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Anonymous said...

Murdoch predicts death of print unions; Media magnate says ad revenue recovering...

“Then we’re going to have no paper, no printing plants, no unions,” said Mr Murdoch, who battled printing unions at his Wapping plant in London more than 20 years ago. “It’s going to be great.”
via The Drudge Report

Anonymous said...

The ACORN scandal grows due to ‘web-based ‘investigative reporting, and the ‘failures of the mainstream news media’ to cover the news honestly. The Left Stream Media has nothing to offer but Obama ooze, and someone needs to tell them the people are no longer buying it. Shouldn’t they be noticing that already?
-Conservatives Draw Blood From Acorn, Favored Foe-

Mike Gonzalez, vice president for communications at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the episodes simply reflected a Web-based democratization of investigative reporting, made necessary in part by the failures of the mainstream news media. “It should have been ‘60 Minutes’ doing this stuff — not two people whose combined ages are 45,” Mr. Gonzalez said.

Anonymous said...

Obama collects more web information, asks outside firm to "crawl and archive" without consent. Another practice that "runs counter to President Obama's promise of a transparent government and his pledge to protect privacy on the Internet."
Obama W.H. collects web users' data (Big 'brother')

The Washington Times ^

The White House is collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without notifying or asking the consent of the site users, a failure that appears to run counter to President Obama's promise of a transparent government and his pledge to protect privacy on the Internet.
Defenders of the White House actions said the Presidential Records Act requires that the administration gather the information and that it was justified in taking the additional step of asking a private contractor to "crawl and archive" all such material. Nicholas Shapiro, a White House spokesman, declined to say when the practice began or how much the new contract would cost.

Anonymous said...

Democrats -- Who Do You Trust for News? (Fox)

Who do Democrats trust more for news: FOX News or The New York Times?

With all the vitriol directed against FOX News, one would think that it is a no brainer.

But a new Pew Research Center for the People and the Press shows that it is FOX News.

While 43 percent of Democrats have a positive view of FOX News, 39 percent of Democrats feel the same way about The New York Times. . . . .

Anonymous said...

News Outlets Largely Ignoring ACORN Scandal, Critics Say (Fox)

ACORN offices have been caught on videotape advising a man and a woman on how to skirt federal law to obtain housing and operate a brothel — but you'd hardly know it if all you watch and read are the mainstream media, conservative media critics say.

"A major national scandal and none of the broadcast networks is covering it," said Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

"This is the news media in the era of Van Jones and President Obama. The major outlets cover what they want and create the themes they want."

A search of transcripts through Monday at NBC, CBS and MSNBC revealed no national TV coverage of the growing ACORN scandal.

CNN and ABC, meanwhile, have run some segments on the matter, including a quick mention during Saturday's "Good Morning America."

Anonymous said...

Of course they are refusing to report the story, because they all know that Obama has a HUGE connection to ACORN, and they are afraid that if they continue to investigate this, that Obama could be implicated in all of this.

ACORN is a Democratic funded organization, the media are mostly comprised of liberals, they know what will happen if ACORN goes down

Anonymous said...

ABC’s Anchor Charlie Gibson Out to Lunch on ACORN Corruption Story
(Flopping Aces)

Shouldn't the man who played "gotcha" with Sarah Palin be up to speed on this big news story?

After all, that's his job!

Anonymous said...

John Stewart trashes MSM on lack of ACORN Coverage (The Daily Show)

John Stewart had his best segment ever trashing the MSM over their how some kids scooped them to find out about corruption at ACORN.


"I'm sure Acorn has 'a line'...please tell me 13 Salvadorian sex slaves is 'the line'"

"The bad news, Acorn appears to be a corrupt organization that aides and abets criminals, and gets millions of dollars in taxpayer money, the good news is, it seems to be very well run"

"Which intrepid journalist broke this story, 60 minutes, AP?"

"Where were the real reporters on this story. You know what, Investigative Media, WHERE THE H---WERE YOU?"

"They did it for $3000. That's Blitzer's monthly beard wet-vac budget."

