Sunday, October 18, 2009

Call for reader input: what is the difference between McClatchy Interactive and McClatchy-Tribune??

OK, I told you about the wiseacre who left this comment on the blog:

McClatchy Watch,

Can you, just you, tell me the difference between McClatchy-Tribune and McClatchy Interactive? I'll eagerly anticipate (the last are two words you probably can't properly define) await your response.

The beauty of this blog is not my superior knowledge, it's input from readers.

So I'll throw out the question for readers to answer: what is the difference between McClatchy Interactive and McClatchy-Tribune??

Leave your answer in comments.

I learn more from average Americans -- and readers of this blog -- than I learn from media elites who think they are brilliant.

Based on past experience, I expect some joke answers and some serious input. By the time the answers come in, we'll have some great input to get to the answer. And Mr. Wiseacre will get an education on the power of blogs.



Anonymous said...

McClatchy Interactive is the Internet arm of McClatchy, providing Web services to MNI and some other newspapers. McClatchy-Tribune is the news service that distributes stories and content from MNI, Chicago Tribune and other newspapers. It's not that difficult to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Apparently (according to your headline), they are spelled differently. See, I can find typos on the Internet, too!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not hype - Who would want McClatchy to “support their revenue and business goals?” Who would guess going down the tubes is a business goal to emulate?
McClatchy Interactive
A Pioneer in Web Publishing

Serving as the digital hub for the McClatchy newspapers, McClatchy Interactive develops and maintains flexible online products that serve a wide range of functions in addition to offering content and other online services needed to create and support compelling news sites.

To keep affiliate news sites competitive in the rapidly changing world of the internet, McClatchy Interactive currently [provides a content management system, registration and data collection services, hosting and design services, ad management, news content and technical expertise.]

Because every market is different, solutions are scaled to meet the varying online needs of McClatchy Interactive’s affiliate organizations. In addition, [McClatchy Interactive couples its technology and technical services with regular consultation and communication with affiliates to support their revenue and business goals.]

Along with serving the McClatchy newspapers, McClatchy Interactive is also a provider of online tools and services primarily to other newspapers and media organizations across the United States and Canada.

Anonymous said...

MCT Direct is a news information service. The ‘Corrections and Kills’ is the most interesting feature. There are pages and pages, and one correction ever speaks to the liability of the mistake. If you look at the site it is nothing but sad. On second thought, sad is not quite the right word, amateur, inept, boring, on and on… Supposedly, a newspaper could find the news they need for their paper there, good luck with that. It looks more like an anemic AP wannabe source.
Corrections and Kills
CORRECTIONS are complete stories in the current or previous news cycles that have been revised to correct one or more errors. The corrected version of the story should be substituted for the earlier version. The changes are noted at the top of the story.

KILLS. Sometimes it is necessary for MCT to kill a story. If so, we will move an advisory indicating why the story was killed and whether a replacement version will move. If a mandatory kill is issued, you must not publish the story.

Anonymous said...

Again...if you put 100 monkeys in a room with 100 typewriters...

Anonymous said...

You sure are powerful. This probably didn't turn out as you thought it would.


Anonymous said...

Not much needs to be said...8:57 and 10:17 pretty much spelled it lets get on to more important things like how many monkeys does Obama have writing the health policy?

Anonymous said...

Behold the power. (Sarcasm)