Monday, September 21, 2009

Breitbart's next bomb?

... Andrew Breitbart has been dropping hints that his next bomb will the Obama administration using tax money to politicize the NEA. Click here for some clues.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Bretbart = MSM. MSM = Partisan Liberal Media

The "MSM" label has stuck and gets a lot of play, but we need to revise it. It is not enough to imply that "Main Stream Media" means liberal lapdogs.

The MSM is no longer just biased, they are partisan. We need to press this issue and to that end I believe it would be very effective to replace the "MSM" referece with "PLM" i.e. Partisan Liberal Media.

PLM, or another suitable name, needs to become the next commonly understood household name. The DNC is simply the political wing of the PLM and we need to go after the PLM's credibility with all we've got. People who don't pay much attention need to wake up the propaganda that they are constantly being fed.

Anonymous said...

It's really become the State Run Media.

Nothing but cheerleading for Obama and running interference on any negative info.

Anonymous said...

SCUM: State Controlled Useless Media

Anonymous said...

Liberal Indoctrination Enterprise (LIE)

Propaganda & Urban Disinformation (PUD)

Partisan Media Syndicate (PMS)

Propaganda Infiltration Group (PIG)

Anonymous said...

The MSM has become the "Fringe" media. Even Obama is afraid of the blogger’s ability to set the truth free. Now he wants to bailout his political prostitutes, aka the leftist media.
What next? Bail out ACORN!

Anonymous said...

The leftist media is hysterical that Fox News has all the Breitbart bombshells. They have to repeat what Fox News reports, or not at all, which is their usual MO.

Anonymous said...

Connecting the NEA scandal dots. This Media Myth Buster site has the facts in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Breitbart’s Next News Drop: The NEA, the White House, The Lies and the Cover-Up PATTERICO
(A slightly different version of this post appears today at Big Government.)

I believe I might have mentioned that Andrew Breitbart signaled that his next news drop would relate to the NEA.

And it does. But it involves so much more.

Today’s revelation is the extensive proof that shows the White House used the National Endowment for the Arts to push a political agenda favorable to President Obama. But it gets worse: the Administration lied about it, and tried to cover it up.

You already know the background: an NEA spokesman participated in a conference call designed to encourage artists to further Obama’s legislative agenda.

This was revealed back in August at Big Hollywood. What is new today is the full transcript of the call — and how clearly the NEA was involved in urging artists to propagandize for Obama.

Naturally, the NEA and the Obama administration denied this.

According to the Los Angeles Times (in a blog post, of course, and not an actual newsprint story), the NEA denied any purpose to further a legislative agenda:

The NEA issued a statement saying that it took part in the conference to help inform arts organizations about opportunities to sponsor volunteer service projects themselves, or have their members take part in other volunteer efforts.

“This call was not a means to promote any legislative agenda, and any suggestions to that end are simply false,” the statement said.

The White House similarly denied any desire to further a legislative agenda:

Responding by e-mail Wednesday, White House spokesman Shin Inouye said the Aug. 10 teleconference “was not meant to promote any legislative agenda — it was a discussion on the United We Serve effort and how all Americans can participate.”

Oh really?

Anonymous said...

Oh really? PATTERICO (Cont)

If Big Media had been paying attention, it could have demonstrated these denials to be rank lies.

But Big Media fell asleep, leaving isolated organs of conservative media to pick up the ball and run it down the field.

So, now, today, the full transcript is revealed, showing how badly Big Media missed the story.

The newly revealed full transcript of the call clearly demonstrates that the NEA participated in an unseemly (and possibly illegal) effort to influence artists to propagandize on behalf of the president’s political agenda.

Let’s look at some aspects of the call that make it clear that, as Patrick Courrielche says with admirable restraint:

“The NEA and the White House did encourage a handpicked, pro-Obama arts group to address issues under contentious national debate.”

Anonymous said...

Why This Story Is Important PATTERICO

It would be a mistake to dismiss this story as unimportant because there is no jaw-dropping angle like ACORN staffers’ apparent complicity in trafficking in under-age children for prostitution.

Consider what is happening: the NEA is encouraging artists to create propaganda for a president’s policy initiatives.

This is a corrosive precedent — and what’s more, it illustrates the overarching danger of the Obama administration: government, by increasingly taking over various aspects of American society, threatens to bend society to the will of a single man.

It would also be a mistake to dismiss the story as old just because the basic contours of the story were revealed in August.

Since then, the NEA and the Obama administration have denied pursuing a legislative agenda in the call;

today it is clear that they lied. What’s more, they tried to cover it up with the reassignment of Sergant.

And the media played right along, for the most part acting as though that was the end of it.

Breitbart here is doing the same thing he did with ACORN: giving the national media good reason to investigate a story, sitting back and waiting — and then, once the media has proved itself inadequate to the task, providing the goods that show why the story was important all along.

The most obviously interesting question in all this going forward is whether laws were broken with this call.

Regardless of the answer to that question, this is an important story with implications that go beyond the NEA. Here’s the bottom line. Before today, Obama took over car companies and used his power over those companies to further his agenda of producing cars he believed consumers should own.

Today, he increases government power over artists, to harness their creative powers to the “service” of his political agenda. What will come tomorrow, when Our Leader takes over health care, new industries, or God knows what else?

Anonymous said...

Has anybody ever met a Republican or conservative artist? Do they exist? Since artists don't live in the real world, can there ever be a conservative artist? La La Land.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09 Great question!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody ever met a Republican or conservative artist? Do they exist?


Yes, but as you can see she is a REAL artist and not the ideologue leftists who pee in a cup, add a cross and call themselves an Ar-tiest.

There are actually many conservative artists but they are almost always serious classically trained masters, and not on the Marxist mailing list.