"I'm a fake journalist, and I'm embarrassed these guys scooped me.....Let's get to work people"

"Of course Fox is loving this"

Kevin Gregory said...

4:23 I think you are right -- the MSM knows reporting on ACORN will damage the Dem party, so they won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?
(U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform)

Here is a July 2009 congressional report -- titled "Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?" -- that accused ACORN of massive fraud, money laundering, and racketeering directed from the highest levels of the organization's management.

It appears that they have been investigated, but nothing seems to have been done until the light got shined on the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Gibson "Didn't Know" About ACORN Story (

Several Chicago readers and Twitterers report that ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson told WLS-AM Chicago talk show hosts Don Wade and Roma this morning that the reason he hasn’t covered the ACORN scandal is that he didn’t know about it.

...After the senate last night voted to halt funding to ACORN and after three of those video tapes of ACORN employees helping the pimp and prostitute set up shop, there was no mention of it anywhere on the network news.

Charlie gave out a most uncomfortable laugh and said that that was the first he heard of it!"

Anonymous said...

ABC's Gibson: ACORN Story May Be 'One You Leave to the Cables' (Like Van Jones, etc.) Fox News

Is the ACORN scandal worthy of national broadcast news coverage?

ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson suggested Tuesday that the answer is no.

But Gibson told a radio show Tuesday morning that he wasn't even familiar with the story — and it might be "just one you leave to the cables."

"I don't even know about it," Gibson said, laughing. "So you've got me at a loss. ...

When one of the radio show's hosts described it as a "huge issue," Gibson said ABC had "done some stories about ACORN before, but this one I don't know about."

Anonymous said...

JAPANESE News Blog Picking Up ACORN Nationwide Scandal; (Mikerosstky Japan)

The group ACORN is explained in Japanese to the Japanese readers.

It also points toward the Obama Administration and structural corruption with respect to this group, misuse of tax dollars, etc..

There is another updated web page in Japanese separate from this one, entitled "They Did It Again!", showing further videos of ACORN people involved in such sordid actions and suggestions, caught by hidden camera.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese have a better read on what is going on in America than Charlie Gibson...

Anonymous said...

NPR exposes ACORN-SEIU $$ connection


ACORN's biggest union backer, the Service Employees International Union, gave more than $4 million to the community organization and its affiliates from 2006-07, according to Dept. of Labor filings.

One SEIU local union, the Illinois Homecare Workers and Home Childcare Providers, sprouted from ACORN's organizing efforts and pays rent to ACORN.

ACORN's affiliates also pick up money from the Change to Win labor federation, the Food and Commercial Workers Union and the United Federation of Teachers, among others.

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: ACORN Illegally Operating in Maryland

Last week, we saw some pretty disturbing activities revealed in the undercover footage from ACORN Housing’s Baltimore office.

By any measure of conduct, the actions of ACORN’s employees should never have happened. It turns out the actions shouldn’t have happened for another, very simple, reason: ACORN can’t legally operate in the state of Maryland.

According to the following documents, ACORN, Inc.–the parent organization of all things ACORN–forfeited its corporate charter in Maryland in 2006.

ACORN Housing forfeited its corporate charter in 2008. Any ACORN office in the state of Maryland is potentially operating illegally.

The Maryland Attorney General has made noise about prosecuting the intrepid journalists who undercovered the misdeeds of ACORN employees.

Perhaps he should focus instead on how ACORN was able to operate without a license in his state.

Anonymous said...

ACORN Watch: A "Sting"-ing Indictment of Media Hypocrisy (

Undercover journalism is only acceptable when it fits a liberal agenda.


ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson blasted the investigation as "gotcha journalism."

Echoing ACORN's defenders, MSNBC anchor Norah O'Donnell fretted on Tuesday that Giles and O'Keefe's methods "might be viewed as entrapment.

O'Donnell has apparently forgotten the inglorious history of news "entrapment" by her betters at NBC News.

This is the network that surreptitiously rigged GM pickup trucks in staged crash tests in 1993 to show that the vehicles were unsafe -- and failed to inform viewers that the simulations used incendiary devices to ignite the explosions.

