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Anonymous said...

Obama’s plan to indoctrinate our children must not go unchallenged. Parents need to tell their children about all the lies Obama told the people of the USA to get elected. Children need to know if their teacher belongs to a union that tells them how to vote, and what thuggish unions are doing to patriots to silence their free speech. We have seen what Obama has tried to do through sneaky methods, and this is just another one, IMO. Stand up for American, we don’t need a dictator that would use our children to glorify his phony, and failed leadership.
Obama to make unprecedented address to all public school students; September 8...
@ The Drudge Report

Anonymous said...

''ABC'' stands for All Barack's Children!!!
No Junior Lobbyist Left Behind
Creators Syndicate Inc
by Michelle Malkin

''ABC'' stands for All Barack's Children. On Sept. 8, young students across the country will be watching television. Yes, they'll be parked in front of boob tubes and computer screens watching President Obama's address on education. (Snip) And last year's presidential campaign saw disgraceful abuses of power by pro-Obama instructors. In New Rochelle, N.Y., elementary students were given an in-class assignment to color in drawings of Obama -- including a picture of a campaign button…

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen: Democrats at lowest point in generic-ballot polling in years (

Smells like this is being driven more by anti-incumbency fever than anti-Democratic fever, but we’ll take it any way we can get it. Throw the bums out:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 43% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 36% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

That represents the lowest level of support for Democrats in recent years, while Republicans have tied their highest level of support for the third straight week. The previous low for Democrats over the past year was 37%…

Throughout the summer of 2008, support for Democratic congressional candidates ranged from 45% to 48%. Republican support ranged from 34% to 37%…

If Americans could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 57% would throw out all the legislators and start over again. Just 25% would vote to keep the Congress.

Even better: Per Ace, the latest PPP poll shows that the GOP leads 45/41 overall but 50/14 among voters who say they’re unhappy with both parties. The number who say they’d vote to reelect their congressman is just 47 percent. Is that enough to win back the House next year? Maybe not. Is it enough to make the Blue Dogs sweat even more about ObamaCare than they already are? You betcha.

Anonymous said...

FIRE RANGEL (NY Post) Of course not.

He's Charlie Rangel, head of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee -- who can't be bothered to tend to his own tax returns, but now intends to punish ordinary folks for making arguably minor mistakes on their forms.

The Post's Charles Hurt reported yesterday that Rangel's committee seeks to reduce legal defenses and increase fines and penalties on taxpayers undergoing IRS scrutiny for what they assert are innocent errors.

Among other things, Rangel's bill would even prohibit the IRS from forgiving taxpayers who erred in good faith -- though that would be a very generous interpretation of his own tax troubles.

In just the last year, Rangel has been forced to file late-disclosure reports involving millions in income from land transfers and unreported business deals.

Such transgressions should preclude Rangel from even voting on tax legislation, let alone writing any.

Indeed, we wouldn't be all that surprised in the least if there were a Charlie Rangel exclusion clause written into the IRS-crackdown bill discovered by Hurt.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi will let Rangel hold post despite latest allegations
(The Hill)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will let Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) keep his chairmanship despite his failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets on federal disclosure forms, according to Democratic aides.

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s latest misstep has received strong media scrutiny and prompted good-government watchdog groups to call for a special counsel investigation.

Growing ethics turmoil surrounding Rangel has prompted calls for Pelosi to yank Rangel’s gavel.

But Democratic aides say that Pelosi will not pressure Rangel to resign his post or censure him publicly unless the House ethics committee finds him guilty of misconduct or a prosecutor brings forth charges.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi Goldberg to Glenn Beck: "You're a Lying Sack of Dog Mess" (

Sometimes when Fox News personalities, like Bill O'Reilly, make a stop at "The View," there are heated discussions, but today's appearance by Glenn Beck was in a different category.

Beck was immediately confronted by Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters about a story he told after the White House Correspondents Dinner on the radio about an Amtrak encounter with "The View" hosts.

Beck admitted he "misspoke," but Goldberg had another term: "You sat there and you were a lying sack of dog mess."

"You don't like me," said Beck.

"No, I don't like your views," responded Goldberg. "I don't know you, okay? I don't like your views."

The Amtrak story dominated the entire first segment, but Beck was brought back for another one.

"We're giving you another segment, because we're too good," said Joy Behar. "That's our problem."

Anonymous said...

