Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo of the day

This photo was taken at the DC rally over the weekend.

FYI, if you rely on McClatchy for the news, you have no idea how corrupt ACORN is.

The English press is covering the ACORN story better than the American press -- check out this story in the UK Telegraph: Group once linked to Barack Obama taped giving advice to 'brothel owners'

Photo via Radio Patriot


John Altevogt said...

Reading an American newspaper is like living behind the iron curtain.

I once ran a minority outreach project that placed conservative ads on urban radio stations. AP did a story on it that was published far and wide, including the Guardian in England, but two of the cities where we had major projects the newspapers (both Knight-Ridder) never printed a word.

How pathetic is it when the first article I read on the protest was also in an English paper? I checked the Washington Post. Not a word. Not one.

Anonymous said...

@John Altevogt: It took me about 10 seconds on Google to find extensive coverage of the weekend's protest in the Washington Post, which includes a lengthy story, a photo gallery, etc.