Jane Pauley admitted in a nationally televised apology that "NBC's contractor did put incendiary devices under the trucks to ensure there would be a fire if gasoline were released from the gas tank.

NBC personnel knew this before we aired the program, but the public was not informed because consultants at the scene told us the devices did not start the fire.

We agree with GM that we should have told the viewer about these devices."

This is the network that pioneered the "To Catch a Predator" series --an investigative sting operation to nab Internet pedophiles. Until last year, the journalists worked with activist group Perverted Justice, whose members posed as children in web chat rooms to lure alleged pedophiles to a residential home.

This is the network that sent out an intrepid NBC News reporter in a canoe to cover treacherous New Jersey flooding in 2005 -- only to be shown up by passers-by who sloshed in front of the camera and demonstrated that the water was only a few inches deep.

This is the network that tried to arrange Islamophobia stings at NASCAR events in 2006 to try to "expose" racism among Southerners. The network worked with a Muslim activist who sent a recruitment notice across the Internet:

"I have been talking with a producer of the NBC Dateline show, and he is in the process of filming a piece on anti-Muslim and anti-Arab discrimination in the USA.

They are looking for some Muslim male candidates for their show who would be willing to go to non-Muslim gatherings and see if they attract any discriminatory comments or actions while being filmed.

Anonymous said...

I'm Moving to Fox (John Stossel)

It's time for a change. Next month, I leave ABC News to start a weekly one-hour prime time show with Fox News.

When I announced that on my blog, plenty of viewers said they were happy to have me leave.

"Goodbye. You suck. You have found a much better home for your garbage reporting and backwards politics."

"Congratulations on the move to the network intellectually suited to your quasi-libertarian corporate-apologist hackery!"

Oh well, you can't please everyone. I don't expect that my libertarian beliefs will please everyone at Fox, either.

Anonymous said...

NBC Reporter Chuck Todd: Covering Van Jones Story "A Waste of Time" (GatewayPundit)

NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd does not fault the state-run media for not covering the communist-Truther Van Jones controversy. He says it was a waste of time:

For the record-- Van Jones was in charge of doling out $80 billion of Stimulus money to selected green projects.

He was certainly no low level czar as Chuck Todd suggested.

Anonymous said...

DAILY KOS Propped Up By SEIU Thugs. Ads Appear Every Day on KKKOsack Site

The Kossack's Site says, " Sponsored Headlines." They have had SEIU thugs supporting them for months and months. Socialists supporting other Socialists

Anonymous said...

Undercover Video Captures ACORN Worker Describing How She Killed Husband

"I in my life have been abused, also. I mean just with an ex husband, a husband, you know, that just beat the hell out of me, you know, a few times and then, you know, I killed him."

Anonymous said...

Amazing: NY Times Still Almost Totally Ignores ACORN Scandals

Looking for news on the Obama administration these days?

Look anywhere but the mainstream media, including the pages of the New York Times.

One may have thought it impossible for the nation's largest and most influential newspaper to virtually ignore the scandals involving the left-wing housing activist group The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, more notoriously known as ACORN.

One would be wrong. Finding Times coverage of the controversies is like, well, finding an individual acorn in a forest.

The Saturday Times made do with a brief Associated Press story on the Census effort, buried in the very middle of page A12:

"Census Bureau Drops Acorn From 2010 Effort."

James Taranto noted at Opinion Journal that the dispatch made no mention of the hidden-camera sting -- the Times cut that part out of the original AP filing.

After a prominent post on Monday evening's Drudge Report marked the U.S. Senate voting in bipartisan fashion 83-7 to deny the group access to federal housing funds, the Times covered it -- barely.

A Monday evening posting by Bernie Becker on the paper's "Caucus" blog also devoted a couple of whitewashed sentences to the sting, leaving out the child prostitution angle entirely.

Anonymous said...

Teachers fund ACORN? Good grief, is there no end to the scandal? Journalists, now teachers will become disrespected, so-called professional people.
Ref: “…ACORN's affiliates also pick up money from the United Federation of Teachers..”

