Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Management at the Modesto Bee in negotiations with union

The Modesto Bee guild is meeting with the management negotiators (company attorney Bob Ford and HR's Cathy Allison) to hammer out the details of the Guild's new contract. Sticking points: seniority and severance pay. Click here for details.

This item caught my attention:
On previously discussed hot-button items like combining operations among McClatchy papers, using of part-timers/on-callers to replace full-timers and guaranteeing work hours, the company said it would not implement those provisions until April 1, 2010.

So eight months from today the company can bring in on-call workers and part-timers to replace full time workers. Well that's reassuring.


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Anonymous said...

Negotiations? Can you really call it that?

Management: Bend over

Guild: How far? If I have to touch my toes we'll vote NO! We will rise up in the name of the chilren.

Management: You don't have to touch your toes until next month. For now just spread your butt cheeks.

Guild: Ah Ha! We've got you right where we want you. What a great day for comrades everywhere. We have defeated the demands of our oppressors.