Saturday, September 12, 2009

Must-read Sacramento Bee article

I'm not usually in the position of recommending Bee articles, but I came across a Sacramento Bee article that was outstanding.

Bee reporter Rob Hotakainen does an excellent job showing how the Dems in DC hope to eliminate Medicare Advantage subsidies.

Roger Raines, 66, of Sacramento is worried that he will lose access to his doctors if President Barack Obama has his way.

He has survived male breast cancer, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. And he pays $480 a month to a private insurer to supplement his Medicare, getting extra benefits by enrolling in an increasingly popular program called Medicare Advantage. He doesn't want to be pushed into the regular Medicare program.

"If they cut from Medicare Advantage, I won't be able to keep my own doctors," Raines said Friday.

Fears of Medicare cuts are providing more fuel for the already hot national debate over health care. While Obama is promising to make no cuts in traditional Medicare benefits, it's clear that big changes could still be in the offing.

So far, Obama has been hazy in saying exactly how he would save billions by going after the always-nebulous waste and fraud in Medicare. But he has been very clear in saying that he wants to get rid of $177 billion in subsidies for Medicare Advantage.

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Congrats to Hotakainen for giving good info to readers and not resorting to calling Obama Care opponents clowns, thugs, rubes or racists.



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Anonymous said...

I realize a common sense article that accidentally slips though the weekend watch at McClatchy is a major event, however, it doesn't rate registering my information for them to sell in order to read it.

Obama and the rats have already made it clear that they plan to target medicare and steal that money to finance their takeover. Taking Medicare Advantage will be a death sentence for thousands and everyone knows it.

The rats have an agenda. Socialism for you, run by them. Pure, plain and simple.