Anonymous said...

NY Times forced to use rivals' reporting (The American Thinker)

If the New York Times were, indeed, still the Gray Lady, she would be in therapy these days.

The Times website was forced on Tuesday to link to a story by their competition, the New York Post. A story that was two weeks old.

In a report on Republicans' response to Democrat efforts to humiliate South Carolina representative Joe Wilson, the Times provided numerous links to their, and other Big Media, articles piling onto Wilson.

When forced to report on Republican charges of wrong-doing by Charles Rangel, a congressman from their own home market, the Times apparently went through their trove of hard-hitting articles about Democrats' wrong-doing and produced, well, this story on Rangel by their cross-town rivals.

Likewise, when forced to refer to investigations into allegations of potential violations by John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania), the Times went to the vault and produced this article... by the Chicago Sun-Times.

'All the news that's fit to print'? Then why do folks have to read about it elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Never Reviewed by NYT or WashPost, Mark Levin's 'Liberty and Tyranny' Has Now Sold 1 Million Copies ( via Drudge)

Without ever having been reviewed by either the New York Times or the Washington Post, Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto has now sold one million copies, according to its publisher, Threshold Editions.

Levin is a nationally syndicated radio host, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, and served as chief of staff to Atty.
Gen. Ed Meese in the Reagan Justice Department.

Liberty and Tyranny has been riding high on non-fiction bestseller lists ever since it was released in late March.

It debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times best seller list and has remained in the Top Ten on that list for 24 straight weeks.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr. Levin for his accomplishment, and jeers and hisses to the MSM for shunning him and his success!

My review of the New York Times: Poor substitute for toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Acorn Faces More Funding Pressure Over Video Incidents (WSJ)

WASHINGTON -- Federal and local authorities are considering pulling back on funding Acorn, a leading community organizing group, after videos showed employees at a number of Acorn offices allegedly advising a filmmaker how to evade taxes in operating a brothel.

New York City is "treating this very seriously," a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, adding that the city will await an investigation by the Brooklyn district attorney before deciding whether to curtail funding the city channels to Acorn.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or Acorn, is the landlord for some of the city's affordable housing units.

One of the hidden-camera videos was shot at an Acorn office in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Gibson and Jimmy Carter, The Tips of the Spear.

These two are the faces of liberal intellectual muscle in the world we live in today, giants, as it were.

One, a very senior broadcast journalist and host of his networks nightly news show, and the other, a former president and nobel prize winning statesman.

Mr Gibsons main claim to fame to date was his smirkingly condescending interview with a sitting governor and vice presidential candidate just about a year ago, a hatchet job if I've ever seen one.

And, just yesterday, when asked about potentially the biggest political scandal since Watergate, (on a talk radio show no less), his response was...ignorance???

How is this possible? This is the liberal brain trust.

Mr Carter, you gotta love him, was a president and a statesman, but his recent pro palestinian tirades have made him persona-non-grata with our only real ally in the mid-east.

And now, let's pour some gas on the race fires in this country too.

These are the tips of the liberal spears, the cutting edge. They look pretty dull to me.

Anonymous said...

'Nonpartisan' B'klyn group caught playing poli-tricks (ACORN violates Non-Profit & Campaign Laws) (NY Post)

On the same hidden-camera video in which loan counselors at ACORNs Brooklyn office helped a hooker skirt the law, a list of the supposedly nonpartisan groups primary-election endorsements can be seen in the background.

As a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit, ACORN is not permitted to endorse candidates or host political events.

But on a prominently displayed dry-erase board visible in the video, ACORN backs Bill de Blasio for public advocate and Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney.

These are the same candidates backed by the Working Families Party, which shares office space with ACORN.

Under each candidates name is a list of canvassers working in the campaigns. The community organizing group is flagrantly violating tax law, much the same way ACORN's loan counselors advised a prostitute to lie and cheat the system, said Kyle Olson, editor of the blog

Anonymous said...

Will ACORN Lose Its Tax Exempt Status?