White House Has Secret Plan To Harvest Personal Data From Social Networking Websites (National Legal and Policy Center)

NLPC has uncovered a plan by the White House New Media operation to hire a technology vendor to conduct a massive, secret effort to harvest personal information on millions of Americans from social networking websites.

The information to be captured includes comments, tag lines, emails, audio, and video. The targeted sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and others – any space where the White House “maintains a presence.”

In the course of investigating procurement by the White House New Media office, NLPC discovered a 51-page solicitation of bids that was filed on Friday, August 21, 2009. Filed as Solicitation # WHO-S-09-0003, it is posted at (51-page pdf of the solicitation.)

Anonymous said...

Democrats Try Tougher Tone on Health Plan (WSJ)

WASHINGTON -- A top White House adviser said Tuesday he doubts two Senate Republicans at the center of health-care talks are negotiating seriously, as Democrats adopted a new, more confrontational tone accusing key Republicans of blocking change.

* * * * *

Democrats hope to persuade the public that Republicans are to blame for the stalemate and shift opinion in favor of an overhaul. They want to build enough momentum to win support from a small number of moderate Republicans, in particular the two senators from Maine.

Anonymous said...

It's Official: No Public Option from Obama (Drudge Headline)

Aides to President Barack Obama are putting the final touches on a new strategy to help Democrats recover from a brutal August recess by specifying what Obama wants to see in a compromise health care deal and directly confronting other trouble spots, West Wing officials tell POLITICO.
Obama is considering detailing his health-care demands in a major speech as soon as next week, when Congress returns from the August recess.

And although House leaders have said their members will demand the inclusion of a public insurance option, Obama has no plans to insist on it himself, the officials said.

“We’re entering a new season,” senior adviser David Axelrod said in a telephone interview.

“It’s time to synthesize and harmonize these strands and get this done. We’re confident that we can do that. But obviously it is a different phase. We’re going to approach it in a different way. The president is going to be very active.”

Anonymous said...

AFL-CIO won't back health care reform without public option

WASHINGTON -- The AFL-CIO, a key ally of the White House on healthcare reform, won't support legislation unless it includes a public insurance option.

"Let me be as clear as I can be -- it's an absolute must," Rich Trumka, the labor group's secretary-treasurer, and its next president, told reporters at a briefing Tuesday morning.

"We won't support the bill if it doesn't have a public option."

That could add to the pressure on the White House and Senate Democrats to pull the plug on bipartisan talks aimed at bringing Republicans along with the plan.

The GOP has more or less indicated opposition to just about everything Obama wants to do with healthcare, but especially the public option.

Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, the lead negotiator for his party, wrote a fundraising letter to his constituents this week that asks for their "immediate support in helping me defeat 'Obama-care.'"

His office later clarified -- Grassley only meant he was trying to defeat the public option.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan: Where Have All the Cameras Gone? (Big Hollywood)

Cindy Sheehan brings Camp Casey to Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is as apathetic about her new protest as they are about an Afghan body count. As the President’s strategy in Afghanistan appears to be failing worse than his economic policies, and his promise to end American military involvements overseas is withering alongside health care reform, recalling those lofty promises from last year’s campaign is like looking at a marriage proposal from the other side of a Las Vegas hangover.

Outside a short article by the AP there is very little coverage of Cindy Sheehan. The woman who once couldn’t go anywhere without a spate of cameras in tow, is now wandering the streets of Martha’s Vineyard completely alone.

Her name is as forgotten by the locals as Mary Jo Kopechne. This despite the Island being packed full of journalists right now; journalists who couldn’t resist an all expense paid trip to the Vineyard to cover the vacation of His Presidency.

I’m fairly certain there were a lot more journalists already on the island than there were in that ditch outside of Crawford four years ago.

The hypocrisy of the media is simply breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

As for you, poor Cindy, don’t worry darling, your phone will be ringing again after 2012.

But she is learning a hard lesson in MSM politics....its not so much what your protesting as WHO your protesting.

Anonymous said...

CBS poll: Obama hits another new low on health care (Hot Air)

Yeah, lots of poll posts today, but let’s enjoy it while we can.
President Obama’s approval rating on health care has dropped six points since July to 40 percent, and now more Americans, 47 percent, disapprove of his handling of health care, according to a new CBS News poll taken between Aug 27 - 31…

Americans are not only skeptical of Mr. Obama’s handling of health care, but also of the effectiveness of reform.

Americans are more apt to say the middle class and small business would be hurt, not helped, by the plans currently under consideration.

Anonymous said...

