Friday, October 30, 2009

Circulation changes at The News Tribune, The Olympian, Anchorage Daily News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fresno Bee, Idaho Statesman, & Wichita Eagle

A reader sent in the ABC numbers on daily circulation changes at several more McClatchy newspapers over the past 6 months. (FYI, I have confirmed all the data listed for 3/31/09 -- thanks to this link -- but haven't confirmed all the 9/30/09 numbers yet.) Here are the M-F circulation numbers:

Tacoma News Tribune
daily 3/31/09: 102,200
daily 9/30/09: 90,546
total loss in past 6 months: 11,654

The Olympian

daily 3/31/09: 29,417
daily 9/30/09: 27,023
total lost in past 6 months: 2,394

Anchorage Daily News

daily 3/31/09: 58,468
daily 9/30/09: 50,935
total lost in past 6 months: 7,533

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

daily 3/31/09: 189,357
daily 9/30/09: 167,364
total lost in past 6 months: 21,993

Fresno Bee

daily 3/31/09: 143,314
daily 9/30/09: 126,398
total lost in past 6 months: 16,916

Idaho Statesman

daily 3/31/09: 58,243
daily 9/30/09: 52,169
total lost in past 6 months: 6,074

Wichita Eagle

daily 3/31/09: 74,802
daily 9/30/09: 67,171
total lost in past 6 months: 7,631

If you have more info, send it in.


Anonymous said...

Ah the Anchorage Daily News! Down 13% in six months!

Daily 3/31/09: 58,468
Daily 9/30/09: 50,935
Total lost in past 6 months: 7,533

Maybe with Sarah Palins’ new book coming out next month, they can spike their ratings with more dumpster diving, or by touting another DNC faux ethics scandal?

Anonymous said...

Some kids ADN hired for cheap no doubt, were knocking on my door last night trying to give away the daily news. I sent them packing. Maybe that's how they are trying to pad their numbers, by giving it away, door to door.

Dave D. said...

..Nobody wants their " Truth ".

Anonymous said...

Incredible losses. These figures are for only 6 months!!!! When does the bleeding stop?

Anonymous said...

The scariest thing about this Halloween - McClatchy circulation figures. Bwahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

The worst is yet to come - the Holiday numbers. In January you'll see hand-wringing kicked up to an all-time high. Nobody is buying much of anything the next two months.

Anonymous said...

Been getting an MNI paper for free now 6 months. Still no bill. I think it's afraid to cut off all the deadwood subscribers.

Anonymous said...

For Immediate Release:

McClatchy Announces New Revenue Stream to Off-Set Circulation Nightmare

We're pleased to announce the first Babelicious Women of McClatchy 2010 Calendar. See sizzling department heads in provocative work poses - naughty scowls, teasing merit increases, spanking low performers, dominating meetings.
Each month will showcase another hot McClatchy manager. See them all!
Calendars are $24.99 and available at all human resources offices or call 888-HOT-BITCH.
All proceeds will fund next year's manager's retreat in Cancun.

Anonymous said...

"We're pleased to announce the first Babelicious Women of McClatchy 2010 Calendar" very appropriate. Since a lot of them were alive when Halloween was invented!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:16: Hilarious but terrifying to imagine the photos! I'm sure each of us has a few candidates they'd want to see - NOT!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16: By "naughty scowls" you must mean Melanie with her fangs.

Even when she tries to smile, you can see her dead eyes, along with those fangs of hers.

Anonymous said...

Having worked at The Fresno Bee for many years I think the circulation numbers are much worse than stated.For example: At least 25 to 30 percent of its metro customers are on carrier collect.Which means that their paid subscription has run out and now it is the responsibility of the carrier to collect...

Anonymous said...

After this weeks release of McClatchy’s grim numbers, the question must be asked again,

“Are we at the tipping point?”

T. D. said...

Anon 7:05

To put the ADN loss in perspective, they went from 64,042 in March 2008 to 50,935 now. That's a 17.7% loss with 12.9% of it coming in the last 6 months.

The ABC link now shows September 2009 stats.

Anonymous said...

What about Sunday circulation? Sunday's the cash cow. Readers look past all the other crap (perceived bias, lack of news on certain days, etc.) and buy the Sunday paper because of the inserts and maybe job listings (which are plunging and are available online).

T. D. said...

Anon 9:37:

In a year's time the Anchorage Daily News Sunday edition is down 18%. From 70,272 (Sep 2008) to 57,655 (Sep 2009).

Anonymous said...

As a former Fresno Bee newsroom person I think you're just going to see things get even worse. They cut so far down without having an overall plan on what to do and what resources they would need. You can look at the paper at the supermarket and see that there just isn't enough meat there to make it a must buy. Presentation at times use to be a strong point and they had a solid photo/visuals staff. They still have a couple of good photographers but you can tell they don't spend any time on assignments so that page one photo that really sold the paper just isn't there. You can't sell a paper based on a Cyndee Fontana story. It won't get any better and the people who are left and actually care about what they do say that people are miserable. So get use to this level of product. No matter how you try to package it, you really just don't have much to package.