As a 501c3 “charity” ACORN is prohibited by the IRS from breaking the law – or even encouraging others to break the law:

IRC 501(c)(3). As a matter of trust law, one of the main sources of the general law of charity, planned activities that violate laws are not in furtherance of a charitable purpose. "A trust cannot be created for a purpose which is illegal.


(4) Planning Illegal Acts

Not only is the actual conduct of illegal activities inconsistent with exemption, but the planning and sponsoring of such activities are also incompatible with charity and social welfare…

Systematically encouraging tax evasion and prostitution and the sexual exploitation of minors is against several US laws and contrary to public policy in general.

But of course those strictures will never be enforced. They have bought themselves a privileged position with the Democrats and this administration. They have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of Charlie Gibson saying he did not know about the ACORN scandal, and it was a story best left to cable news, said a lot more about how useless network news is, than he probably thought. He was trying to put down cable news, when in fact he underlined the death spiral of the MSM.
Buh bye, Charlie, Buh bye.

Anonymous said...

Snowe Says "NO" to Dems on Health Plan (The Hill)

Senate Democrats are going to have to move forward on healthcare without a single Republican supporter after Sen. Olympia Snowe said Tuesday she could not back the Finance Committee’s bill.

Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) failed to win any Republican backer despite weeks of intense negotiations behind closed doors to strike a deal.

Anonymous said...

CBS Face the Nation: Obama ‘Best Salesman’; ‘Keeps Topping Himself’ (Newsbusters)

On Sunday, CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer praised President Obama’s recent media blitz for health care reform: "There’s no question he is the best salesman on the staff," but wondered: "Does he run the risk of overexposing himself?"’s Roger Simon dispelled that fear: "It is a risk, but he keeps topping himself."

Simon elaborated on Obama’s oratory skill: "Every time you think this guy can’t give another speech that’s better than the last one, he gives another speech that’s better than the last one.

And he’s achieving his purpose." He added that the President’s address to Congress last Wednesday: "was to unite Democrats around him. As a man who can get this job done."

In the same segment, Schieffer also spoke with syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, who gushed: "There is always that risk of overexposure. And yet, if you watched his speech yesterday in Minneapolis, he sort of redeems himself every time he goes out there in front of the public, because he is so good."

Anonymous said...

Recession Could Cost 25 Million Jobs (CNBC)

The economic downturn will likely cost as many as 25 million people their jobs by end-2010 as the unemployment rate nears a record 10percent in the OECD group of countries, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said 15 million jobs were lost between end-2007 and July 2009 and 10 million more could go by the end of next year despite signs that the economy is picking up.

Anonymous said...

Obama trade policies threaten 585,800 US jobs: (Reuters/YahooNews)

Trade policies pursued by President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress since the start of the year could lead to the loss of 585,800 U.S. jobs, a study said on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen: Reid in deep trouble in Nevada (Hot Air)

Has anyone noticed how quiet Harry Reid has been on pushing ObamaCare?

Reid has let Max Baucus (D-MT) take the public lead in pushing for health-care reform and has limited himself mostly to general statements of support for industry reform.

Rasmussen’s new polling in Nevada shows why. Reid trails both of his potential Republican challengers, and has gone under water on favorability in his state:

In what is currently a difficult political climate for Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trails two potential Republican challengers seeking to unseat him as he faces reelection next year in Nevada.


The Senate Majority Leader has a big problem at home with his image. Only 45% have a favorable opinion of Reid, while a solid majority of 54% view him unfavorably.

Voters were more than twice as likely to view him strongly unfavorably (42%) as strongly favorably (20%), pointing to a big, big problem in getting re-elected in 14 months.

Part of the reason is ObamaCare. The overhaul of the health-care system is as popular in Nevada as it is nationwide, opposed by 52% of Nevada voters and supported by only 45%, exactly what the lastest numbers show nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden Endorses Jimmy Carter

In his latest audio Osama bin Laden: calls on Americans to “read what your former president, Carter, wrote regarding Israeli racism against our people in Palestine.”

