made several documentary films, including a 2005 film about Hugo Chavez entitled: Venezuela: Revolution in Progress

McClatchy DC bureau chief John Walcott confessed to being a major I. F. Stone fan last year when Walcott was awarded the 2008 I. F. Stone medal.

Check out this gem from Walcott's acceptance speech:

"I can imagine no higher honor for anyone in our profession than to be compared to I.F. Stone. I do not believe that I deserve that honor, or that I've earned it, but I must confess that I'm grateful that someone, somewhere, for some reason, thinks that I do."

John is bursting with pride that somebody compares him to I. F. Stone. Which I find a little disturbing -- Stone was a far-left journalist and a well-known Soviet agent; solid proof of Stone's work for the KGB has been laid out in the 2009 book Spies: The Rise And Fall Of The KGB in America

Above is a photo of John Walcott accepting the I. F. Stone award last year. (Credit: Michael Temchine)



Anonymous said...

Actually it is a great reward. Nothing like telling us exactly who their agents are.

Kevin Gregory said...

1:04 heh

Anonymous said...

The hero's of the left.

Maybe they will create an award for inter-generational communication, photography and sodomy. They could call it the Polanski award.

Anonymous said...

LOL I do love this blog!!