Friday, September 4, 2009

How to tell if Obama is serious about Health Care reform

Hugh Hewitt tells you what to look for.



Anonymous said...

Organized labor recruits in-home caregivers (Chicago Tribune)

Kathy Keith has cared for a son with Down syndrome for 23 years and never dreamed that one day organized labor would consider her a prime candidate for a union card.

So she was skeptical when representatives from two of the nation's largest unions began competing for her attention over the last few weeks with unannounced visits to her home, mailings and phone messages promising to fatten her state stipend.

Anonymous said...

Obama yields on White House visitor logs (MSNBC)

The Obama administration says it will release names of most visitors to the White House, starting at the end of this year.

Information on visitors in the first eight months of his administration will remain secret —unless you know which names to ask for.

The White House called the release of information "voluntary," continuing to argue the Bush administration's position that full disclosure is not required by the Freedom of Information Act.

After being sued twice by a nonprofit organization seeking the records, the Obama administration said Friday it will post the visitor logs online.

The release will be time delayed, with 90 to 120 days passing before the records are posted on the White House Web site. And only visits after Sept. 15, 2009, will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

How do you tell when Obama is lying?
When his lips move.

John Altevogt said...

We'll know the government is serious about health care reform when they announce that they are withdrawing completely. The reason your costs are so high is that government programs increase demands while government agencies such as certificate of need (and, of course, the trial lawyers) reduce supply. The outcome is predictable to anyone not trying to destroy the country.

The legal system needs reform a hell of a lot more than the medical community.

Anonymous said...

ObamaScare is what the bill should be called. Democrats are falling on their own swords, Dipshits all!
This is fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Obama has tried to stay away from Pelosi, but the witch of the West will boil him in her black pot of puke.

Anonymous said...

No ObamaCare no matter how he changes it

No matter how Obama lies and says he's fixed his "Health Care Reform" abomination, it shouldn't be accepted under any circumstances. Because Obama is a radical left-wing racist it is a fact that the new health care system will be essentially staffed through extreme affirmative action, both in the system itself and in the medical schools. That means that we will be "cared for" by low-IQ third-world savages. Health care will be a huge social engineering and income redistribution program that will put quality health care as its last priority. And since our traitorous government, most particularly the fascist IRS, will be the ones deciding who has proper insurance outside the system and who doesn't, most of us will be forced to enroll in Obama's Stalinist horror show. There is no way that that lying tyrant will be content to allow private health insurance to exist at all. And it will not lower costs. The United States government is officially bankrupt and no amount of lying will change that. That means the taxpayer will suffer tremendously in much higher taxes, inflation, transfers to those who can't pay and any number of other economic distortions added to the ones government has already caused (the diversity housing bubble for instance and the total destruction of our currency and the industrial sector.)