Thats quite an endorsement!

Anonymous said...

America's Worst President Claims "Racist Tone" Against Obama

How horrible. Jimmy Carter, America's worst president and worst former president in history tells NBC's Brian Williams after watching a vile hit piece on Tea Party protesters that there is a "Racist Tone" against Obama.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Charlie is still looking down his nose through his reading glasses now? What an old, out of date, fuddy-duddy, he is. (My Grandmother called him a fuddy-duddy), and I had to look that word up, she is correct, he is:
“A stuffy or foolishly old-fashioned person.”

Anonymous said...

Obamacare: Ending the Elderly
(American Life League)

American Life League exposes the euthanasia agenda of the sponsors of HR 3200.

Henry Waxman and co-sponsors John Dingell, George Miller, Peter Stark, and Frank Pallone all voted against a federal ban on use of drugs for physician assisted suicide.

Not only that, Barack Obama equates physician assisted suicide with "end of life issues" and "the elderly."

Anonymous said...

Government Medicine vs. the Elderly (In Britain, 16.5% of deaths came after 'terminal sedation.') WSJ

A report [by the Patients Association, an independent charity] presented a catalogue of end-of-life cases that demonstrated, in its words, "a consistent pattern of shocking standards of care."

It provided details of what it described as "appalling treatment," which could be found across the NHS.

A few days later, a group of senior doctors and health-care experts ... expressed concern about ... a program ... involving withdrawal of fluids and nourishment for patients thought to be dying.

Noting that in 2007-08, 16.5% of deaths in the U.K. came after "terminal sedation," their letter concluded with the chilling observation that experienced doctors know that sometimes "when all but essential drugs are stopped, 'dying' patients get better" if they are allowed to.

Anonymous said...

Heroin on the NHS will not help the biggest victims - the addicts' families (The Telegraph)

While the Government threatens to cut child benefit for the middle class in order to reduce the country’s banana republic-level of national debt, the Independent is calling for heroin to be made available on the NHS, along with boob jobs, Viagra, non-medical abortions and all the other things William Beveridge had exactly in mind when he set it up.

This “clamour” for free heroin, at the cost of £15,000-per-(smack)-head, came about after a group led by the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse successfully reduced the amount that addicts stole over a certain period.

Anonymous said...

Bookmark for the newest ACORN video releases.
Wade Rathke is a co-founder of ACORN. His brother Dale Rathke left ACORN because he embezzled money from them, which was kept a secret until the statues of limitations applied. So now Dale heads up the SEIU union. This whole thing is so stinking, no wonder the MSM wants to ignore it. It tells us what community organizing is really about, and who is our “Community Organizer In Chief”? The stench will surround Obama soon enough, and that is why the MSM hopes this whole mess will just go away, IMHO.

Check out for timeline data.

Anonymous said...

Jimmah Cater is an embarrassment to the USA. Why doesn’t he just fold his tent and fade away? It is getting very difficult to cover for such a whackjob on the loose. Awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize, or an award of any kind, just cheapens the award. He is nuts, a peanut farmer who has eaten too much of his own product. Geeez, I despise him.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Teachers' union fund ACORN?

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid may fall to the Tom Daschle disease of arrogance. Ignoring the people of your own state can be hazardous to one’s electoral health. I don’t believe for one minute that the people of Utah are as liberal as Reid has become. Vote the bum out!

Anonymous said...

Opposition to Health Care Reform Reaches New High at 55%

Rasmussen | scott rasmussen
One week after President Obama’s speech to Congress, opposition to his health care reform plan has reached a new high of 55%. The latest Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll shows that just 42% now support the plan, matching the low first reached in August.

Anonymous said...

Japan has our ACORN news as a headline. As stated before, how can the people of Japan have more info about ACORN than the people of the USA? The MSM has become a laughing stock to the whole world now.
JAPANESE News Blog Picking Up ACORN Nationwide Scandal; Explaining/Linking To Sting Videos (& Obama)
Mikerosstky Japan ^ | 16 September 2009 | AmericanInTokyo

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the NYT expose ACORN’s illicit activities before Election Day last November? Michelle Malkin is on the job. Thank goodness one journalist knows her job requirements.

