Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anonymous threat posted on newspaper web site prompts call to police, changes to security procedures at The Herald

After a threatening comment was left on the web site of The Herald in Rock Hill, SC, the paper contacted police Wednesday to report the threat -- and also initiated changes to its security procedures.

The unknown individual had posted an earlier comment to the web site which was removed, and the individual responded by posting a comment that was threatening in nature.

Publisher Debbie Abels informed employees of the developments in an email Wednesday. Here is the email.

From: Abels, Debbie - Rock Hill
Sent: Wed 10/28/2009 12:14 PM
To: RH All York County
Subject: Security issue

As most of you are aware, we frequently get online story comments that are lacking in tact and sometimes push the limits of taste and judgment to the point where we remove them. We've had a situation this morning where we removed comments and the sender has replied in a threatening manner. We have called the police.

It's unlikely this will go any further but please be alert to any stranger in the building who may act or speak in a way that would raise concerns. In fact, this has led us to review our general security policy and are asking our lobby receptionists to always, from this point forward, call the department or individual a customer is visiting. We ask that you go to the lobby and greet your visitor, determine their business, and escort them to and from your work area. This is better customer service in addition to guarding against a variety of security issues.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Debbie Abels
President & Publisher
The Herald



Anonymous said...

That must have been one evil comment or else the paper over-reacted like crazy.

McClatchy Watch said...

I'm with Abels on this one -- the police should be contacted if any threat was made.