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S POLL NUMBERS CONTINUE TO TUMBLE (independents disapprove by a whopping 66%)

Only 46% approve of the job Obama is doing-- a 19-point slide since Jan, according to today's Rasmussen poll.....his lowest level of approval yet. 53% disapprove of the job he's doing.......the push for an overhaul of health-care that includes a govt-run insurance program, has made voters increasingly disenchanted with Obama.

The loss of confidence is more profound among highly valued independent voters......a whopping 66% disapprove of the job Obama is doing.............

Anonymous said...

CNN Poll: Independents disapprove of Obama CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A majority of independent voters disapprove of how Barack Obama's handling his job as president, according to a new national poll.

Fifty-three percent of independents questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday say they disapprove of how Obama's handling his duties in the White House, with 43 percent in approval.

That result marks the first time in a CNN poll that a majority of independents give the president's performance a thumbs-down.

Obama's overall approval rating of 53 percent is down 3 points from a month ago, and down 8 points from June. Forty-five percent of those questioned disapprove, up 5 points from a month ago and up 8 points from June.

Anonymous said...

Obama administration adding $3 million per minute to national debt
The Examiner ^ | J Brown

An overwhelming majority, if not every single American cannot begin to comprehend the astronomical deficits and debt projections flowing from Washington these days. The Obama Administration and congressional Democrats have done an outstanding job of breaking down uninsured statistics into smaller more understandable numbers such as their 14,000 newly uninsured claim. Yet, when it comes to deficits and the national debt, no one in Washington seems to want the public to understand just how much money they are spending.

Anonymous said...

Parents rebelling against Obama speech to schools

Parents across the country are rebelling against plans by President Barack Obama to speak directly to their children through the classrooms of the nation's public schools without their presence, participation and approval.

The plans announced by Obama also have been cited as raising the specter of the Civilian National Security Force, to which he's referred several times since his election campaign began, but never fully explained.

"He's recruiting his civilian army. His 'Hitler' youth brigade,"

Anonymous said...

(MA)Pol nabbed on New Hampshire booze run (DEMOCRAT Avoids tax he voted for) Boston Herald

A Westport lawmaker who voted to hike the state sales and alcohol taxes was spotted brazenly piling booze in his car - adorned with his State House license plate - in the parking lot of a tax-free New Hampshire liquor store, the Herald has learned.

He also blamed the brouhaha on “Republican demagoguery.”

NOTE: Westport, MA is south of Providence, RI, 109 mi from the Hampton, NH liquor store – about 2 hours drive time!

Anonymous said...

Video: Kennedy’s name booed at health-care town hall (

A palate cleanser via Progress Illinois, which is shocked, shocked to find that Ted Kennedy is still loathed by conservatives in death — quite in contrast to how George W. Bush would be treated if, say, a Republican congressman invoked his name posthumously while addressing a Democratic audience.

Consider this further evidence, though, in case any was indeed that slapping the Ted Kennedy seal of approval on a government program isn’t much of a selling point to anyone to the right of

Which is too bad for The One, really, considering how his own vaunted salesman skills have deserted him lately.

Fun fact about Jan Schakowsky, seen here stupidly invoking the hero of Chappaquiddick in defense of her cause before a crowd with right-wingers in it:

To this day, no one has been as blunt about the public option serving as a trojan horse for single-payer as she has.

Anonymous said...


Investing in Death (spiegel)

Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions manage complex funds that buy up Americans' life insurance policies and pay their premiums in return for their payouts.

But angry German investors are finding that Americans aren't dying as quickly as expected -- and that only the bankers are making a buck.

That will all change with Obama's CommieCare. “But angry German investors are finding that Americans aren’t dying as quickly as expected”

Anonymous said...


Even as he fends off accusations about his own failure to pay taxes and fully disclose his financial dealings, Rep. Charles Rangel had quietly slipped into the health-care bill broad new provisions cracking down on taxpayers in proceedings with the IRS, The Post has learned.

The changes approved by the House Ways and Means Committee that Rangel chairs would strip away legal defenses and pile higher penalties on corporate and individual taxpayers facing IRS proceedings for what they claim are unintentional mistakes, experts said.

Rangel’s bill would:

* Punish those who fail to alert the IRS to potentially questionable tax exemptions.

* Bar the IRS from waiving penalties against taxpayers who clearly erred in good faith.

* Double fines in certain circumstances.

“The bill raises penalties and eliminates many of the reasonable defenses that taxpayers have always been able to use when honest mistakes are uncovered,” one lawyer told The Post.