“The Fishwrap of Record has finally seen fit to tell its readers about the latest ACORN scandals (the San Bernardino tapes, which don’t get a mention, are beyond belief). True to form, the New York Times commits grievous sins of omission that whitewash the paper’s own role in deliberately covering up ACORN’s illicit activities before Election Day last November.”

Anonymous said...

45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting
If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul
This will take the stress out of having to wait. There just won't be one.

Anonymous said...

Acorn is the tip of the iceberg if the leftsteam media ever decides it's worth pursuing. SEIU and its fraudulent homecare taxpayer ripoff needs to fall. Go get 'em Fox News!

Anonymous said...

All of you who still watch mainstream media network news or click on their web sites are contributing to the distortion of news in America. Do not give these biased liars any credit for peddling their advertising. Cut them off and do your clicking on sites that DO report an unfiltered look at what's going on in America. I will never buy another GE product (they own NBC and MSNBC).

Anonymous said...

New media star: Andrew Breitbart of,

*Doing the job the MSM won't do.*

Anonymous said...

Obama will appear on five network news programs Sunday, but not FOX NEWS! Of course he won’t appear on the one network that would not just swallow his line of bullshit. Obama is no longer fooling all the people, or even half of them, as his falling approval numbers reveal.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the media calling Kanye West a racist for insulting a white woman on national TV and declaring a black woman should have won??? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Obama is on TV more than "Seinfeld" reruns. Many of us just don't care to watch him three times a week. Talk about getting sick of seeing somebody's face!

Anonymous said...

Mark Levin sold 1 million copies of his book without the NYT review. Who needs the old bias liars for anything? They don’t print the news, they pick who’s book to boost, they have out-of-step journalists, and they are biased and corrupt. It is time for them to retire, old dinosaur that they are.

Anonymous said...

A Democrat on Fox News just said Obama was not truthful when he said there is no money for abortion in the health care bill. He of course did not call Obama a liar that night, but he is certainly frustrated that the Democrats will not listen to him, or look at his amendment that abortions cannot be funded with health care funds. It looks to me as if anyone disagreeing with the train wreak that is Obamacare, needs to stand up like Joe Wilson did, and say, “You Lie”, and somehow make it national news to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is so embattled for his senate seat, that he keeps a low profile on the health care debate. He has sent out Max Baucus, (not up for re-election) to take the brunt of the unpopularity. What a disgusting person he is, “I hope he fails” to win the approval of Utah voters.

Anonymous said...

Taking a closer look at czars? It is past time to find out who these people are. Van Jones is just the first czar that has no business advising Obama about anything.
GOP senators seek end to czars
Politico, by Lisa Lerer

Controversial green jobs adviser Van Jones has quit his White House job, but GOP senators continue to criticize the proliferation of “czars” in the Obama administration.“The creation of ‘czars,’ particularly within the Executive Office of the President, circumvents the constitutionally established process of ‘advise and consent,’ [and] greatly diminishes the ability of Congress to conduct oversight and hold officials accountable,” six Republican…

via Lucianne

Anonymous said...


Van Jones...A waste of time

ACORN...A waste of time

Joe Wilson...Let's make an example of him and how the typical Right wing Republican nut job must never say anything bad about our dear leader...even if it IS true!

Anonymous said...

No matter who much the Leftstream Media ignores or soft-peddles the ACORN and other huge stories, they have taken a huge, embarrassing hit. We need to keep calling them out for what they are - apologists for Obama and all things left. They'll never recover credibility from the majority in this country.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter, “unspeakably incompetent President” Now we are getting to the truth about the old fart.
Feldman's Law
American Thinker
by Clarice Feldman
I want a law named after me -- Feldman's Law -- and I want it invoked whenever that horrible anti-Semite, dreadful human being and unspeakably incompetent President, Jimmy Carter, is hauled out to defend or accuse someone. It would hold that as the Democrat's position grows increasingly weak, the probability of a charge of racism increases, and when the position is on its last mortal legs, that old self righteous misanthrope, Jimmy Carter, will be hauled out of his lonely cellar to pronounce it so.
Last night, MSNBC rang up the old pill to quote him as saying that the conservative reaction against Obama is rooted in racism.
And I think it's [racism's bubbled up to the surface because of the belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It's an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply."