In fact, the bill increases fines “in some cases even for honest mistakes,” the expert added.

Anonymous said...

Obama is Losing His Base (Jewish World Review)

The polls this week are a disaster for Barack Obama. Scott Rasmussen has his approval dropping to 45 percent, after several weeks at 49 percent. John Zogby has it even lower — at 42 percent.

Beneath the superficial data lies even worse news for the president.

Anonymous said...

Obama administration adding $3 million per minute to national debt
(The Examiner)

An overwhelming majority, if not every single American cannot begin to comprehend the astronomical deficits and debt projections flowing from Washington these days.

The Obama Administration and congressional Democrats have done an outstanding job of breaking down uninsured statistics into smaller more understandable numbers such as their 14,000 newly uninsured claim.

Yet, when it comes to deficits and the national debt, no one in Washington seems to want the public to understand just how much money they are spending.

Politicians talk in dollar amounts that no American, even the richest among us, will ever truly comprehend.

As a result, in conjunction with PDOP, I have broken the numbers down for you.

Anonymous said...

A letter all REAL Americans
should write to the phony
‘Debt President.’
Ms Kathleen Lyday's letter to the president.
(Obama, how dare you sir!)

April 17, 2009
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington , DC 20500
Mr. Obama: I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the United States of America collectively or of me personally. You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America . You are responsible to the citizens of the United States .. You are not responsible to the peoples...
Via- FreeRepublic

Anonymous said...

"Obama's Classroom Campaign:No Junior Lobbyist Left Behind
It gets more "Dear Leaderish" by the day."
Lede at Lucianne

Anonymous said...

So, now the socialist fraud thinks manipulating children will save his lying hide.

Anonymous said...

History repeating itself, Jugend?
Backflash: JUGEND UM HITLER (Youth Around Hitler)
... A soft book in Berlin, Germany in 1934 with the intention of countering the enormous anti-Hitler propaganda ...
What is it the department of fraud sent to the public schools, a soft pamphlet?

Anonymous said...

This Oboob school infestation has the smell of the radical Bill Ayers educational ideas put into action.

Perhaps Obama's friend, er, au, au, just a guy in his neighborhood, gets his payoff.

Anonymous said...

Re: Video: Kennedy’s name booed at health-care town hall (
The liberal Democrats can’t seem to grasp that an old lush like Ted is not a hero, he is disgusting liberal socialist, deserving boos. Hell yes, put his name on every liberal Democrat's bill that is a lying piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:01 Bravo on your find!

Anonymous said...

Alert the ‘Obamaphiles’ (school teachers) that you are watching them.

Anonymous said...

DIE ANOTHER DAY AMERICA Cap and Tax Delay - Senate Democrats realize they don't have the vote for now. (WSJ)

Health care isn't the only destructive White House priority running into trouble in the Senate.

Yesterday, Barbara Boxer (Marin County) and John Kerry (Nantucket) announced that Democrats won't release their cap-and-trade bill next week as scheduled after all, but will instead postpone it for up to a month.

It's far too early to say that carbon tax and cap is dead, but mark this delay down as one more sign that it remains well short of 60 votes....

Ms. Boxer and Mr. Kerry insist that all systems are still go, though it didn't sound that way when...

Cap and tax will most hurt the rural and Midwest states that most rely on coal-fired power and heavy manufacturing.

Middle-American Senators aren't about to rush through a huge new tax on carbon energy—e.g., their constituents—that will largely flow to the wealthier coasts, even if it is done in the name of saving the planet while the here-and-now economy is still sputtering.

The House barely passed the Waxman-Markey climate bill in June, and only after weeks of arm-twisting and outright legislative bribery and at significant political cost to Blue Dog Democrats. The same tactics won't be as effective in the upper chamber...

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget Hitler turned German youth into little snitches that would inform on their own parents.

Anonymous said...

“Parents against O's Indoctrination”
Insist on an alternate activity for your child that day. You know, like the children have that will not say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Anonymous said...

♫ Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Marxists ♫

Anonymous said...

Fox News is on the Obama school propaganda pitch. His little plan is not going to be slipped under the radar. The jig is up!

Anonymous said...

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: -12

Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 28% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.

Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12 (see trends).

Republicans have opened their largest lead yet over Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

Anonymous said...

♫ Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Marxists ♫


Anonymous said...

Some union school teachers are nothing but soft thugs. Parents need to ask their children every day if the teacher said anything about Obama, and ask what they said. There is little reason for any teacher to even mention Obama. If a child is confused about Obama and his agenda, demand answers from the School Board, NOT school administration. The elected official has to answer to the voters. School administrators might be controlled by thug unions also, and are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

...There is little reason for any teacher to even mention Obama...

Well, except that he was elected president of the United States. Just like Reagan and George W. Bush were. Should teachers have been banned from mentioning them when they were president? If not, your hypocrisy -- not to mention stupidity -- is showing.

Anonymous said...

White House Power Grabs : Obama Targets CIA not the Enemy
(Washington Times)

This week, President Obama made two incredibly dangerous and arrogant decisions involving the war on terror.

The creation of an interrogations unit to be supervised directly by the White House is a breathtaking power grab by Mr. Obama, who has already demonstrated his penchant for expanding executive control by appointing three dozen issue-specific "czars" who are accountable to no one but him. Mr. Obama now aims to run terrorist interrogations right from the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

Fox News has raised the question about the worksheets the teachers’ were sent for the Obama indoctrination day. It seems there is plan by objectors to keep their children home that day to protest Obama infesting the schools with his agenda. That hits schools in the budget. That will “learn em”!

Anonymous said...

7:13 AM, There was no mention of banning mentioning Obama. There is little reason to mention Obama or politics to young children. What class would include a mention of the highly polarizing figure that Obama has become? The worksheet says students should read books about Obama. Red flags! What books? Books about what a fraud he is?

Anonymous said...

If not, your hypocrisy -- not to mention stupidity -- is showing.

The only stupidity showing is your argument. George Bush and Ronald Reagan never would even have considered attempting to enlist our children as junior lobbyists or published instructions for exactly how teachers are to accomplish this.

This is straight out of the dictator's playbook seen so many times by noted tyrants throughout history.

A sad commentary on how far half our population has fallen.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the we elect a president without the qualifications to run a ice cream stand with two flavors.

Anonymous said...

7:13 AM, What would you guess union school teachers were saying about President Bush?

Anonymous said...

''ABC'' stands for All Barack's Children!!!
That is rich, Obama has become a joke, and all this enablers are paying the price for their dishonesty. The media still doesn’t get it. Flush!

Anonymous said...

“AFL-CIO's next president said Monday that lawmakers will pay a price. …”
That sounds threatening, and this is what we have come to now.
EDITORIAL: 'Punish' their enemies
Las Vegas Review Journal ^
The man expected to become the AFL-CIO's next president said Monday that lawmakers will pay a price if they abandon a government-run option in any health care overhaul. "We need to be a labor movement that stands by our friends, [punishes its enemies] and challenges those who, well, can't seem to decide which side they're on," said Richard Trumka, currently the AFL-CIO's secretary-treasurer. The threats came less than a month after a protester outside an Aug. 6 health care forum meeting organized by Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-Mo., was sent to the hospital after a beating inflicted by goons wearing SEIU...

more at

Anonymous said...

Van Jones is an Obama advisor, he is the person Glenn Beck has exposed. Jones talking trash-talk is the language of choice in the Obooma administration.
Obama adviser: Republicans are "a**holes"
By Tony Romm
Video in which White House green jobs adviser Van Jones calls Congressional Republicans (and himself) "a**holes" is quickly making the rounds on the Internet this morning. [snip] “…some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama, are going to have to start getting a little bit uppity to get things done."

Anonymous said...

I suggest school children read Michelle Malkin's book
'Culture of Corruption.'
Think that will fly in the upcoming indoctrination lecture? Put that book on the worksheet Obama books' to read, okay?

Anonymous said...

All these threats by unions and the White House are backfiring. Anybody see the "Buy-cott" story last night on Fox? Whole Foods is actually doing better since the leftwing nutjob's boycott. People who have never shopped at that pricy store are purposely filling up their carts. The silent majority is fighting back and it is very effective.

Anonymous said...

Stock still in decline. Down to $1.75 this morning.

Anonymous said...

“…some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama, are going to have to start getting a little bit uppity to get things done."

I am so glad to hear this. My, "Kill a Commie for Mommy" T-shirt has been sitting on the shelf for far too long!

Anonymous said...

New ABC World News Anchor Diane Sawyer: A Profile in Bias

ABC News has just announced that Good Morning America co-anchor Diane Sawyer is taking over as the anchor of World News when the current anchor, Charlie Gibson, retires in January.