Anonymous said...

What do Obama’s czars cost taxpayers? Why are the taxpayers paying so much because Obama is completely unknowledgeable about everything? The salaries of these czars, and the expenses for their staffs, is a closely guarded secret. Apparently the costs are farmed out into dozens of little pockets of the executive budget items. The constitutionality of these czars is being challenged, and remarkably, Senator Byrd is the leader of the search for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Obama chose his close Marxist buddies as czars, and they are mostly anti-American in my opinion. Obama thinks he can thug his way through because he could in Chicago, but he ain’t in Chicago now! The Democrats keep talking about his huge electoral mandate, and it was not huge. His approval rating drops everyday, and the media is still lying for him. When the truth is clearly known, his day will be done, and our country will no longer reel toward socialism. It is that important to defeat him to a standstill. History may well record that the tea party, and town hall people, saved our great nation.

Anonymous said...

More comments on the earlier Feldman’s law article concerning Jimmuh Carter.
Slate's Mickey Kaus is quick on the draw:
Instant reaction: Kiss of Death. Gift to the GOPs. Remember the Carter era of smug moralizing? Anyone want to go back to that? ... P.S.: A good example of how, if the MSM wants to tilt against the Republicans, it's often too wedded to its own conventions--e.g., the desire to 'make news' with an ex-Pres.--to be effective. ... No sophisticated campaign propagandist would say, "OK, let's throw Jimmy Carter at them. They'll be reeling!" ....6:42 P.M.
No "sophisticated propagandist" might do that, but for bottom of the barrel feeders like MSNBC, it's good enough.

Anonymous said...

The corrupted MSM practitioners are finding out that arrogance doesn’t pay well.

Anonymous said...

What do Rev. Wright, The Black Panthers, and Van Jones have in common?
They scare the beejeebers out of rational people.

Anonymous said...

Is President Obama a Racist for calling Kayne West a "jackass"? Should he apologize for his comment?
I have read a number of posts quickly accusing people of being "racist" for booing Kayne West's drunken behavior at the MTV awards the other night when he stole Taylor Swift's spotlight and moment. But the President now jumped into the frey by calling Kayne West a "jackass". Does this comment make the President a racist? Should he apologize to Kayne West? Should there be another face-saving beer summit at the White House between President Obama, Kayne West, and Taylor Swift?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Czar video spoof of the day.

The Nose On Your Face has a hilarious video about the Czars.
“Czars”- New TNOYF Song/Video

Anonymous said...

For the first "Black" president, they (you know who they are) couldn't have picked a better shade of black. He's a chameleon and can change his color to suit the occasion. He can play the race card any number of ways. If he invokes his middle name, he can also play the religion card too.

How odd it took him so long...what was it? 10 weeks? choose a dog, then try to shove the health care down our collective throats in a matter of days. He pick czars without public knowledge yet ran on a platform of being transparent. (Yep, we can see right through him). Then he has to go crying to the (blind) sympathetic (emphasis on pathetic) main stream news that "the conservatives are picking on me". Seems to me that the further we get into this presidency the more divided this country is becoming. The majority of the Democrats have been brain washed into following our Fresh Prince of D.C. anywhere he tells them to go.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter has become a thing of pity. A raving Democrat to be sure. To think he was once the president of the USA is painful.

Anonymous said...

Advice for Jimmy Carter: STFU!!!

Anonymous said...

Fox News had one of its biggest viewership days in history on Tuesday. O'Reilly alone had 6.2 million viewers for his East/West feeds, which may be a record. Fox's age 25-54 viewers in prime time nearly equalled all the other cable news channels COMBINED! That's the group that advertisers love.