Coincidentally, the MRC has just finished a new report, “Good Morning, Bias,” on the liberal spin Sawyer brought to Good Morning America (and previously as co-anchor of the network’s 20/20 and Primetime Live newsmagazines).

(The MSM is again pushing their agenda. They are propagandists. How sad that they only person on TV exposing Obama's black militant, communist Czar is Glenn Beck! The MSM has no clothes and it is not pretty!)

Anonymous said...

“This address next week is pure Cult of Personality stuff masquerading as Obama's encouragement to think seriously and study hard. I'm sure diabolical characters like Castro, Hugo Chavez and Stalin made similar overtures to the children of their respective countries. Padre Fidel, Father Obama.”

Anonymous comment at FreeRepublic

Anonymous said...

Odd how union school teachers have time to push their students to read “selected” Obama books, but don’t seem to teach children about the Constitution of the United States. If they themselves read and understood the Constitution, they would be questioning the reasoning behind this very worksheet.

Anonymous said...

Production VP (Bruce Miesner)at Sacbee removed from position and transfered to ADMS (Circulation) and Sr. VP of ADMS (Dan Schwab)now over both deparments. I wonder if this has anything to do with a costly press upgrade that still has quality issues. F up and all that happens to an executive is department transfer. An you wonder why the newspaper industry is screwed up.

Anonymous said...

It is hilarious to see the leftists cry about the town hall meeting people being a mob that shuts down conversation. Anyone remember the pussy GUY that hit Ann Coulter in the face with a pie? He didn’t think she had a right to speak, nor the people that came to hear her, had any rights. I wonder what happened to the little GUY, and if his testicles have distended yet?

Anonymous said...

Re: Shutting down the conversation. Some years ago the feminists at Duke, led by a Marxist professor, tried to get front seats at a David Horowitz lecture. Their plan was to strip to the waist while he spoke. Thank goodness the hags lost their nerve, and such ugliness remained under wraps. The thing of importance is that these hags had no interest in hearing the speaker, they came to disrupt his right to free speech. It was a sad commentary on feminist hags, and a college professor totally lost in liberalism. BTW, the noisy obstructionists were not disciplined. Last I heard leftist colleges were going to charge extra security costs to the group bringing in a controversial speaker, and was anyone conservative. Talk about chilling a group into silence? Just set fees they can’t afford.

Anonymous said...

"AFL-CIO's next president said Monday that lawmakers will pay a price. …”

Man, that could mean cement shoes!

Anonymous said...

With Miesner demoted at Sac Bee, maybe they'll do the right thing and get rid of Melanie Sill too. C'mon Gary, clean house and get some thinkers aboard!

Anonymous said...

AFL-CIO boss is right about one thing - there will be a price to pay. About half of the Dems will be voted out of office next year. This union moron had better leave well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin will be on Hannity tonight discussing the Obama indoctrination of our school children. There are several plans by parents who care about the USA in the works. Just know the same people that brought us the ‘Fishy’ e-mail rat on your neighbors plan, might be bringing us the ‘Snitch’ on your parents plan.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago there used to be a Jimmy Hoffa joke about buying cement shoes if you didn’t toe the union line. People that actually had to deal with the unions rarely laughed at the joke.

Anonymous said...

I still can’t believe Melanie Sill praised the ADN for their articles based on rumors about Gov. Palin. She is the same person that found the Duke Lacrosse men GUILTY before the facts of the case were even known. She was so in-the-tank for the black accuser, and the N&O even repeatedly called the fraud a victim. Sill had to leave NC because her credibility was sooo shot. So the people of CA get to read her garbage day after day. Geeez, when is enough, enough? Sill really needs to move on down the road.

Anonymous said...

...Michelle Malkin will be on Hannity tonight discussing the Obama indoctrination of our school children...

Paranoia rums rampant.

Anonymous said...

Paranoia rums rampant.

Public education in the urban core strikes again. Now stop writing like you talk.

Anonymous said...

How come none of the paranoid nutjobs who say they are worried about Obama addressing the nation's students didn't raise a similar howl when Bush did exactly the same thing in 1991? Does anyone smell (again) right-wing fearmongering over nothing? Seems to be their standard political tactic.

Anonymous said...

6:29 PM Liar

Anonymous said...

7:03, you're the liar.
Page B1, The Washington Post,
Oct. 1, 1991.
By Lynda Richardson
President Bush is scheduled to address the nation's students on live television from an American history classroom at Deal Junior High in Washington DC. Bush chose the school because it embodies many of the high standards he wants the nation's schools to achieve.